The stomach of the expectant mother during pregnancy suddenly becomes smaller, don’t panic first, it may be caused by these reasons

Yan Yan was pregnant for more than five months. Recently, she found that she had a large stomach when she was sleeping at night, and she woke up during the day and would become smaller.I originally thought that this was just my own illusion, but I asked in the mother’s group and found that many Baoma had had this situation. Sometimes I felt a lot of belly when I fell asleep, and I "leaked".Similarly, people are bold, for fear that there will be problems with fetal development.

In fact, the pregnant belly suddenly becomes smaller, not the illusion of pregnant mothers, nor maybe a problem with fetal development. It may be the following reasons:

1. Constipation and flatulence during pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones, the gastrointestinal motility is slow; coupled with the unchanged activities during pregnancy, the amount of exercise of pregnant mothers is reduced, and constipation and flatulence are prone to occur.

When the pregnant mother is flatulence or constipation, the belly will look larger; and when the flatulence is discharged, the belly will naturally become smaller, which is very normal.Especially in a few months before pregnancy, the belly itself is not obvious. If flatulence or constipation occurs, the belly will change.

Second, fetus entering the pot

During the pregnancy, the changes in the belly of the stomach have a lot to do with the fetal position. As the pregnancy month increases, in the third trimester, the fetus will land down to the pelvis. At this time, the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly changes, and it seems to be smaller visually.

The fetus often occurs at 36 weeks. When the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother can obviously feel the fall, and the breathing becomes smooth, the chest is not stuffy, the stomach is not burning, and the frequent urination will appear again.

Third, changes in diet during pregnancy

The size of the belly during pregnancy is also related to the dietary habits of pregnant mothers.If pregnant mothers drink a lot of water, the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus increases, and the stomach will look larger; or the pregnant mother likes to eat high -sugar, high -calorie foods, will also lead to increased amniotic fluid and larger stomach.

During the pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother suddenly became smaller, and when the abdominal pain and lower body bleeding were also accompanied by symptoms such as severe abdominal pain and lower body bleeding.

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