The six major hazards of staying up late during pregnancy are both injured and pregnant women

Staying up late during pregnancy is a very popular phenomenon. Although staying up late has no significant impact on maternal and infants, it consumes the vitality of pregnant mothers and fetal treasures in the ears.

1. What are the damage to the fetal treasure and pregnant mother during pregnancy?

1. The fetal development is slow.Staying up late will cause internal excretion disorders, affecting new outlets, which is not conducive to fetal development.

2. After the birth, it grows slowly.Pregnant mothers often stay up late, and the baby cannot absorb abundant nutrition. After birth, he may lose weight and grow slowly.

3. Crying during infants.The baby born to stay up late will have the characteristics of irritability, anxiety, and irritability. Simple sleeping during the day, crying at night.

4. Decreasing the immunity of pregnant mothers.Staying up late for a long time makes the pregnant mother exhausted, the immunity has decreased, and the immunity is simply triggered by wind and infectious diseases, which can also cause breast disease.

5. Pregnant mothers are shaking.Staying up late for a long time can make the pregnant mother’s insomnia and forgetfulness, sometimes inexplicable, and sometimes inexplicable mood is irritable and lose her temper.

6. Pregnant mothers have low physical energy.Instead of sleeping during pregnancy, the problems of rough skin, waxy face, and long spots are simply occurred.

Second, why not staying up late has become a common phenomenon during pregnancy?

1. Bad habit before pregnancy.The rules of work during pregnancy are as habitual as late as before pregnancy. Looking at TV, swiping mobile phones or something, unknowingly arrived at eleven or two o’clock in the middle of the night.

2. Pregnancy response during pregnancy.During pregnancy, because of the fierce response of pregnancy and frequent pregnancy, it affected the quality of sleep and had to stay up late.

3. Pogenic hormones affect.During pregnancy, due to the excretion of hyper progesterone hormones, the body of the pregnant mother has a tenderness, which then affects the night sleep.

4. Embrogen hormone effects.During pregnancy, due to the excretion of high estrogen hormones, the pregnant mothers have gastroesophageal reflux, symptoms such as gastric acid and stomach burning, and will affect night sleep.

3. What are the little tricks to improve sleep?

1. Fast food containing caffeine.The caffeine has a substance that affects the excitement of the brain. If you want to sleep with peace of mind, you still have far away from them.

2. Reduce the amount of water at night.During pregnancy, you must add satisfying water, but try to drink more water in the morning and drink too much water at night to go to the toilet at night.

3. Take a hot bath or soak your feet.Soaking feet with warm water has the effect of promoting blood circulation, and hot baths help relax the whole body.

4. Put a soft pregnant mother pillow.The pregnant mother’s pillow can well support the back, neck, arms, and increasingly arched stomachs, which helps reduce the pressure of sleep.

5. Try to do some soothing exercises.The appropriate amount of yoga and stroll can help the body relax, and the slight fatigue is even simpler.

6. Proper leg massage.Massage can relax the energy and relieve the seriousness and discomfort during pregnancy, but you must choose a suitable method and part under the guidance of the professionals. It is not recommended to massage the feet reflex area of pregnant mummy.

In order to make themselves shine during pregnancy, the baby develops healthier, pregnant mothers must go to bed early and get up early, change the bad habit of staying up late, and have a good effect on reducing the complications of pregnancy during pregnancy.

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