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What is the flow of ordinary people?

Ordinary abortion surgery refers to the purpose of taking out or sucking the intrauterine pregnancy through medical equipment without anesthesia analgesic to achieve the purpose of artificially termination of pregnancy.Including two types of surgical types of negative pressure attraction and tie scraping.Negative pressure attraction: Use a hollow straw to reach the uterine cavity, and suck out the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity through negative pressure.Pie scraping: Use an egg tong to clamp the large embryo tissue in the uterus and scrape the palace.

Figure | Artificial abortion negative pressure attraction

Figure | Artificial abortion clamp scraping

What is painless abortion?

Painless abortion refers to the artificial abortion under venous anesthesia, which is based on the abortion surgery of the uterus, plus venous systemic anesthesia, so that patients have no pain or sleep during the surgery.Painless abortion uses a new, safe, and effective venous injection systemic anesthesia.

Our gynecology department actively introduces high -tech such as "microtable vision flow", "dual -cavity decompression abortion", "uterine observation abortion technique", with minimally invasive, visible, painless, accurate, fast, and palace palace palace., Palace and other advantages, at the same time, equipped with a full system instruments such as anesthesiomer, ventilator, ECG monitor, and laparoscopy.During the operation, the anesthesiologist will also strictly monitor the blood oxygen and breathing of the subject, strictly adjust the dosage of the anesthetic according to the specific conditions of the subject, provide better surgical conditions, reduce pain and reduce risk coefficients, and promote surgeryThose who have reinstated as soon as possible after the abortion.

The best time for people

If artificial abortion surgery is performed, it is usually recommended to be performed in 40 days to 2 months of pregnancy, and it is best not to exceed 2 months.Because the larger the gestational week, the more bleeding during artificial abortion surgery, the increase in uterine trauma.

Precautions before abortion to avoid sexual life within the first three days before the abortion.Pay attention to rest and keep full sleep.Those who suffer from vulvar inflammation need to be treated before surgery.If you choose painless abortion, you need to fast on the day of the operation; you can eat normally without painless abortion.Painless abortion should be performed before the routine test: such as early pregnancy test, leucorrhea routine examination, coagulation function, B -ultrasound and ECG examination, etc.Before surgery, you must do a B -ultrasound. It is confirmed that it is an internal pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy sac is suitable. In order to do painless abortion, you must not be diagnosed with abortion during pregnancy. If you missed ectopic pregnancy, the consequences are very serious.

Pay attention to rest after the abortion, and take a break after surgery, and you can return to normal life after 2 weeks.Because of the operation of the uterine cavity, the normal defense mechanism of the reproductive system will be damaged. It is recommended to prohibit sexual life within one month after surgery. Basin baths are prohibited.Pay attention to the amount of vaginal bleeding and the duration of bleeding.Artificial abortion is generally clean about 1 week.The drug flow is clean for about 1 week, and it is necessary to clear the palace after the discharge is not smooth. The bleeding time will be extended.Observe whether there are problems such as fever and infection.After 1 month, further review whether to return to normal.

Painless and harmless

Many people have a wrong understanding of the painless flow, thinking that the operation is so easy, and it will definitely not hurt much to the body.However, painlessness is harmless. Here I must tell you: At present, artificial flow in the world uses negative pressure attractive or pliers scratching. There is no advanced method to achieve non -damage.Painlessness is just the use of intravenous anesthesia during surgery, allowing you to complete the surgery during sleep.Anesthesia

Painless abortion is full -body anesthesia. It is necessary to bear some unexpected risks. If drug allergies occur, accidents such as vomiting, accidental suction, reflux, various arrhythmia and even heartbeat arrest occur in anesthesia.

2. Postoperative infection

Do not pay attention to hygiene after surgery or the body’s failure to recover, can cause bacterial infection in the uterus, causing gynecological inflammation such as endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Irregular menstruation

Flowing surgery will cause female ovarian dysfunction, leading to irregular menstruation, confusion cycle, and increased blood volume; sometimes the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea or even amenorrhea due to endometrial damage.Adverse symptoms that occur after surgery.

4. Uterine perforation

The perforation of the uterine refers to the entire layer of the uterine wall, which causes the uterine cavity to communicate with the abdominal cavity, or other organs.In the abortion surgery, the uterus is generally cleaned up to completely clean up the embryo. If the operation is improper, it is easy to scratch the uterine wall, causing the uterine muscle layer to appear holes and endanger life.The more flow, the greater the chance of perforation.

5. Habitual abortion

Habitual miscarriage means that during pregnancy, the fetus grows to a certain month from the uterus, that is, natural abortion.This is because the abortion surgery may cause the cervix, which causes the uterine mouth to expand. When the fetus grows to a certain month, the uterus cannot drag the fetus due to gravity, and the uterine mouth becomes larger, making the fetus abortion by itself.Especially women with more than three abortion will basically occur after pregnancy.

6. Lifetime infertility

In order to ensure that the embryo can be completely flowed away, the abortion surgery generally scratches the endometrium of the uterine, making it thinner and thinner, so that the fertilized eggs cannot normal in the uterus to develop into the embryo normally.From then on, I lost the opportunity to be a mother.

7. Psychological illness

The women’s psychology after the abortion will become extremely fragile, and they have deep guilt and disgust about their unborn children in their hearts.Many people suffer from depression, and their temper becomes irritable and irritable. They wash their face with tears all day long, and even commit suicide.

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