The surname is unable to pay the medical insurance card online. Can you only change the surname?

Recently, there are media reports that in Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province, a family with birds as a totem, surnamed "nià".Because the last name is too rare, the computer information system cannot be input and displayed, which has brought various inconvenience to the villagers. Nearly 700 people in the clan had to compromise and gave up their true surnames and changed their surnames to "ducks". This incident caused widespread concern.

On April 24th, upstream journalists learned that Ms. "XI" (up and down structure, upper and lower structures, upper and lower structures, "heart") Ms. has the same trouble. Because of her surname is a rare word, she has encountered a lot of inconvenience since she was a child.Including the entry information of the entrance examination and the problem of the card construction during pregnancy, it is still impossible to use 12306 to order train tickets.

Because the surname is too remote, nearly 700 people have to give up their real surnames and change their surname "duck".Image source/network

According to reports, Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province, the surname of the family name of the "nià" is the upper and lower structure. The upper part is a "bird" less horizontal, and the lower part is "A".Because the current computer system cannot be identified, when the villagers of "NIà" have had to disassemble the second -generation ID card, they had to disassemble the words "birds" and "A", which formed the duck "duck".

This situation is not individual.Recently, Ms. "XI", residents of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, reported to upstream journalists that her surnames are also rare words. Many people in life will read her name wrong, and some people will read "Hui".She said, "When studying, it may be the first name at the beginning of the school, or it will never be named."

Because the surname is a rare word, she also encountered many troubles in her life from a small to large life.For example, when entering the candidate’s information in the college entrance examination, her surname was replaced by "A", which caused her to verify that she had verified her student status through after graduating from college.

When Ms. "XI" in Shenyang was hospitalized, the surnames on the receipt were replaced in other words.Image source/Interviewee Conferry

WeChat cannot open the "WeChat Pay" function, Alipay cannot bind bank cards, and the names on the bank card are not her own name. So far, it is impossible to buy train tickets through 12306 … There are so many examples, each yearWhen applying for tax refund, she needs to go to the counter to handle business.Others can do a good business for three or five minutes, and she needs half a day or even a day.

"XI" Ms. said that because the various unit systems cannot recognize the remote characters, more often their surnames are replaced by garbled code, which causes her surname information in different systems.When she was pregnant, she failed to be hospitalized because of her surname. When it was about to come, the family returned to the local medical insurance bureau to re -apply for medical insurance cards. After modifying it to the correct name, the hospital could only change the name to the name to change the name to the name.Incorrect.In the end, her medical insurance card was still a wrong name.

Public information shows that the surname of Ms. "Xi" (upper acre and lower heart, reading xī or xí) is a rare word, which is rare in history and literature.Only the books that study ancient Chinese characters are listed as the lack of relics.The residents of this surname are mainly distributed in Xi’an, Ankang and other places in Shaanxi.

She introduced that in the family’s QQ group, there are about 300 group members, which are mainly distributed in the Northwest.His hometown is in Lanzhou, Gansu, and his elders who have the same surnames living in Lanzhou have been affected before.In order to avoid trouble, her brother and sister have changed their surnames.

The reporter learned that Chinese characters are meaningful words. Unlike Latin, the Chinese characters have no corresponding relationship with the keyboard.If you want to make a word in the computer, you must first have a corresponding and unified Chinese character coding; secondly, there must be a corresponding glyphs; in the end, you also need to input method and application system support to make a word.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60 million people in China, as well as a large number of place names, ancient books, and dialects containing rare characters. These rare characters cannot be input and displayed smoothly in digital devices due to the lack of common codes.

When a real -name authentication is performed, the system cannot pass.Image source/Interviewee Conferry

In July 2022, the National Standardization Management Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Language Working Committee jointly released the new version of the "Information Technology Chinese Coding Character Collection" for compulsory standards (GB 18030-2022).It is reported that the standard was released in 2000 for the first time and was revised for the first time in 2005.The new version of the standard contains a total of 87887 Chinese characters, an increase of more than 17,000 raw Chinese characters over the previous version, which not only includes all Chinese characters "General Standardized Chinese Characters", but also covers most of the names of some people in my country, reorganized characters, literature, technology and other majors in China, literature, technology and other majors The field of characters is used to provide standard guarantees for inheriting Chinese culture, enhancing Chinese information processing capabilities, and meeting the needs of people with names.The standard will be officially implemented on August 1 this year.

At the same time, Tencent and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Electronic Industry Standardization Research Institute jointly released the nation’s first mini -programs in the country on April 20 this year.The collection of rare words will be collected through a series of links such as verification, review, and code. The raw characters that have been professional reviewed and approved will be included in the national benchmarking database and will eventually be realized in the input and display of computers, mobile phones and other equipment and information systems to allow them to allow them to allow them.Remaining characters really walk into the digital world.

Ms. "XI" told reporters that after the small program was launched, she submitted her surname as soon as possible.

Upstream news reporter Zhang Ying

Source: Upstream News

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