The teeth hurt!Can I see the dentist when I am pregnant?How to prevent oral problems during pregnancy?

Recently, I saw a news that a pregnant mother in Zhejiang was lost for 7 months because of a wisdom teeth.

This pregnant mother was very serious when she was consulting. From the outside, a large bag was bulging on the right neck, which was almost flat with her chin; from the mouth, her throat had swollen and closed.Everything and swallowing are painful, and breathing is almost a problem.

After the doctor’s diagnosis and confirmation, the pregnant mother suffered from multiple gap woven inflammation with the right neck on the right side of the crown inflammation.

No matter how he treats, the inflammation itself will affect the fetus; but if it is not treated, even the mother’s life will be threatened, and the fetus will not be kept in the end …

This news made Sister Ma feel very heartache. Many pregnant mothers did not dare to treat oral problems during pregnancy. They were afraid to adversely affect the baby baby. In fact, it is often not treated.Essence

Did pregnant mothers find that since the pregnancy, the frequency of oral problems is significantly more than before before pregnancy?This is because women have some changes in physiology and behavior after pregnancy.

Physiological factors

After women are pregnant, the level of estrogen hormone in the body will increase significantly, and gums are important target organs of these hormones.If there is a large amount of plaque and dental stones in the oral cavity of the pregnant mother, the incidence of oral diseases will increase significantly under the stimulation of high -level estrogen.

In addition, due to changes in hormone levels, pregnant mothers often have pregnancy reactions such as vomiting and acid return. If they do not rinse their mouths in time, the acidic substances that return to the oral cavity will destroy the enamel, thereby increasing the risk of dental caries.

Behavioral factors

After pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers will change some of the taste. I especially like to eat sour and sweet food. It happens that the oral microorganisms also like this kind of food the most.The opportunity of the army has caused pregnant mothers to be more likely to suffer from oral diseases such as dental caries and gum inflammation.

Oral health is closely related to whole body health.Dental plaque microorganisms are the starting factor that causes periodontal disease. Periodontal pathogenic bacteria can also reach other parts of the body through blood circulation through the periodontal bag of the periodontal bag, causing the whole body (existing in studying periodontal inflammation and diabetes, diabetes, and diabetes., Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, obesity, etc.).

The health of the pregnant mother and the growth and development of the fetus are inseparable. Once the pregnant mother’s own health is damaged, the growth and development of the fetus will inevitably be affected, such as the premature birth, low weight, etc.Oral health!

The most common oral diseases during pregnancy include gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries, wisdom tooth crown inflammation, and gingival tumors during pregnancy.You may have a certain oral disease. Don’t drag at this time. The sooner you go to the hospital, the better.

In the past, many pregnant mothers would rather endure torture of toothache, nor did they want to treat oral diseases because they were afraid that anesthesia drugs would adversely affect the fetal baby.In fact, oral therapy uses local anesthesia methods. Anesthesiomic drugs mainly penetrate into local tissues through infiltration to achieve anesthesia effects.In addition, the commonly used oral anesthesia drugs are mainly Antakin and Lidaine. These two anesthetics are relatively safe for pregnant mothers and baby baby, so pregnant mothers need to worry too much about it.

In addition to worrying about anesthesia, pregnant mothers also have relatively concerned about X -rays.First of all, not all oral diseases need to be performed for X -ray. Secondly, the radiation of X -rays used to shoot teeth is only about 5 micro Sisi. During pregnancy, pregnant women can accept the value of X -ray radiation within the scope of safety.100 mixe (equivalent to 100,000 Microcyae), therefore, the International Radio Protection Commission believes that receiving ordinary dental slices while wearing a protective clothing, the amount of ray received by the fetus can be almost ignored.At the same time, don’t forget to bring a dedicated thyroid protective lead bib to protect the thyroid gland!

The Painless Dental Treatment Center of the Beijing Union Hospital combined with obstetrics to solve complicated and difficult oral problems for many pregnant women.

To prevent oral diseases, oral hygiene needs to be done in normal times.

Take the correct way to brush your teeth.Use fluoride toothpaste and brush at least 2 times a day for more than 3 minutes each time. When using a toothbrush, you should brush your teeth with a arc action instead of brushing back and forth.

When vomiting during pregnancy, pay attention to using water or mouthwash and mouthwash to reduce the damage of acidic substances to enamel.

Use dental floss regularly.Some food residues are planted in the gaps, and simply using a toothbrush is not easy to clean, so use at least once a day, it is best to use it before going to bed.

Eat less high -sugar food and drinks. Occasionally, you need to clean it with mouthwash to reduce the production of plaque.

Regularly conduct comprehensive oral examinations, including oral hygiene, dental and periodontal conditions.

For oral diseases during pregnancy, prevention is better than treatment, premature treatment is better than late treatment, and treatment is better than dysfunction.I hope that pregnant mothers can pay attention to oral health care, so we will share here today. If you have any other questions, please leave a message in the comment area. Sister Ma will answer it when you take time.

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