The super interesting 10 foods are cold knowledge, the fish can get pregnant when kissing, the flies are actually sweet to eat.

Everyone has their own favorite in terms of eating, but do you know that many foods are hidden with very interesting knowledge.

Today, I will take you to discuss 10 cold knowledge about food.

1. Why is the instant noodles rolled?

The instant noodles were created by the Japanese, but because the sealed packaging is difficult to transport, it has become curled when importing to Taiwan.

Later, the manufacturer found that this shape is more convenient to eat because it can be cooked faster in the pot.

2. It can be preserved for thousands of years under the warmth of honey

The low moisture content and high sugar content of honey can inhibit bacterial growth, so it can be stored for a long time at room temperature without corruption.

It is said that the Egyptians have found honeypots that have been preserved for thousands of years in the pyramid.

3. The blood of many marine animals is blue

The blood of octopus, crabs, shellfish and other marine life is blue.

This is because their blood contains a copper ionic protein called sea bluein, while the blood of mammals contains hemoglobin with iron ions.

4. Apple’s nucleus is toxic

Although the flesh of apples is safe, the nucleus of Apple contains a toxin called hydrocyanic acid.

The concentration of this toxin is not high, so it generally does not affect the human body, but if you eat a lot of nucleus, it may be poisoned.

5. Spicy is not a sense of taste

Spicy is not a sense of taste, but a kind of chemical reaction accompanied by pepper, mustard and ginger, which causes pain on the tongue.

This sensation is caused by capsaicin. It can irritate the nerves related to pain and make people feel fever and burning.

6. The duckling will treat the mobile objects seen ten minutes after birth as their own mother

After hatching, ducklings will follow the first mobile objects they see, usually their mother.

However, if the first mobile object is not their mother, they will still think it is their mother and follow it.

7. Eating or not coriander is actually a genetic decision

Some people like the taste of coriander, while others are unhappy about it.

This difference is determined by genes, because the response to coriander is encoded by specific genetic genes.

8. There is a fish called throat fish in the Mekong River, and kisses will get pregnant

The throat fish is a special fish. The male throat fish will open the lips when the puppet is performed, and let the female throat fish in the egg.

Another feature of this fish is that kissing will get pregnant, because their eggs are perfected outside the body.

9. Banana and human DNA are half the same

Although humans and bananas seem to have no similarities compared with other creatures, they have some amazing similarities in their genome.

Studies have shown that banana’s DNA and human DNA have 50%similarity, which means that our relationship with bananas is much closer than you think.

10. The flies are actually sweet to eat

Although disgusting, no one wants to eat flies.

However, in case you accidentally eat the flies in your mouth, if you carefully taste it, you will find a sweet taste.

What are the interesting cold knowledge about eating?Welcome to share the review area!

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