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During the epidemic, many people buy food online to avoid densely crowded vegetable markets.As a online shopping expert, my sister is the first to be atmospheric. There are several buying APPs and food groups on the mobile phone. The various vegetables needed for daily life can be purchased without leaving home.

Yesterday she posted two photos, two kinds of bamboo shoots sold in the food group, and asked me which one was better.I was shocked: spring is here, and it is another year of shooting.

Among the vegetables, I have the deepest obsession with bamboo shoots.When I was young, I read an article, which quoted Su Shi’s verses, "No bamboo is vulgar, without meat without meat. If you are not thin, you are not thin, and cooking meat for meals."The version of Liang Shiqiu’s "Bamboo Shoot" is also cited in this version. The original poem is "Yu Qian Monk Lv Sangxuan": "It is better to eat without meat, not to live without bamboo.People are thin and fat, and scholars cannot be doctor. Everyone laughs at this, it seems high and it seems to be idiot. If the king is still chewing, there are Yangzhou cranes in the world? ") From then onBamboo shoots are looking for.At that time, the traffic was very underdeveloped, let alone the cold chain transportation. The bamboo shoots were still a southern country that thousands of miles away. It could only be drooling and imagined the appearance of it when it was young.Later, one went back to Tai’an’s grandfather’s house to celebrate the New Year. The grandfather and his grandmother were cadres south. They had lived in Wuxi for a while, and their diet was dyed.In the bottom of the year, after the grandmother took out a pack of black and dried ghost taro -like things like sliced slices.The pig’s head, plus the seasoning such as soy sauce, simmer the fine heat for a few hours, then pick out the pork head meat, the stewed bamboo shoots are dried into a basin, and a plate of meal is served.EssenceThe bamboo shoots were full of oil, which became black and black, and the entrance was crispy. The fine products were mixed with bamboo fragrance and collided in the mouth. Every taste bud was dancing.Delicious things!

China is a big bamboo shoot country, and the ancients had a long time to know the habits of bamboo shoots.

The "bamboo shoots" originally wrote "bamboo shoots", the golden text is the word of meaning, the top of the bamboo, and the bottom is the bud buried in the soil.Eria Shi Cao ":" bamboo shoots, bamboo cute. "Xing Yanshu:" Everyone in the grass and trees is cute, and the bamboo shoots are born. ""Sound." "Bamboo" becomes a phonetic word, "Xun" is the sound symbol, and the reciprocal symbol.Song Luyu’s "Ya Ya": "In the Shi Ni is a bamboo shoot, the Xunwai is a bamboo, so the word is from Xun." In Japanese, there is "Xunwu".In the end, the meaning of the "best period" is that the tenth is the most seasonal and the most delicious food, and the bamboo shoots are undoubtedly the most representative Xunxun in the spring.The "bamboo" is a "bamboo shoot". Today, the "bamboo shoots" use "bamboo" as the right body."The Book of Songs · Da Ya · Han Yi": "Qi (sù, vegetables) Victoria, but bamboo shoots and puppets." When Han Hou left Beijing, Bai Guan followed the etiquette.Pu vegetables.Fresh bamboo shoots are difficult to save, and the ancients also had a way.

In the past, the wind of shooting bamboo shoots has become increasingly prevalent. Han Mei has the sentence "chú) in" Seven Ties ".The younger is called the puppet, and the young bird is the younger. "Mavericks in the meat, and the bamboo shoots in the vegetables are all the treasures of the moment."Crying bamboo shoots" of the "Twenty -Four Filial Piety" story is about Wu Guo’s filial son Meng Zong during the Three Kingdoms.Subsura winter bamboo shoots come out, and heaven will report peace. "(This is the origin of "power generation", which shows that the continuity of culture is not transferred by people’s will.)

"Tang Shu · Bai Guanzhi": "Si Zhujian placed bamboo reeds, and the age of the bamboo shoots for still food." Siqingsu, which specializes in Six Pin, is responsible for the planting of bamboo shoots for the royal family to eat.Bai Juyi’s "Bamboo Shoots": "This state is a bamboo village, and the bamboo shoots are full of valleys. Shanfu folds and hugs, holding the morning market. It is cheap, and the double money is easy.Cooked, Ziru (Tuò, bamboo shoots), the old brocade, the vegetarian muscles and the new jade. The daily meal is added, and the time is not thinking of the meat. For a long time, it is Jingluo. This taste is often insufficient.Bamboo. "I feel like eating meat and eating meat. The bamboo shoots are called" meat in vegetables ".

As the most famous foodie in history, Su Shi loves the bamboo shoots."First arrives in Huangzhou": "The Yangtze River around Guo Zhimei, good bamboo and mountains to conscious bamboo shoots." Others see bamboo sea scenery, but he is full of virtues, and he feels like bamboo shoots. This is the realm of food.Essence"Spring Vegetables": "For a long time, Ge Jiu, how can I endure the bitter bamboo shoots? Next year, the trail must be returned, and the teeth are shaken together."It is "a long time to throw pine chrysanthemums", which is wrong. Here is a spring vegetable, which has nothing to do with Songju). It is really sad to have no taste of bitter bamboo porpoise for a long time."Bitter bamboo shoots" is a kind of alpine bamboo shoots. The fragrance is slightly bitter, and the sweet mouth is sweet. It is the specialty of Su Shi’s hometown."Honey ten hair is sweet", this is purely nonsense, the original poem is "Olive": "A young son falls into red salt, the right taste is bitter and strict.The olive verse moves flowers and pins on the bamboo shoots. The donkey’s lips are not right, and the words are wrong. This quoting is not uncommon in some paper media. It is really strange. It can be seen to what extent our style has reached)."Investment", presenting the impeachment of its own text is a way to abandon officials in ancient times.Next year, I will go back to my hometown to go to the hard bamboo shoots. Don’t wait until you shake your teeth and get rid of it.His friend Huang Tingjian teased him, "Gong Ru Duan is a bitter bamboo shoot, and tomorrow’s spring shirt can be taken off." In order to eat bitter bamboo shoots, even official uniforms can be taken off!

Another celebrity who loves bitter bamboo shoots is the monk of Huai Su in the Tang Dynasty. The Shanghai Museum has his "Bitter Bamboo Bamboo Post": "Bitter bamboo shoots and abnormalities are good.Fourteen words, but fun.

In the Southern Song Dynasty, Lin Hong’s "Mountains and Cleansing": "When the bamboo shoots were prosperous in the early summer, the leaves were cooked by the bamboo edge, and its taste was very fresh.Suddenly, Dongpo Book, Shiyun: ‘I want to see the poor and the eunuchs, Weichuan Qian acres are in the chest.There are bamboo shoots. "In the Southern Song Dynasty Yang Wanli "Morning Du Qian City Boil Book of Boils": "Capitated and crickets, the sound of ice and snow around the teeth. No need to curse bamboo shoots, so do it."Write it, greedy!Su Shi’s Sichuan villagers and the poet Cheng Gongxu of the Southern Song Dynasty, Cheng Gongxu, "The Spring Festival Gala passed the four quatrains": "The wind turns warm and cold, how to dressed in the spring of the spring.Huan. "Let’s pay tribute to his predecessors (both of them like bitter bamboo shoots, Su Shi once wrote" Huanxi Sand · Drizzle and Drinking Wind ":" Xuemo milk flowers float noon, mullet of artemisia bamboo shoots try the spring disk.It’s Qinghuan. ")

Ming Gaozhang also recorded the way of eating similar to "Xianlin" in the "Four Time Taste Records" "Xixi Building": "Every time in the spring, the bamboo shoots are pumped, and they are under the bamboo.Broken bamboo shoots, cooked, cutting the knife. The bamboo forest is clear, delicious Mobi. Humanity, how can this real taste? "Bamboo forest bamboo shoots and bud rice on the ground to eat a reason, all of them are eaten."Fresh".

Qing Li Yu’s "Said Love": "The first product in this vegetable and food is also, fat lamb and tenderness, why is the shoulders? But cooking the bamboo shoots with the meat, the people to eat the bamboo shoots, the meat is left to the meatThe bamboo shoots for the fish can be known for the bear’s paw. "The admiration for bamboo shoots cannot be added.The texture of the bamboo shoots is simple, and it is easy to absorb the taste of food, especially with fatty meat fat, which can form a wonderful balance, which is really better than meat.

Chung Zheng Banqiao Painting Bamboo and Poems: "Yangzhou Fresh Bamboo Shoots takes advantage of catfish (this poem is on multiple paintings, and some make" Jiangnan fresh bamboo shoots take advantage of catfish "), rotten the spring breeze in early March.After all, Qingguang stayed in this stand. "Even the recipes were given.Qing Yuan Mei’s "Sui Garden Food List" records the method of "bamboo shoots": "Take fresh bamboo shoots with salt and cook, and make a layup.The color is slightly dark. Spring bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots can be done. "The black bamboo shoots I have eaten may be boiled and dried with clear sauce.

Today, Huang Yongyu’s "The Love of the Hometown, the Hometown Love": "Snowy night, the neighbors of the old and one young and a young neighbor will be in the middle of the night, and there is no wine dish., Boil the water, tear it out. Pour soy sauce and sesame oil, add more spicy is vegetables. ‘"Fresh bamboo shoots are cooked with cold mixing, used to add wine, the taste is long.

There are many types of bamboo in my country. There are many types of bamboo. There are more than 500 species of 37, and there are no less than a hundred types of bamboo shoots. Coupled with the names of local names in various places. People are not very clear.Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" once simply classified the bamboo shoots: "Turk people dig the tender when the bamboo roots are whip, and they are called whip bamboo shoots."Remember", which can be eaten with fresh food. The other people are the jade version of the southern people.

Bamboo shoots can be divided into fresh bamboo shoots, cans (bags) and dried bamboo shoots according to the edible method.In the past, south stores in the north can often be bought. It is used to burn or stew, which can also be regarded as the southern style.

Divided by the listing season, it can be divided into winter bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots and flags.

Winter bamboo shoots have developed into the form of bamboo shoots but have not yet broken the soil. The water content is low, the interval is closely interval, the taste is thick, and the head is not large.The spring bamboo shoots began to germinate after the spring equinox, drilled out of the ground, and the bamboo shoots grow rapidly. Some varieties can grow dozens of centimeters a day and night.In the between, countless spring bamboo shoots were full of bamboo forests, which not only sealed the Chaimen, but also blocked the road.After the rain, it grows faster, so it is often used to describe something vigorously.The spring bamboo shoots come out, and the wind is hard. If it is not excavated in time, the content of oxalic acid and tannins will rise, and the bamboo shoots will become bitter and become old.A large amount of nutrients needed for bamboo shoots to grow into bamboo, almost all of which are supplied by mother bamboo and whip root system. Limited nutrients are consumed by a large number of bamboo shoots unearthed early., Finally, the bamboo shoots withered and rotten, which is called "returning bamboo shoots".Spring bamboo shoots have the most water and the most delicate and white meat, which is the most vivid taste of spring.The ancients often used spring bamboo shoots to describe the beauty of women’s fingers.Under the shallow silver lights, the spring bamboo shoots are sprung up. "The ancients also used" jade bamboo shoots "to praise the woman’s little feet (" food, sex ", beauty is always associated with food), Du Mu’s" chant socks ": "The tailoring of the ruler is reduced by four points, and the fiber and jade bamboo shoots are wrapped in light clouds."

Flap bamboo shoot

Mold -dried vegetables fried flag bamboo shoots

The whip bamboo shoots are the apex of the new cute bamboo whip. The outsourcing is hard whip.The growth of the whip is alternated with the bamboo bamboo shoots. After the branches and leaves of the Hsinchu, the whip grows in the summer and autumn, and it stops growing after a large number of pregnant bamboo shoots in the end of autumn.

Divided according to the variety of bamboo shoots, can be divided into hair bamboo shoots, hemp bamboo shoots, arrow bamboo shoots, thunder bamboo shoots, red shell bamboo shoots, ci bamboo shoots, stalagmites, green bamboo shoots, cinnamon bamboo shoots, chicken fertilization of chicken bamboo shootsThe chicks are named the same), square bamboo shoots, hair gold bamboo shoots, sweet dragon bamboo shoots, etc.Mao bamboo shoots are more common in the market. Maozhu is also known as Nanzhu (someone writes "Nanzhu", which is wrong. Bamboo does not add wood by wood).

Winter bamboo shoot

Maozhu is a long -cultivated bamboo species with a long cultivation, the widest area, and the most important economic value.The yield of bamboo shoots is also the highest. The winter bamboo shoots we usually say refer to hair bamboo shoots.At that time, Meng Zong’s "Crying Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo" was actually dug in winter bamboo shoots. Therefore, Maozhu is also called "Meng Zongzhu".Winter bamboo shoots are buried underground. When finding bamboo shoots, you must watch the soil. If you have a new sewing, it is the winter bamboo shoots.The veteran of the bamboo shoots can be carried out by the bamboo branches, and you can also follow the bamboo whip to find the winter bamboo shoots.The ancients did not know, and thought that "Xiaogan Tian and Earth" was included in "twenty -four filial piety".Winter bamboo shoots should pick "radish bamboo shoots". The two ends are small and large in the middle, because the roots of the bamboo shoots are very hard and not delicious. Most people will cut off the roots.Ham 、 winter bamboo shoots, winter bamboo shoots stewed pork ribs, winter bamboo shoot shrimp kernels, winter bamboo shoots fried bacon, snow vegetable and winter bamboo shoots are often eaten in the south in winter. Stir -fried two winter is a famous dish, with winter bamboo shoots stir -fried shiitake mushrooms (called winter mushrooms in winter), winter bamboo shootsCrispy and refreshing, the mushrooms are soft and flexible, each of which is wonderful.


In addition to fresh food, winter bamboo shoots can also be processed into made of bamboo shoots. Because of its white color, it is shaped like magnolia buds, hence the name "Magnolia tablets", Yuan Mei "Food Food List": "Magnolia films, baked in winter bamboo shoots, micro -honey 焉 焉 除 除. Suzhou Sun Chunyang has two types: salt and sweet, and those who are salt are better. "

Bamboo shoot

Modern bamboo weighing 28 pounds

In the spring, the winter bamboo shoots that were born underground drilled out of the ground and became a spring bamboo shoot.The bamboo shoots are covered with yellow brown fluff, so they are called "hair bamboo shoots".

Yellow mud arch

Some of the soil layers of some bamboo whip are deep, and the bamboo shoots are all underground. The unparalleled bamboo mud arches out of a small bag. This kind of bamboo shoot is called "yellow mud arch", which is more crispy than the ground on the ground.There is even the taste of pear, which is the top product in the bamboo shoots.The reason is just like leeks and garlic yellow to garlic seedlings. Because there is no day, the content of umami material such as amino acids and glutamic acids is higher, and the fiber is more delicate and vulnerable.In addition, although the bamboo with long bamboo shoots in spring will have whip bamboo shoots, but generally the whip bamboo shoots grow thinly, less meat, and the whip bamboo shoots grow thick and tender in meat. ThereforeMaozhu is mostly.Mao bamboo whip bamboo shoots have a lower water content, and the taste is crispy and slightly sweet. It is very good for stewing soup and braised soup.

In recent years, thanks to the fast logistics system, a large number of bamboo shoots in the south have been transported in the north. I have bought many hair bamboo shoots in the supermarket in Huangxian. The product labels are marked with "horseshoe bamboo shoots". In fact, this is wrong.

Horseshoe bamboo shoots are also called green bamboo shoots. Green bamboo is a green bamboo plant. It is produced in the southeast of my country. Its bamboo shoots are not large, half a catty, the largest two pounds, and the bamboo shoots are like horseshoe. EssenceHorseshoe bamboo shoots have high requirements for freshness. Generally, the position is determined the afternoon the day before. The next day, it will go up the mountain to dig the bamboo shoots. Otherwise, it will affect the taste.Its bamboo shoots are thick, the bamboo shoots are crispy and tender, and the bamboo shoots are fresh and sweet. It is extremely famous in the south and is rare in the north.The shape of hair bamboo shoots is similar to the shape of horseshoe bamboo shoots, but the bamboo shoots are much larger, usually three to five pounds. I bought a large bamboo shoots of seven or eight pounds.The bamboo shoots are not rare, and even weighing 20 or 30 pounds.Furthermore, Maozhu is earlier, concentrated in March and April of each year, and horseshoe bamboo shoots are listed from June to October, and basically do not meet.

Thunder bamboo is the cultivation type of Gangzhu’s early bamboo. Its bamboo shoots are named "Thunder Bamboo Bamboo Shoots", also known as "Thunder Bamboo Shoot" and "Thunder Bamboo Shoot"."China on the Tip of the Tongue" in the second season of "Time", the first shot of bamboo shoots after the Spring equinox of Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an, is the earliest bamboo shoots in the bamboo shoot market.(Shanghai friends told me that there are only two kinds of bamboo shoots in the Shanghai cuisine market, winter bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots, referring to winter bamboo shoots and thunderbolt).


In recent years, Zhejiang’s promotion of bamboo forest bran coverage technology is to spread dozens of cm thick bran in the bamboo forest.The bitterness of bitterness is reduced, the taste is more crispy and tender than naturally growing, and the price naturally doubles.


The "pickled fresh" of Zhejiang Hang Gang and Shanghai Ben Gang cuisine is the most eaten bamboo shoots in spring."Fresh" is spring fresh bamboo shoots and fresh meat.The authentic pickled fresh freshness must be fired with spring bamboo shoots (thunder bamboo shoots). In the words of Shanghai people, "Boil and pickle with spring bamboo shoots, don’t have a flavor, fresh eyebrows must fall down!"

Oily bamboo shoots

The "oil bamboo shoots" that are cooked with oil and soy sauce and other ingredients are sprung up. (Of course, you can only use winter bamboo shoots in winter, but it is necessary to indicate "oily winter bamboo shoots").

In the "season" chapter, it is also mentioned that A Liang Cai of Liuzhou, Guangxi, digs a big sweet bamboo shoot.Big head sweet bamboo shoots are the bamboo shoots of Muzhu. It is listed on June to September each year. It is not as tender as winter bamboo shoots, but it is the best raw material for making Liuzhou sour bamboo shoots.

Big head sweet bamboo shoot

The sour and delicious, sour bamboo shoots with a little "odor" are the soul of Liuzhou snail powder. I believe that even if you don’t know what the big sweet bamboo shoots look like, you must not eat the belly.

In the first season of "Flame World", "Between Mountains and Seas", the cold bamboo shoots in Wawu Mountain, Sichuan are the bamboo shoots of Bashan Muzhu belonging to the cold arrow bamboo. They are picked up after the autumn.It’s okay.

Cold bamboo shoot

Cold arrow bamboo is the main edible bamboo in Sichuan. The cold bamboo shoots are delicious, but don’t fight with the giant panda (provided that there are giant pandas in the local area).

Water bamboo is a plant in the water and bamboo group, and it is the most common wild bamboo species in the Yangtze River Basin and its south.

Bamboo shoots

Water bamboo shoots generally like to grow on the slope dam. Compared with several kinds of bamboo shoots in front, it belongs to a relatively small variety. Like cold bamboo shoots, there is no need to bring any tools when picking bamboo shoots.Many of the bags sold in the supermarket are made of water bamboo shoots.

Su Shi ’s bitter bamboo shoots that are unforgettable are the bamboo shoots of the Big Bamboo (also known as the umbrella) of Daming Bamboo.EssenceUnfortunately, Su Shi degraded Guan Lingnan and died of illness in Changzhou. He did not return to his hometown in this life. Taste the bitter bamboo shoots in his hometown became his dream.

Bitter bamboo shoot

However, the world turned around, and his dream made his friend and disciple Huang Tingjian realize him.In the first year of Song Zhezong Yuan Fu (1098), Huang Tingjian derogated official Rongzhou (now Yibin) for the case of "Shenzong Reality".Bamboo ":" Nanyuan bitter bamboo shoots are better than meat, and the dragons call it wrong. "Nanyuan’s bitter bamboo shoots are better than meat, and the bamboo shoots have complained that you don’t dug them home.

He also made "Bitter Bamboo Shoot": "Yu Cool is addicted to bitter bamboo shoots.

The word says: ó (Bó, the name of ethnic minorities in the southwestern region of ancient China), the bitter bamboo shoots are crowned.Crispy and pleasant, small bitterness and taste; warm and denseness, more and not ill people.Covering bitterness and taste, such as loyalty to live a country;It is the show of Zhongjiangshan, so it can be dew and avoid the wind.With the opening of the food, the wine guests were salivated, and the Gui Gui and Mengyong, and the same year with it.

The Shu people said: Bitter bamboo shoots are not diet, and the dysentery of food is withered and barren.Yu also did not talk about it.Li Taibai said: But you have to be drunk. Don’t pass on to the wake."After doing this, there is another" After the Book of Book Broken Bamboo Shoots ":" The remaining life grows in the south of the Yangtze River, and the people like to eat bitter bamboo shoots.Try it and taste it. The qi is unbearable to the nose, and the taste cannot be in the tongue.Ya Wen Jian Ji Guan has sweet bamboo shoots. Every time he passes through Lushan, it is often not worthwhile, and he can’t believe it.In the middle of the Guizhou, the Guizhou people dig of bitter bamboo shoots in winter.Only the people of the Taoist eat bitter bamboo shoots. For more than 40 days, the territory has been unearthed, and the taste is still half bitter.It was presented to the Xiaoshu people.When the bitter bamboo shoots, the ginger and ,, but Mao Huo was recommended in the fire.Huang Tingjian is really in love with bitter bamboo shoots.

Back to the beginning, in the photo sent by the sister, a vegetable vendor said it was a thunder bamboo shoot, which was okay.One said it is spring bamboo shoots, which is actually a bamboo bamboo shoot. It is called spring bamboo shoots where the bamboo shoots are not produced.It’s one month earlier.

The bamboo shoots are the prototype of bamboo. There are many horizontal parts and surrounding thick bamboo shoots in the middle of the longitudinal cut surface. The bamboo shoots are wrapped in the bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots are the ingredients of the same source of medicine and food. Li Shizhen believes that bamboo shoots can be thirsty, benefit the water channel, nourish qi, and eat for a long time.And it is good for the effects of diaphragm, qi, heat, sputum, and refreshing stomach.In modern scientific research, bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low fat, low sugar, and multi -fiber. They can adsorb a large amount of oil in the human body, promote food fermentation, speed up excretion, eliminate accumulation, and prevent constipation.It must prevent the effect of gastrointestinal tumors.Eating bamboo shoots often helps prevent arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, which is of great benefit to obese people.However, the oxalic acid content in bamboo shoots is high (the oxalic acid content with hemp taste is higher), and it is easy to generate refractory calcium oxalic acid in the body, and it is easy to form a urinary system and gallstones.There are many crude fibers, and the history of liver hardening is especially in the esophageal stomach veins, patients with severe stomach and duodenal ulcers and those with greater ages should be cautious.If you want to eat it, just simmer in boiling water before cooking. Cook it for a while, you can soften the fiber and remove some oxalic acid.

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