The Thunder Incident of the Tang Dynasty

In Wang Renyu’s "Kaiyuan Tianbao Relics", there is such a story.Having said that during the period of Tang Xuanzong, the prime minister Yang Guozhong went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and this time was not short.

Yang Guozhong’s wife missed Yang Guozhong very much, so that she was sick.Suddenly dreaming one night, dreaming of Yang Guozhong home!The so -called Xiaobi Sheng is newly married … Later, the second son Yang Yan was born!

After Yang Guozhong returned home, he stared at his son, and his wife told Yang Guozhong in the dream.After listening to it, Yang Guozhong came here: The couple’s concept of the couple, emotional.

What do you mean?The literally translated by it is: this is the result of the two of us miss each other!After hearing that Yang Guozhong had a conversation with this dialogue, he suddenly laughed back and forth, "when people laughed at all times."

Now, after Xiaobian laughed, he checked Yang Guozhong’s wife, and suddenly laughed. According to "The Book of the Old Tang Book · Yang Guozhong", Pei (Yang Guozhong’s wife) was a prostitute!

Therefore, it will be said that it will be said.Xiaobian just felt strange, why did Yang Guozhong believe that such a absurdity Yang Guozhong also believed?It can only be said that one is that the two have "tacit understanding", and the other must sigh. Fortunately, this is the Tang Dynasty!Otherwise, try to try it in the Song and Daming?

The "pregnancy in dreams" with his wife Yang Guozhong also echoed a "pregnancy" incident. This time the protagonist was an ordinary people.

In "Civilization Judgment", there was a widow named A Liu. After her husband died early, she determined not to remarry and support her mother -in -law.After many years, I suddenly became pregnant and gave birth to a child … The mother -in -law hadn’t said anything yet. A Liu’s brother’s brother was anxious. Isn’t this nonsense?The elder brother was the father, and he would marry A Liu to a person named Zhang Heng, and also received the gift of his family. If you know that A Liu is to die, he will not marry. In the end, A Liu’s brother had to marry Zhang Heng.It’s over.

This incident is even more unusual. After all, when Yang Guozhong’s wife was "pregnant in dreams", Yang Guozhong was still alive, but A Liu’s "pregnancy in dreams" was that her husband was dead.Therefore, the "pregnancy in dreams" was shocked by the government.

In the end, the opinion of the government’s investigation was: A Liu Meng was pregnant, and there was no evidence. Even if it was derailed and stolen, no one grasped it, no one told, and there was no evidence.Liu is nothing!

The last thing to say is that the editor talked about "pregnancy in dreams" is by no means advocating, nor is it denied the moral level of the Tang Dynasty. After all, from the time of the people who laughed at Yang Guozhong, and the reaction with Brother A Liu, the Tang Dynasty people showed that the Tang Dynasty people indicatedThe attitude towards "pregnancy", so it can only be said that this is the Tang Dynasty …

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