The smell of solar terms 丨 Shunzhuyi should eat pears

"What is the taste of the season? Every day, the scenery and dew are condensed in grass and wild vegetables. The season is circulating at the table in the table, and it is naturally installed between dishes. This may be the taste of life."

Amazing, also known as "Qiyu", is the third solar terms in the twenty -four solar terms."Moon Order Seventy -two Emperor Collection Solution" records: "In February, all things were beyond shocks, and shocks were thunderous, so they were shocked.When the thunder rang, those sleeping lives gradually woke up, followed by the tweets of frogs and the displacement of the worm snake.So there is an old saying: at the beginning of the spring, we must count from the day of surprise.

What to eat in shock?In addition to the "fresh" (amaranth, spring, etc.) mentioned during rain solar terms.There is also a saying that the folk also has the saying of "stunning pear, spiritual spirit for a year".Eating pears in shocking day according to the older generation, "pear" means "departure", and the stunned eating pear was away from disaster.

Why do you eat pear

In the stunning season, the weather has just been warm, and the climate is relatively dry. It is easy to make the population dry and cough.Pear has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and nourishing yin, preventing colds, and intestinal laxative, so pear is particularly suitable for eating this season.

Several methods to eat pears

Pear Sheng has different effects of eating mature and eating, "Materia Medica Tongxuan" said: "The heat of the life of the birth of the six, and the cooked one nourish the yin of the five internal organs."In other words, eating pears can clear heat, and after steaming, pears have the effect of nourishing yin and lung cough.

There are many ways to eat pears, foods such as raw food, juice, stewing, and making sweet water such as rock sugar Sydney.It should be noted that when eating pears, do not cut pear skin, otherwise the effect is greatly reduced.Because the nourishing yin and dryness of pear skin is better, it is far stronger than pear meat.

Note: Because pear is cold, it is not advisable to eat too much, otherwise it will affect the spleen and stomach.For people with cold spleen and stomach deficiency or high blood sugar, it is not advisable to eat raw pears.

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