The three methods commonly used in the small and small palace of extramarital affairs.

The most afraid of the original match is to want money to have money and people, and running the upper primary three.

The most uncomfortable time is that Primary Three began to force the palace, and he couldn’t cope with it.

Lanfang received a lot of original for help, when it was time to force the palace,

In fact, there are three methods commonly used by Xiaosan forced palace. The original match learned that the school would meet the tricks, and Xiao San was not afraid.

The first is the Primary Three who takes the initiative to go directly to the door to force the palace.

This kind of primary three is a low -level primary three, which looks very strong, but in fact there is no brain.

For example, a case that Lan Fang had processed before, the original match was found by Xiao San to come to the door forced. I don’t know what to do with Lan Fang for help.

This original match thought that Xiao San dared to come to the door forced the palace, and he must feel that he was sure, so he didn’t dare to act lightly.

I said to this original match, don’t think, don’t scare yourself, you have to understand the situation.

Xiao San came to the door, you just talked, Xiao San is old, what does it do, and how and how to know the derailed man, how

Is there any photos or chat records that can prove her extramarital affairs with a derailed man?

Let Xiaosan send you these evidences, if Xiaosan sent it directly, you think about how stupid this Primary Three is, how stupid this Primary Three

Send you your own evidence for yourself, and give your handle to you, what are you afraid of her?

It is very simple to deal with this kind of small three methods. You do n’t have to fight against Xiao San.

With these evidences of Xiaosanfa, you can directly find the derailment man. Don’t blame the derailed men. You have to take the opportunity to step on Xiao Sanyi in front of the derailed man.

If you do n’t give the small three opportunities, you pretend to be weak and say grievances, turning the primary three into wicked, you are innocent and frightened.

You don’t have to worry about the derailed man to help Primary Three. Such who run directly to the original match are all derailed men rejected.

If the derailed man promised that they would divorce themselves, they did not need to take the initiative to send the door to the door at the risk of being scolded.

Regarding this situation, the derailed man did not want to divorce. Xiaosan forced the palace to cause trouble for himself. He was not happy.

If his wife was in trouble at this time, then the husband and wife would definitely quarrel on the muzzle.

If the original avoided the muzzle was clever, let the derailed man’s muzzle facing Primary Three, the Primary Three would naturally start a war with the derailed man.

The derailed man and Primary Three quarreled, which is the best time for the original match to separate the two people.

The second, Xiaosan was pregnant, or had an illegitimate child, and felt that he had forced the palace by relying.

This kind of primary three is smarter than the first Primary Three. It is useless to know that you have not directly forced the palace, but the position is not high.

After all, because the derailed men refused to divorce, they were pregnant, and they were unwilling to divorce when they gave birth to their children. They went to find the original match by themselves.

Just like a case that Lan Fang had dealt with before, this small third morning just asked the derailed man to accompany himself to the production inspection.

The derailed man went to work in the afternoon, and Xiao San immediately took the pregnancy checklist to the original family to force the palace to let the original divorce.

Xiao Sanhe Yuan said that derailed men and himself are true love. With the crystallization of true love, they promise that they will marry themselves when they have children.

So it is advisable to divorce quickly. What is the use of ten months?Xiao San’s arrogant words did die.

Although this original match is angry, I don’t dare to hit Primary Three, because I am afraid that there will be a small three to rely on myself,

However, being found by Xiao San, the original match was not only angry, but also felt humiliated. How could he be bullied by Xiao San to this extent.

Before the original match, she knew her husband was derailed. Her husband said that he was playing with Xiao San and kept returning, but did not return completely.

The original match did not expect to play the child. After Xiao San left, she called her husband and scolded a dog blood.

But what’s the use?Her husband would not let the young three born, but he said that he would have broken with Xiaosan?

She could not believe her husband, and did not know how to separate Western European Austrian beasts, so she came to Blue Fang for help.

Lan Fang’s suggestion to this original match is very simple. Although you can not believe your husband, the child of Primary Three must let your husband deal with it.

You have to find a way for your husband to force Xiaosan to abort, or the kind of unwilling to have a relationship with your husband who is unwilling to have a relationship with Xiaosan.

In the end, Xiao San had a miscarriage, and the relationship between the two of them would also be broken, because the derailed man forced Xiao San. The psychological psychology must have resentment.

Is it true love before? At this time, it must be really resentful.

If Primary Three continues to provoke the original match, and the original match should not find the trouble of the track, you will stimulate Xiaosan, and take out the derailment man forcing her to talk about things.

If Primary Three does not provoke the original match, you also have to pour fuel to the contradictions of derailed men and Primary Three, so that Xiao San works, so that the derailed men can’t stand it, and it will naturally separate.

The third type is to use a relatively high level of Xiao San, using derailed men to force the original divorce.

The small three of the high segments will not take the initiative to force the palace at all. They will use various means to control the derailed men and let the derailed men take the initiative to divorce.

For this kind of means, you do n’t do it yourself, you will grasp the man, which can allow the derailed men to take the initiative to go home to divorce.

The original match needs to understand the means of Xiaosan, understand the psychology of a derailed man, and then treat his body with his own way to deal with Primary Three.

I also encountered such a junior when dealing with derailment cases. They well understood the psychology of derailed men.

I also know how to control the heart of a derailed man.

They let the derailed men rely on themselves, and control the derailed man’s heart in their hands.

But even if they occupy the absolute dominance of emotions, they will never take the initiative to give derailment men divorce.

Instead, through words and deeds, the derailed men make them feel that they should marry Primary Three, otherwise they are sorry for Primary Three.

After the derailed man has the idea of divorce and marrying Primary Three, if he does not go home to divorce his wife, Xiaosan will continue to retreat.

For example, after a young three who was pregnant, he was missing the child directly. The derailed man must be crazy.

After finding, Xiaosan had to go. In order to retain Xiaosan, the derailed man went home to ask for divorce, saying that he could not be sorry for Xiao San mother and son.

This case is also a child with children, but the derailed men will not feel sorry for the original mother and child.

The reason is that Xiaosan will show weakness, and will make himself miserable, let the derailed man pity himself and children,

The original match has been standing from a strong perspective, forcing a derailed man to return to the family, and the derailed man will have the psychology.

If the derailed man is because of the psychology of sympathy, because Primary Three actively divorced in a way to retreat.

Then the original match can also be solved in the same way. You need to let the derailed men know that the damage you and the child are more than small.

You can sympathize with the derailment man more than Primary Three. You can catch the derailed man than Xiao San.

Primary three children have not been born. The original child has already interacted with the derailed man, and it is easier to make the derailed men softened.

Therefore, the original match should be dismantled according to the trick of Primary Three. As long as your means are better than Xiao San, you can win.

Of course, these methods are said to be easy to do. Many original matches may not know how to operate it.

So if you don’t know how you should use these methods, or you don’t know how to implement it,

You can follow Lanfang, consult me directly, and explain your situation. I will help you analyze what you should do.

I am Lanfang, a marriage maintenanceer focusing on the separation of a third party.

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