The suspect saw her belly and took the initiative to explain the case!From pregnancy to the birth of the baby, the child is the "little helper" of this Changde’s anti -drug mother

On July 6, the award ceremony of the "Telling Moms Anti -Drugs" and the establishment ceremony of the "Hunan Provincial Anti -Drug Association Mom Anti -drug Branch" was held in Changsha.

Today Women’s News/Fengwang reporter Ouyang Ting

"In order to complete the investigation task, I even brought my child." On July 4th, I just rehearsed "telling the story of the mother’s anti -drugs around me."According to a reporter from the Internet, as a anti -drug police officer of the Hankou County Public Security Bureau of Changde City, although the main task responsible is "anti -drug socialization", at the same time as the only female policeman in the team, she sometimes needs to take on the anti -drug law enforcement work in the team.Essence"But at the same time as the only female policeman in the team, she sometimes needs to assume the anti -drug law enforcement work in the team.

The suspect saw her belly and took the initiative to explain the case

"The first case I just set up a police officer was to arrest a poison -related person." After graduating from the Hunan Provincial Judicial Police Vocational College of Judicial Police, this year, he was assigned to the grass -roots police station and started her.From a police career.

Soon after arriving at the police station, King Dot and his master got a clue. There was a drug addict in the area that had been repeatedly sucked and needed to beolate and detoxifying.Jin Duo, who had just followed the police, adhering to a heart of "glory for collective glory". After the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. After following his master, "go out if the sky is not bright, and the sky is still squatting." Finally, 4 days later, finally 4 days later.They waited for the suspect.

"I followed the other party, and my master and the other two colleagues were copied from both sides." Jin Duo recalled that in the end, the drug addict was arrested and sent to the receiving unit for compulsory isolation and detoxification.

In 2017, because of the work mobilization, King Dot was transferred to the anti -drug brigade and was responsible for the socialization of drug control.But as soon as he arrived, the captain patted Jin Duo’s shoulder and said, "We lack a female policeman here, and it is more convenient to investigate female drug -related personnel in the future."It turned out that the male police officer was all in the anti -drug brigade, and often encountered a case of female drug -related personnel, it was not convenient to enforce the law.

A special "zero package" drug trafficking case was investigated together. In the team, a drug trafficking woman needed to capture drug trafficking. In order to help the team investigate, Jin Duo not only needed makeup camouflage for investigation, but also interrogated and detained this woman involved in this woman involved.Poisonous personnel, just sealing the name of drugs for nearly 4 hours.After staying up late for 3 consecutive days, Jin Duo finally couldn’t stand it. The abdomen was in pain. The colleagues around me thought she was hungry and bought breakfast intimately.But this pain is getting stronger and stronger, and she was going to the hospital for a examination while sending the gap of the suspect’s physical examination.After the examination, the doctor was very surprised: "You are crazy, come over later, the child is gone!" Then, the doctor wrote the doctor and told Jin Duo to go home to rest.But in order not to drag his teammates’ legs, Jin Duo persisted until the suspect was sent to the detention center.

During the pregnancy, it was the busiest period in the team, and Jin Duo did not retreat from the front line. She remembered that once, the team arrested a female drug trafficking person in the team.At the same time as easy, I also actively explained the crime, "you should rest early."

Unfortunately, after the suspect returned to the society, he started drug trafficking again. When the last time he was arrested, Jin Duo’s child was half -year -old. Because of breastfeeding, he appeared in the unit with his mother.Looking at the immature child, the suspect finally revealed his heart to Jin Duo: "I want to live, I don’t want to die." It turned out that the female drug -related person with uremia and relying on drug trafficking to provide their own treatment.

"Hate people also have poor things." Kim Dot said, but this is not a reason for the suspect without bottom line.

The propaganda effect is solid, and the seventies of the old man take the initiative to surrender the case

Today, Jin Duo has put most of his work on anti -drug mission, helping to poisoning personnel back to society.She remembered that in 2019, a mother in her 60s found her because her son Ma was once a drug addict, and later determined to return to society under the education of many parties.Ma wanted to be a truck driver, but found that he could not sign up for the driving test. It turned out that Ma’s identity information was named by two other drug addicts. If you want to correct it, the relevant processing unit involves Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hunan police.Performing the certificate in the three provinces is a very difficult thing.

After understanding the situation, the mother took her son to find Golden, hoping that the police could help help.Seeing the mother who was 手 and trembling in front of her eyes, Jin Duo proposed to let Ma a certain person go out to deal with it.Unexpectedly, she refused, "she was afraid that her son would re -suck again when he went out."Seeing the begging in the eyes of this mother, in the end, Jin Duo decided to help them. She began to coordinate with police from Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places by phone. After more than a month, she finally changed the management and control information.With a skill, this mother also reassured. Now, Ma runs and transports in a logistics company. The monthly income reaches 8,000, and his life has entered the right track.

"Through multiple cases, I found that the propaganda of drug control is very necessary." Jin Duo told reporters that after many years of anti -drug propaganda, the masses have more and more awareness of drugs, and their vigilance of drugs is getting higher and higher.Essence

In May of this year, Jin Duo received a message from a township cadre. "He asked me if the plants held in the hands on the picture were harmful." Jin Duo took a closer look, it was marijuana!

It turned out that the township cadres were stopped by a vegetable farmer who sold vegetables during the work, and the vegetable farmers immediately handed him a small bag of seedlings containing green plants.He told township cadres that this bag of seedlings suggested that he proposed to grow, saying that the income generated would be much higher than that of vegetables. To this end, the vegetable farmer was planted in his own vegetable garden, but he has always been uneasy:"Last month, I went to the village department to listen to the lectures of the rule of law of the police station and taught us not to grow the seeds given by strangers. After returning, I thought more and more scared. Although I was old, I couldn’t do what I violated and criminals could do.","

After identifying Jinshuo, and after professional testing, it was confirmed that the vegetable farmers planted marijuana. Subsequently, the police eliminated the marijuana planted by the vegetable farmer according to law, and arrested the person behind the proposed to grow marijuana, because the vegetable farmer was the vegetable farmer, because the vegetable farmers were farmers, because the vegetable farmers were the vegetable farmers, because the vegetable farmers were the vegetable farmers, because the vegetable farmers were farmers.He surrendered to the case, and the police station only criticized him.

"This vegetable farmers are in their 70s, but he still has a very vigilant heart." Jin Duo said that through this vegetable farmer, she clearly felt the importance of anti -drug propaganda. "Our goal is to makeThe danger of drugs and illegality is well known, everyone knows, so that everyone will no longer contact drugs. "

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