The thyroid disease is harmful, and pregnant women must understand the following precautions

Thyroid disease is a common disease between women of childbearing age and women during pregnancy. Whether it is hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or thyroiditis, it affects the health of maternal and infants.Moreover, women with hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and hydrostatic thyroiditis have menstrual cycle disorders, excessive menstrual flow, and amenorrhea, which can easily cause infertility.Hyperthyroidism can cause pregnancy hypertension, premature birth, abortion, low weight, slow development in the fetus, small moon, dead production, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, etc.

Compared with hyperthyroidism, the influence of maternal thyroid dysfunction has greater impact on reproductive health and sub -generations, and has a significant impact on the occurrence of embryonic development and complications during pregnancy.For the mother’s body, infertility or reproductive ability is reduced, in vitro fertilization failure, abortion, pregnancy, hypertension and elastic epilepsy, premature birth, postpartum bleeding.For future generations can cause neuroded intellectual development, fetal malformations, dying tires during perioperation, and low weight.Studies have proved that patients with unrefined thyroid hormones have reduced their offspring IQ and timely supplement patients with thyroid hormones. The descendants’ IQs are not affected.

In order to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses, for patients with hyperthyroidism, the choice of pregnancy should be normal in TRAB (thyroid hormone receptor antibody), and the thyroid function is normal (no medicine or a small dose of anti -hyperthyroid drugs), 6 iodine treatment 6Pregnant after the month.After taking left thyroidinetinet, patients with hypothyroidism can control the TSH <2.5 pregnancy. <1.5 is the best. Once you find pregnancy, you must add your doctor’s order and pay attention to monitoring thyroid function.

In view of the hazards of thyroid disease during pregnancy, high -risk people must be screened for thyroid function during pregnancy.High -risk people refer to the history of thyroid disease and the history of thyroid surgery (or) the history of nuclear therapy; the family history of thyroid diseases; women with positive antibodies of thyroid disease; symptoms or clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism;Immune disease; infertility; history of abortion, premature birth; women living in the known medium -weight iodine deficiency areas, etc.

Guidelines for thyroid disease treatment during pregnancy during pregnancy pointed out that 30%to 80%of the hyper -risk pregnancy population is missed, and the concept of general screening of thyroid diseases during pregnancy is introduced. It is recommended that women before and during pregnancy should screen thyroid function indicators., Screening indicators select serum TSH, FT4, and TPOAB. The timing is to choose to screen before 8 weeks of pregnancy.Clinically, the treatment strategy is further formulated according to the level of the indicator.

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