The sign of pregnancy only knows pregnancy?Doctor: If there are the following 3 signals, you may be happy

Women who have not been pregnant and men who never understand pregnancy, generally believe that vomiting means that a person is pregnant, including the performance of film and television works.This actually misleads many people. Before I was pregnant, I thought so, but I realized that some people did not necessarily have a vomiting response even if they were pregnant.The signal of pregnancy is not only the phenomenon of vomiting, but also many other signals.

The most direct and obvious signal is that menstruation does not come. Generally, the cycle is 28 to 34 days, which are regular. Of course, those who are irregularly menstruation themselves are another matter.If there is always a regular, but now the menopause is discontinued. Except for physical reasons, then pay attention. If you do n’t do it, you will get pregnant.Once women are pregnant, this is the original most direct and obvious sign. It appears earlier and more accurate than vomiting signals.Generally, we can detect whether to conceive.

The second signal is frequent.Normal people may be three or four times a day, but the number of pregnant women is two or three times that of this number, or even more. This is because after pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, and the space left for the bladder will be squeezed.I ca n’t stock up too much urine, so I feel urinating after a while, but there are not many urination every time.If you feel this change, pay attention, check it out quickly.

The third signal is also a more intuitive feeling, that is, it will obviously feel that the body temperature is higher than usual.This is why pregnant women are afraid of heat.Generally, pregnant women will be two or three degrees higher than normal women’s body temperature.In the past, there was a female colleague who was pregnant in the unit. We were surprised in the winter. We were all surprised that pregnant women should pay attention to keeping warm.

Of course, the difference before and after pregnancy is not only these three points, but also many other changes in other aspects. For example, the appetite has improved, eating more than usual, and the taste will change.At this time, I especially want to eat it, or I do n’t even smell it after pregnancy.There is also the color of the nipples will become deeper and bigger. Although the characteristics of the early pregnancy are relatively subtle, they can still be aware.

If you find that your body has the above changes, don’t be sloppy, you can use pregnancy test tools. The current testing tools are generally accurate. If you find that you are really pregnant, you should go to the hospital to check in time before you can rest assured.Well, did you remember the above signals of pregnancy?

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