The size of the fetus per month during pregnancy is compared to a fruit, each of which is portrait

Women will spend 40 weeks of pregnancy for 40 weeks, from a fertilized egg to a person, which is definitely a very wonderful process.And every pregnant woman is curious, what is the child in the belly?In fact, in the face of this matter, we can express it in another way, such as using fruits to metaphorically.

Ms. Zhang has been pregnant for a while, and seeing that her belly has become bigger and bigger, Ms. Zhang is also happy.However, at this time, Ms. Zhang still paid attention to the changes in the child in the stomach. After all, the child soon came to this world, and Ms. Zhang should also be more attentive to this matter.

During this time, Ms. Zhang also came to the hospital for a corresponding examination. At this time, Ms. Zhang asked the doctor: "How about the child in my belly?" After hearing Ms. Zhang’s question, the doctor also used it.A very clever way to answer it.I saw the doctor said: "Now your child in your belly is as big as a tomato, and it is relatively healthy. There is no big problem."

After hearing the doctor’s answer, Ms. Zhang suddenly felt that there was some cute way of answering. I did not expect that the child is only as big as the tomato in the stomach, which is really interesting.

In fact, this is a very common phenomenon. During the process of pregnancy, the children in the belly will change accordingly.Children in the belly of different months will also have different sizes, and we can use fruit as a metaphor.

The size of the fetus per month during pregnancy can be metaphorized to a fruit

When 1 to 2 months of pregnancy, the child can only be called embryo at the beginning.In this process, there will be a small tail in the fetus’s body, but in the next day, this little tail will gradually disappear.When the female is 9 weeks of pregnancy, the child enters the fetus. At this time, the size of the child is like a grape.

By three months of pregnancy, the size of the fetus was like a plum, and at this time their eyes began to form gradually.However, because the placenta is not stable, the ties between the fetus and the mother are not as stable as expected, so at this time it is also a period of high incidence of abortion in pregnant women. Be sure to pay more attention.

When I was 4 months pregnant, the size of the fetus was like a tomato. At this time, the placenta began to work.At this time, there are some hair on the top of the fetus, and the eyebrows will grow. At the same time, the muscles of the fetus will also work, such as being able to do some movements, such as frowning or holding hands.Arrived.

When pregnant women are 5 months pregnant, the fetus has reached the rapid stage of growth and development. At this time, pregnant women can control their diet, eat less starch foods, eat more protein content of food, and this is this, and this is this.The children at the time are as big as grapefruit.

When I was 6 months pregnant, the size of the fetus was like a white orchid melon, but in the process, the bone of the fetus was still soft, and there would be a certain gap between each bone.The reason why there is such a phenomenon is to go through the vagina smoothly during delivery.

When 7 months pregnant, the child is as big as pineapple.At this time, their heads will sway in the pelvic cavity of pregnant women, but pregnant women should not be worried because of this matter. At this time, the pelvis is protected by skeleton, so the fetal situation is safer.

When 8 months pregnant, the size of the child is like a cantaloupe, and the most important thing to pay attention to at this time is the child’s fetal position.If the child’s fetal position is not right, it can be righteous by itself.If the fetal position is still incorrect after 30 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor needs to be corrected.

When 9 months pregnant, the child’s size is as large as a pineapple.Like this time, many pregnant women will feel anxious, maybe they feel anxious because of childbirth, or they look forward to childbirth.Of course, in the face of this matter, you still need to adjust your status and relax.

When I was 10 months pregnant, I saw that my belly was like a big watermelon, which means that the baby is about to come in this world.So at this time, pregnant women should be prepared, and I look forward to the child coming to this world.

I have to say that the children in the pregnant woman have changed correspondingly every month. It is precisely because of these changes that we can see the growth of the child.Of course, when the child changes, we should still relax our hearts and greet all this with a good attitude to ensure that children come to this world smoothly.

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