The taste of pregnancy has changed a lot. The expectant mothers pay attention to these 4 points.

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Many pregnant mothers will find that the dietary changes after pregnancy are particularly large.I did n’t like spicy food before, and I did n’t spicy after pregnancy. I especially loved sweetness, but now I feel tired.

What has actually happened?What do you need to pay attention to during the diet during pregnancy?Let’s find out together.

When girlfriends are pregnant, the taste of diet has changed a lot.In the past, she didn’t like to eat peppers. Now every meal has spicy vegetables, otherwise she feels boring and her appetite is reduced.

When her mother -in -law saw her daughter -in -law, she gradually lost her patience.Because my mother -in -law feels sour and spicy, she must be a daughter who loves chili.Moreover, the mother -in -law has a lot of contradictions with girlfriends, so she has made a lot of difficult girlfriends.

After a few days, my girlfriend suddenly changed its taste.Eat sour plums and hawthorn every day. I feel uncomfortable in my mouth without eating. I can’t wait to pour some vinegar.

Mother -in -law is also getting more and more enthusiastic about girlfriends.On the day of the production, the girl gave birth to a girl, and the whole family was very happy. However, the mother -in -law had a big trouble, saying that the doctor turned their grandson into a daughter and made a big farce.

In fact, the sour girl is completely unwilling.The changes in taste during pregnancy cannot be predicted, but it is often related to these points.

The first point: maybe a kind of nutrition in the body of the pregnant mother

After pregnancy, the nutrition of a pregnant mother to feed two people may cause a situation where there is a lack of nutritional elements.In this case, which nutritional element lacks in the body of the pregnant mother, it will especially want to eat foods containing this nutritional element.

According to the research survey, the pregnant mother who lacks vitamin C in the body will have a strong preference for fruits such as lemon, papaya, strawberries.The pregnant mother who lacks the VB family will like chocolate and some sweets.

When the nutritional element in the pregnant mother’s body is approaching the balance, the problem of food preferences will be reduced.

The second point: may be the impact of hormones in the body of pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, the hormone in the body of the pregnant mother will change.Taste and smell will also change to varying degrees, which will directly affect the smell and taste of mothers, so it will lead to the occurrence of food preferences.

Change one: The taste becomes heavier, but it can not consume too much salt

Many pregnant mothers like light food before pregnancy, especially they don’t like to eat too salty.But after pregnancy, I always feel that there is no taste in my mouth, and I want to eat some salty foods.

But please pay attention to the pregnant mothers, even if there is no taste in the mouth, pay attention not to take too much salt.Otherwise, it is easy to cause edema, increase the burden on the kidneys, and easily cause hypertension. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention.

Change 2: Those who like to eat acid should be controlled as much as possible

Sour foods can appetite, and many pregnant mothers like them particularly.However, there are some sour products with low nutritional value, such as pickled sauerkrauts, preserved fruits, etc. There will be a lot of substances that are not good for the body, which will adversely affect the growth of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Pregnant mothers should try to control as much as possible, and some fruits with sour tastes are as little as possible, which can easily cause gastric acid or gastrointestinal dysfunction. At that time, it will be lost.

Change 3: If you like spicy food, you must also have restraint

Many people like to eat spicy things. Some pregnant mothers will particularly like to eat pepper after pregnancy, which will reach the level of spicy.

However, excessive spicy food can cause a negative impact on the body, affect the circulatory system in the body, and cause adverse situations such as fire and stomach pain.Therefore, mothers should be restrained when eating peppers, and don’t greedy their bodies.

Change 4: I like to eat sugar, be alert to gestational diabetes

Many mothers’ love for sweets even exceeds their love for cosmetics and clothes.Some mothers will eat cake desserts as rice, thinking that this can make themselves full of energy.

In fact, too much sweets during pregnancy can easily cause gestational diabetes and affect the health of yourself and the fetus.And too much sweets, children will absorb too much nutrition, causing too much fetus.

Some mothers have no appetite after pregnancy, and they do n’t eat anything at all.Even if you don’t want to eat, you must eat a little bit to ensure your health and your child’s development.

There is also a type of pregnant mothers who have appetite after pregnancy and can’t stop eating every day.But don’t think that eating is blessing. Eating too much will cause a burden on the stomach and intestines, and it is easy to nutrition.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers can eat less meals during pregnancy.In order to ensure that you and the fetus need daily energy, each meal will not cause too much burden on the body.

In October, it is really not easy.Moms are very hard, but pregnant and having children are not their mothers alone. The family should pay more attention to the pregnant mother and welcome the newborn together happily.

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