The seven -month -old baby girl’s hands thumbs up like "crab tongs". Doctors of "crab tongs" take two extra fingers in the next sexual "see -through eye" (Hubei Daily) (Reporter Mao Yiyuan Correspondent Jiang Hongying Chen Shu) On June 3, the 7 -month -old Xiaoyue Moon will be discharged from hospital.

There is one more thumbs in both hands, and it looks like a crab’s pliers.On the morning of May 29th, the 7 -month -old monthly month in the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Third Hospital of Wuhan received a refined orthopedic surgery under the "virtual hybrid reality technology".Sexuality removes two extra fingers, and performs operations such as joint formation, finger function reconstruction, and bone interception orthopedic. In the end, Yueyue has a pair of normal small hands.It is reported that this is the first domestic MR (virtual hybrid reality) assisted by both hands.

A month ago, my mother found the Department of Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology of Wuhan Third Hospital with a monthly month.After careful inspection, Dr. Ji Wei who took the consultation told Yueyue’s parents in combination with imaging.The left hand is more troublesome. After cutting off, you need to do muscle stop points, joint capsules and ligaments. The fingers are crooked. You also need to make osteosomal correction and straighten your fingers."We must not only make the baby’s hands look beautiful, but also restore the function of our hands." Ji Wei said.

If you want to solve two hands at the same time, the surgery will take a long time. For babies such as a young age, it is difficult to resist long anesthesia and surgery.If the surgery is done twice, the baby will anesthetize it twice and will be sinned twice.After repeated discussions by experts, after communicating with the family members of the patients, the treatment team decided to use the visual reconstruction and virtual hybrid reality technology for Yueyue for surgery.

On May 29th, the surgery team consisting of Dr. Ji Wei’s team and neonatal medical care, under the escort of the anesthesiology director Hu Guangjun and Dr. Zhang Kun’s team, through the assistance of the virtual hybrid reality technology, the operation was successfully implemented for the month.MR technology can display the internal anatomy of the hand from any angle, which is equivalent to providing doctors with X -ray vision, that is, perspective.Under the guidance of MR technology, the surgeon can design the bone interception site and the angle of the bone interception before surgery.In front of it, it is superimposed with the true deformity of the child to achieve the combination of deficiency-real-real-reference for doctors to make surgery easier and more accurate.

"Multi -finger (toe) deformity is a kind of congenital hand deformity in children." Ji Wei pointed out that this malformation is related to factors such as genetic mutations, genetics, and drugs, viral infections.Drugs, before taking medicine, it is best to consult a professional doctor.Multi -finger (toe) deformity will not only affect the appearance and function of the child’s fingers, but also make it easy for children to have inferiority and affect the mental health of the child.The child is 6 months to 3 years after birth. It is a period of establishing various functions of the hand. During this period, the completion of surgery can maximize the restoration function.

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