The tide of fetal tire after lifting

Author’s inscription: Too many young people often turn to sexual life when they have not learned about contraception well. The weakness of "contraception" consciousness has made the incident of "happy parents and mothers".After the epidemic, the obstetrics and gynecology department will be squeezed by the abortion brigade.As an obstetrician and gynecologist, what you want to tell you is: contraception, there is really no finished taking medicines!

With the joint efforts of the whole people, the peak of the new crown pneumonia in my country has passed, and everything has recovered.Many industries have resumed work, and the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital began to usher in another wave of "fetal".Last week, the little couple was delayed due to the postpartum period of the girl, and she was pregnant after a blood test.I see that they are still squeezing, and their feelings are very good, so I suggest they: "Don’t get a fetus, consider getting married?" When I said this, the boy did not squeak, and the girl was obviously time".

After a few days, the girl came to me alone, saying that she was determined to be determined, and when I gave her a chemical checklist, she said with crying that she had already hit 6. This is the 7th child. This is the seventh child.Emergency contraceptives have been used before.She was allergic to condoms, and I don’t know what other good contraceptive methods.

Listening to her, I was really speechless.Later, he explained specially with the surgeon, and paid more attention during operation to prevent complications such as infection, bleeding, and overburning.

Taking advantage of the gap between the girls and other tests, I told a few words, and suggested that she take short -acting contraceptives, and also explained the common sense of "emergency contraceptives" used before.

Although the names of the two contain a few words "contraceptives", the "emergency contraceptive pill" is not a conventional contraceptive method at all. It is only used to remedy when not taking measures. It should be noted that its failure rate is high.The effectiveness of contraception is only 74%-85%, and it must be taken within 72 hours after the incident. The faster the better, the later it is taken, the more likely it is.For example, the common emergency contraceptives contained in the acetosterone, which is left in the left, and the dosage is very large. After taking it, it is easy to cause side effects of menstrual disorders. After some people useDoctors recommend emergency contraceptives to patients.When there are no contraceptive measures, it is possible to remedy as a lasting remedy. It is okay to use it occasionally.

However, the same contraceptive pill, short -acting contraceptives is very different, it is a recognized and safe and routine way of contraceptive method recognized by the World Health Organization.When taking it correctly, the contraceptive effect can reach more than 99%.The principle is to simulate the state of the human body, so that the body in the body will continue to exist in female and progesterone, so that the human body will no longer ovulate.Because there is no ovulation, there is nothing to combine with sperm, of course, it will not be pregnant, so the contraceptive effect is very good.In Germany, 46%of women have taken short -acting contraceptives for a long time.

Another key factor why short -acting contraceptives is more popular in developed countries in the West is its safety.The dosage of estrogen hormones contained in short -acting contraceptives is very low. It is metabolized by the body in 1.7 days, and it will not have accumulated side effects in the body.It is precisely because the content of hormones in short -acting contraceptives is low that it needs to be taken every day to ensure its effectiveness.And short -acting contraceptives have been born for 60 years, and the varieties are becoming more and more abundant. Now it has developed to the fourth generation. The ingredients have been very close to the hormone secreted by women itself.

In addition, a large number of epidemiological survey data show that it does not affect fertility after stopping the drug.Long -term follow -up found that it will be pregnant immediately after stopping taking short -acting contraceptives, which will not increase the risk of fetal malformations and will not affect children.

Because short -acting contraceptives (such as You Siming) are all hormone secretions in the body, it is generally designed as 21 tablets per box. It starts from the first day of menstruation and takes 21 days in a row.After stopping the drug, there will be menstrual tide.On the seventh day of stopping the drug, then take the next box to start a new cycle.

This girl seems to understand what I mean, and which short -acting contraceptive pill is the best effect?I recommended her the fourth -generation short -acting contraceptive pill.The flexion ketone contained in this medicine is the latest surrogacy hormone, which is very close to women’s naturally secreted progesterone. It will not only cause edema, but also remove acne and make the skin more beautiful.

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I hope that when you enjoy the intimacy of the sexes, you can be more cautious and rational, and you will no longer be passive because of the impulse.Differential medicine, scientific contraceptives must choose more efficient and safe short -acting contraceptives, rather than emergency contraceptives that remedy post -incidents.

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