The truth of the tomato in winter reveals the truth, have you eaten right?

Do you like tomatoes?They have bright red, juicy flesh and sweet taste, which makes people appetite greatly.You may think that tomatoes are a kind of summer fruit, and only in the warm season can enjoy their deliciousness.However, if you go to the supermarket or vegetable market, you will find that you can buy tomatoes even in the cold winter.How did these tomatoes come?What is the difference between them and tomatoes in summer?What impact does they have on our health?In this article, we will explore the so -called winter tomatoes to see whether they are really or false.

First of all, we must understand what winter tomatoes are.Winter tomatoes are not a special variety, but a tomato sold in winter.These tomatoes have two sources: one is planted in greenhouses or other thermal insulation facilities; the other is planted in other regions or countries, and it is sent to us through transportation and storage.

So, what is the difference between winter tomatoes and summer tomatoes?This mainly depends on two factors: quality and nutrition.

In terms of quality, winter tomatoes are usually worse than summer tomatoes.This is because the winter tomatoes have received many unfavorable conditions during the growth process, such as insufficient light, unstable temperature, dry air, and barren soil.These conditions will affect the maturity, color, aroma, taste and taste of tomatoes.Winter tomatoes are often harder, lighter, and tasteless than tomatoes in summer.

In terms of nutrition, winter tomatoes are usually lower than summer tomatoes.This is because the winter tomatoes have been transported and stored for a long time after picking, which will cause the loss or decrease of nutritional components such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxides in tomatoes.In summer, tomatoes are relatively fresh and have high nutritional components.

What is the impact of winter tomatoes on our health?This mainly depends on how much and how we eat.

How many aspects of eating, winter tomatoes will not cause any harm to us, as long as we can just eat it.Although the nutrients of tomatoes in winter are low, they still contain some substances that are beneficial to us, such as lycopene, vitamin C, and potassium.These substances can help us prevent colds, reduce blood pressure, and anti -aging.Therefore, eating some winter tomatoes in moderation is also good.

In terms of how to eat, it is best not to eat it in winter for tomatoes in winter.This is because eating winter tomato not only has poor taste, but also may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or infection with bacteria.Processing can improve the quality and nutrition of tomatoes in winter, such as cooking, frying, stewing, and brewing.You can add some seasonings or other ingredients during processing to increase the aroma and taste of tomato in winter, such as salt, sugar, vinegar, oil, garlic, onion, pepper, etc.

The so -called winter tomato is neither completely nor completely false.They are just a fruit that grows under specific conditions, and there is nothing magical or horrible.As long as we choose and eat them reasonably, we can enjoy the deliciousness and health they bring.Of course, eating tomatoes should be appropriate, don’t be too much or greedy.Otherwise, you may become a "tomato man" with a big red face, or it is mistaken for a "tomato ghost".That’s not fun.

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