The signal of pregnancy is not just vomiting. How many kinds of expectant mothers are there?

When we watch TV, we always find that when the director is going to show a person’s pregnancy, she often allows her to suddenly appear nausea and vomiting when she eats. The parties do not understand, but the outsiders know that she is pregnant.In fact, the signal of pregnancy is not just vomiting.So what are the signals of pregnancy?Today, Xiaobian will make a simple arrangement for everyone. Moms during pregnancy can be seated.

The first is menopause. This is a very critical point to judge whether you are pregnant. If your usual menstruation is unconventional, but now it has been delayed for more than seven days.It may be pregnant.

The second is morning vomiting. Women in the early stages of pregnancy are often particularly sensitive to all kinds of odors. They even smell some smells, or they suddenly appear symptoms of nausea and vomiting after eating some food. This is because gastric acid secretion is reduced after pregnancy.The digestive function is weakened, so nausea occurs.

The third is fatigue, because the progesterone after pregnancy can increase the temperature and the heartbeat frequency is getting bigger and bigger, so I often feel fatigue.Even if I go to bed in the morning in the morning, it is difficult to get up early the next day. There is always a feeling of insufficient sleep and not rest enough.

The fourth is breast tenderness. The secretion of estrogen in the early pregnancy and the common effect of progesterone will lead to secondary development of breasts. Therefore, not only will it feel like breast pain at this time, but also finds that the breasts will become more and more full and full.Essence

The fifth is that there is no appetite.After pregnancy, due to the secretion of progesterone, the body has symptoms of indigestion or constipation. At this time, pregnant women are often reluctant to eat, or they will feel nauseous after eating.

The sixth is thirst, because after pregnancy, not only pregnant women need to drink water and replenish water, the baby may supplement water.Therefore, if the pregnant woman still drinks water as normal as the original, there will often be thirsty symptoms. Therefore, the pregnant women at this time should not only drink plenty of water, but also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Seventh prone to cold symptoms, because estrogen secretion in the early stages of pregnancy, leading to the temperature of pregnant women will increase. At this time, there may be some cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and headache.Test it with early pregnancy test strips to see if you are pregnant.

The eighth is dizziness. The secretion of estrogen after pregnancy causes the body temperature to rise, so pregnant women always feel their dizziness. At this time, it is prone to symptoms of hypoglycemia and often cause the symptoms of dizziness.

The ninth is emotional instability.People in the early stages of pregnancy will be very sensitive, and their mood is extremely unstable, often moving the liver because of a little small thing, or make a cry because of a small plot in the TV.This is also caused by the secretion of hormones in the body.

The tenth is bleeding. Some maternals will have fertilized eggs and bed bleeding. Generally, they will appear before and after their menstruation.The irregular menstruation is actually bleeding in bed with fertilized eggs. Generally, no treatment is needed.

If you are in the pregnancy period, have the same room, there is no contraception, and there are several of the above ten symptoms. You must consider whether you have successfully conceived, and you can go to the hospital for a confirmation of the checkup.

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