The storm of pregnancy with girlfriends

Xiaolian said to her newlywed husband: I must get pregnant within this month.

Husband asked: What?Finding someone is a good day. Children who are pregnant this month can get the medium champion!

Xiaolian said: My girlfriend Xiaoyun intends to ask for a child. This month, she will not allow her husband to smoke and drink …

Husband said: She wants her, why do she learn from others?

Xiaolian said: I think this is meaningful!

My husband said: I think your meaning is the least meaningful.

Xiaolian was a little unhappy and said: I don’t want me to give me a child, do you have other ideas?

The husband said busy: No idea, I definitely support my wife’s "work".

In fact, Xiaolian’s husband wanted to have children for two years, because his work was not very stable, and his savings were not too much, and Xiaolian’s girlfriend Xiaoyun had good conditions. Of course, the sooner the child was better.

But the wedding was auspicious, and he didn’t want to make Xiaolian angry.

When he was sleeping at night, Xiaolian changed his underwear and rushed to her husband’s arms to kiss.

The husband kissed her, and then quickly pushed her away and said: Hey! "Do you call Xiaoyun and ask if they are in the same room now?

Xiaolian had a bunch of her husband and said: I am sick and call to ask this kind of thing.

Husband pretended to be serious: I think we are in the same room, a piece of pregnancy, and the child that is required is meaningful …

Xiaolian was flushed, and she fought a few times again, saying: What is the meaning of this, this is shameless, this is a hooligan …

The husband pulled into his arms with a small lotus and kissed: I joking with you!In fact, if you want a child like this, you have to come according to your actual situation. I think we are the best for our children for two years. Our conditions are not like Xiaoyun’s family after all …

After a long talk, Xiaolian also felt that her husband said that it was reasonable. He kissed her husband and said: Husband, I listen to you … After speaking, I took out a few Durex from the drawer and threw it to her husband.Then he said coquettishly: Husband, I worked hard for a while!

The husband nodded quickly and said, "It should, it should be.

The remaining 1000 words …

Conclusion: The two husbands and wives, discuss things, must pay attention to methods and methods, open heart and communicate sincerely under the premise of mutual respect.(over)

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