The two lived together for 4 years. After breaking up, 19 -year -old women were pregnant and have children. Men: Objectives are not simply

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The 19 -year -old girl was unmarried and had children, but her boyfriend refused to be responsible. The family even scolded the girl to do not know the shame. She came to the door. It was not simple to call the girl. What was going on?What emotional entanglement do they have?

Ding Xiaomei was 19 years old and gave birth to a fat child. The baby looks very cute, but the child’s father never appears. When Xiaomei produces, her boyfriend did not appear, and the other party did not answer it.She was black, her boyfriend and their family hid Xiaomei like hiding with the plague god. There was no way to apply, and she could only seek the help of the staff!

The staff is curious, knowing the attitude of the other party, why should the child give birth to?

The next thing Xiaomei was surprised. Xiaomei admitted that the child was insisting on being born.

His boyfriend Xiao Chen is the second generation of officials. His father’s identity is even more incredible. He is a local government official. He is very prestigious. The family is prominent and the conditions are very good. In the local famous big man, there are several houses.Why did he ignore Xiaomei’s mother and son, and even raised fees, he didn’t want to pay. Is he just wanting to play with Xiaomei’s feelings?

In order to blame the truth, the staff came to Xiao Chen’s work unit. In the face of the arrival of Xiaomei, Xiao Chen performed very indifferent. He almost did not communicate with Xiaomei. The staff could not stand it anymore.The children are born, but regardless of asking, there is no man’s responsibility!

Next, Xiao Chen’s words made everyone stunned. He bluntly said that the child was not him!

After listening to Xiao Chen’s words, Xiaomei was angry. She said that the child was Xiao Chen. If the other party did not admit it, she could be a parent -child identification!

Xiao Chen said that it was unnecessary. They broke up long ago. The child could not be him. After that, he left!

Mother Ding quickly stopped him, and handed over the baby in her arms to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen was obviously panicked. He was very resistant. He quickly put his hands behind him and warned that the mother was not his child.Intersection

Xiao Chen always does not admit that the child is him. He also said that Xiaomei is 讹 him. Now that he has troubled his work unit, it will affect his future. He is very annoyed. He just made a girlfriend and did not expect to break up.After that, he had to rely on him, he felt that Ding Xiaomei was unreasonable!

Xiaomei and Xiao Chen once fell in love. Later, because of their unsuccessful personality, she often quarreled. Xiao Chen proposed to break up, but Xiaomei was reluctant!

Later, the two officially broke up, Xiao Mei went to Guangzhou, Xiao Chen stayed in his hometown. One month later, he suddenly received a call from Xiao Mei. The other party said that she was pregnant. Xiao Chen was very panicked. He was afraid of affecting the new relationship.The talent was separated for a month, and Xiao Chen quickly found a new girlfriend. He also explicitly stated that Xiao Mei killed the child!

Unexpectedly, after Xiaomei was pregnant, she asked him for money. Her lion opened with a big opening, and her mouth would take 600,000. If she met her conditions, she was willing to kill her child. Xiao Chen did not agree.Baking him!

Later, Xiaomei even made a noise and even threatened him. Xiaomei’s approach had to make him doubt and feel that Xiaomei was purposeful!

Next, Xiao Chen revealed an amazing detail. After he broke up with Xiaomei, Xiaomei always had nothing to do to find him.He was softened again. Before his girlfriend went to Guangzhou, they had a relationship. I did not expect that she became pregnant a month later. He felt that his girlfriend had a premeditated conspiracy. He deliberately became pregnant and wanted to slap him!

At the same time, Xiao Chen also felt that there was something strange. It was impossible to have such a coincidence. The two only stayed for one night, and Xiaomei became pregnant. This probability is very low, which is lower than the probability of lottery tickets.His, there must be another person, he was unwilling to be the head of injustice!

At this time, the two were so noisy, no one persuaded anyone, and finally scattered!

Speaking of the past, Xiaomei was a idiot, and she was intoxicated in her beautiful memories.

Xiaomei grew up with her grandparents and rarely communicated with her parents. The relationship with her parents was more alienated. Four years ago, she met Xiao Chen. Her life became colorful. Xiao Chen taught her a lot of things.Xiaomei relied herself to him. She felt that Xiao Chen could help herself, and the two naturally came together!

At first Xiao Chen was very good for Xiaomei and was very favored by her. No matter how Xiaomei lost his temper, Xiao Chen could tolerate her. He was like a warm big brother. No matter what she did wrong, he was willing to forgive herXiaomei admits that the degree of dependence on Xiao Chen exceeds her parents!

Xiaomei still couldn’t let Xiao Chen. At the moment of having a child, she also fantasized that Xiao Chen would come to see her, but the dream was shattered and made her see the reality.

Xiaomei once again found Xiao Chen negotiation, the scene was tense, and Xiao Chen bluntly said that when the fetus was four or five months old, he explicitly stated that he did not want a child to let the other party be killed, but Xiao Mei did not listen and insisted on giving birth, so he did not have no hell, so he did not havefault!

Xiaomei was very unconvinced, and bluntly said that the other party’s attitude was not good, and she even said to her!

Xiao Chen admits that Xiao Mei has the intention, that is, trying to give birth to the child to thorn him up.He was also unwilling to do too much entanglement. He couldn’t do the Lord. He had to discuss with his parents and threatened to let the other party take legal procedures.

In order to resolve the contradiction between the two parties, the staff contacted Chen’s father. Chen’s father said that he was not optimistic about the two. The son and Xiaomei were not happy. Both of them hurt each other.He didn’t give him face. Later, his son also realized the mistake. As a result, he chose to dismiss himself, and he smashed himself with a beer bottle. For this reason, he sewed a lot of needles!

Xiaomei’s family is not good, and he did not read many books. The quality is not high, and Chen’s family is superior, his son is a civil servant, and there are fixed public institutions. Whether they are from the background of the family, the cultural level, and the social status, the twoThe two did not match. Father Chen felt that Xiaomei could not match his son at all, and the other party wanted to climb the branches!

Father Chen suspected that Xiaomei’s purpose was impure. The purpose of close his son was to marry a giant. Now that he has a child, he has the opportunity to threaten their Chen family, and it takes 600,000!

Next, Father Chen said an amazing detail. After he learned that Xiaomei was pregnant, he alertly warned the other party to let the other party kill the child.All Xiaomei has another purpose, nothing more than the money of their family!

Xiao Chen couldn’t fight the two mothers and daughters, so he threw the trouble to his father. Chen’s father came out of the horse and met Xiaomei’s mother and daughter. As soon as he met, Chen’s father gave the other party a horse.The family must say that you do n’t want a child. You still have to give birth to your children alone. This is your own fruit. The responsibility lies in yourself!

Sitting next to Ding, she saw that her daughter was scolded by others at her nose. Her heart was like a knife. At the age of 19, her daughter became a single mother. Perhaps at this age, others were still in school, but her daughter stepped up early.Entering the cruel life, she hated her daughter’s unsuccessful, and hated the indifference and ruthlessness of the other party. At this time, she couldn’t do anything for her daughter. She shed tears silently and kept wiping with a paper towel!

Father Chen accused Xiaomei accusing Xiao Mei who did not know the shame. Both broke up and went to the door to the same room with his son!

"There is no force for your son’s room!" Xiaomei’s debate looked pale and weak.

Father Chen said that his son had some responsibility, but the biggest responsibility was Xiaomei, too wayward, and insisted on giving birth to a child. Now that he is born again, he will have others.

The scene was tense, and the two sides fought on the lips and tongues. Chen Father bluntly said that Xiaomei had premeditated, just to try to make money!

Next, Xiaomei burst into an amazing inside story. She admitted that she was by no means money, but for her reputation. At that time, Xiao Chen suspected that her son was not his.The proves were innocent, so I gave birth to the child.

Xiaomei is too stupid. In order to gamble and give birth to the child, now the child is born and has no ability to raise. Now she has no work or income. So, how can children raise it?

Next, the two sides talked about the raising problem. Xiaomei said that everyone had 1,800 yuan per month. The child raised her mother. He thought that such a simple request would be glad to agree, but he did not expect the other party’s approach, but made Xiaomei XiaomeiShocking!

Father Chen said that Xiaomei did not have the ability to raise, so they came to raise, and don’t pay a penny of Xiaomei. The children are fully responsible for them, but they have a little request. In the future, the child and Xiaomei will not have any poucyity!

Faced with such a harsh request, Xiaomei was at a loss for a while, and she was stunned. I did not expect to talk about a love. The child she gave birth to her does not belong to her. She will have nothing. She is struggling.On the one hand, how should she choose to lose the custody of the child?

Xiaomei needs to calm down. She came to the room and discussed the child’s stay with her mother. Xiaomei was struggling in her heart. She had had a fetus once. She was afraid that she would never have the child in the future.The child is giving away, and she may never be her mother.

In the end, Xiaomei decided that the child raised himself. Chen’s father proposed that only three or five hundred support fees were paid each month, and she could not be more. Xiaomei did not agree. She decided to take the legal way to protect her rights!

Comments: Girls must be alert to early love.When you are young, it is easy to fall into enthusiastic feelings, but in this case, it often lacks sufficient maturity and rationality to face problems.Young love usually lacks deep thinking about the future, and it is easy to make impulse and unwise decisions.Therefore, girls should realize that early love is not conducive to their own growth, but should put more time and energy on learning, growth, and cultivating their own interests.

Girls need to love themselves, and girls seem to lack awareness of self -protection.Girls should learn to love themselves, and they are not easily controlled by others.Self -love is based on respecting yourself and protecting yourself, so as to maintain independence in emotion.

When you are young, you must treat feelings with caution, treat your choice rationally, and do not make a decision to have a long -term impact on the future because of the impulse.

In short, girls need to learn lessons in this experience and grow into a more mature and self -loving person.You should learn to look at feelings more reasonablely. Only in this way can you truly become the master of your own life.


What do you think of Xiaomei’s behavior?

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