The taboos of medication during pregnancy must be known

The abuse of drugs during pregnancy, contacting chemicals or improper medication will cause abnormal organ structure structure in the fetus. Especially from the 3rd week of the week to the 14th week of the end of conception, it is the most easily disabled in this attention.


Among the 330,000 deformities surveyed, more than 10,000 cases were found to be caused by improper medication. To this end, the experts called on each mothers to pay attention to medication during pregnancy, and listed the drugs that are likely to cause fetal malformations:

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine:

The contraindications of traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy. From the perspective of the performance of the drug, it is mainly to avoid promoting blood and breaking qi, sophisticated attack, aromatic penetration, and hot and toxic.

Activation of blood circulation: Peach kernel, safflower, tri -angle, Curdia, Zelan, Su Mu, Liu Jiu, motherwort, cow paint, lequee, tapeworm, frankincense, no medicine and so on.Because "blood living" can accelerate the blood circulation, "forced blood to follow the qi", the qi is unable to solid the tire.

:Slip -like attacks: talc, winter aqua, Gan Sui, Euphorbia, 芫 flowers, barley roots, Bazou, cattle, Mattong, etc.Most of these drugs have the role of Tongli urination and diarrhea.There is the disadvantage of yin injury.Yin injury is loses to the fetus, the tire consumption is lost, and the fetus is susceptible to falling.

(3) Da Xin Da fever: aconite, cinnamon, Chuanwu, Caowu, etc. These drugs are hot and dry.There are disadvantages of abortion.

类 类 ::: such as musk, grass fruit, lilacs, and fragrant fragrances.Qi walks blood, causing forced tires to go out.

Poisonous products: such as mercury, cinnabar, etc., it has the effect of direct injury and rotten tires. It is strictly prohibited.


In terms of western medicine:

Hormonal drugs.In particular, sex hormones are likely to cause fetal organs.Ethylene estradium can make baby girls male, baby boyfriends; progesterone and testosterone hormones can make baby girls male.Epigraphy corticosteroids can also cause various malformations of fetus.

⑵ Various town spit medicine.In the early pregnancy, it was dangerous to teratogenic vomiting due to reactive vomiting, such as taking town vomiting.This type of medicine includes israzine, chlorobylzine, triathorine, chlorophenzide, etc., which can cause fetal heart development and suffer from congenital heart disease.(3) Anti -heat analgesic drugs.This type of medicine can cause fetal cartilage development, hydrocephalus, deformity and congenital heart disease, IQ and attention than their peers, and at the same time, the nervous system and kidney of the fetus are also affected.Such medicines include aspirin, Aojin, Feinadine, and compound preparations containing such ingredients.

。 Antibiotics.For example, tetracycline can cause fetal deformities and yellow teeth, which can also cause congenital cataract and long bone development.Flinksin and scatomycin can cause congenital deafness and damage to the kidneys.Chlorophytyin can cause fetal skeletal function to suppress and cause lung bleeding neonatal.

⑸ Anti -tumor drug.Such as chloroplain, Bailuan, 6-cymbal purine, and cyclopensicide can cause fetal skull osteoma, cleft palate, hydrocephalus, finger toe deformity.It is also reported that children should take fluoroprotic acid carefully, because this medicine will affect children’s bone growth.Then pregnant women should also use this medicine with caution.Generally speaking, the 3rd to 14th week after conception is the development of embryo. During this period, the most likely disability and teratogenic, pregnant women should pay special attention.

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