The temperature is soaring. How can the pregnant mothers who are afraid of hotness be comfortable in summer?

Recently, the weather is so hot that there is no friend, and the summer solstice has not yet arrived. The air conditioners have begun to work.

However, Mommy’s pregnancy younger sisters are even more desperate, saying that they are sweating in the air -conditioned room all day. I really don’t know how to live in Sanfu Tian.

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers find that they seem to be more afraid of hotness. Obviously others feel that the temperature is just right, but it is very hot to themselves.When Mommy was pregnant, the same temperature, I had to turn on the air conditioner, and my husband had to cover the quilt.

There is still such a saying on Mommy’s hometown, saying that expectant mothers are afraid of giving birth to girls and having a boy when she is pregnant.When Mommy heard the elders say this, it was really being tender by Thunder.

Pregnant mothers are afraid of fever, will give birth to boys?

For a long time, there have been many different identification methods for raising men, but the folks have circulated many different identification methods, but from the prospective mothers who are afraid of cold or they are afraid of heat, it is probably rare.

In fact, many methods of speculating men in the folk are still the methods of giving birth to women. Most of them are summarized by the elders based on their subjective experience and feelings, and there is no scientific basis.

Pregnant women are afraid of giving birth to a girl, and there is no scientific basis for fearing to give birth to a boy.There are only two methods that can accurately learn from the gender of the fetus: B -ultrasound and amniotic fluid puncture.Through the B -ultrasound, you can clearly see the fetal genitals, while amniotic fluid puncture can be seen by detecting chromosomes.

Therefore, for the various ways of identifying fetuses spread by the people, entertaining is okay, but it must not be taken seriously.

Why are pregnant mothers more afraid of heat?

So why are expectant mothers so afraid of heat?Mommy is coming to reveal the secret.


During pregnancy, in order to ensure the development of the embryo, expectant mothers’ bodies will secrete a hormone called progesterone.Under the stimulation of this hormone, the basal body temperature of the prospective mother will be 0.5 ° C-1 ° C.1 ° C.


After pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate of expectant mothers will be 25%higher than ordinary people, which will generate more calories, resulting in the body of expectant mothers like a small stove.

Too much fat

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers usually pay more attention to supplementing nutrition for the health of the fetus.However, if you do n’t pay attention to diet control, if you grow too much weight, the subcutaneous fat will increase, which will affect heat dissipation.

How to avoid the summer in the hot summer?

Mainly wearing loose and comfortable

In hot summer, pregnant mothers sweat a lot. It is recommended to choose loose and comfortable clothing, such as cotton and linen, which is both sweat and breathable.

In addition, try to avoid dark colors in color selection. Dark clothes are more likely to absorb sunlight, which will make pregnant mothers hotter.

Try to diet as light as possible

The weather in summer is hot and easy to sweat, and the digestive fluid in the body will follow less, which will easily cause poor appetite.Pregnant mothers should be lighter and soft in summer. It is best not to eat too much frozen food. It will affect the health of the fetus without saying that the spleen and stomach will not say.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the balanced nutrition, and eat less warm longan, lychee and other fruits.

Maintaining a good mood

The old saying is cloudy: the heart is quiet and natural.During the impact of progesterone during pregnancy, the emotional fluctuations of pregnant mothers are relatively large, and it is easy to be irritable. It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to keep their mentality as peaceful.

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