The serious consequences of a girl masturbation and adultery

When I was in college, I have received such sex education from some family planning babies -if it is not in favor of pre -marital sex, I can replace it with masturbation -this will not be infected or AIDS, nor will they not be infected, nor will it notPregnant.So when I am in love, I often use masturbation to replace sex.However, in March this year, I broke up with my boyfriend.During his love, he asked me several times to open a house and was rejected by me.But the people in love still can’t escape the entanglement of desire, so I use the masturbation to satisfy my desire.

The direct bad news is as follows:

1) The body is poor, the obvious energy is insufficient, kidney deficiency;

2) Due to kidney deficiency, resistance decreases, often colds and illness, ask for sick leave, affect life and work;

3) Due to kidney deficiency, the brain with clear thinking has begun to become empty, the reflection becomes slow, the memory of the memory decreases straight, and the eyes are sluggish;

4) Dirty: I turned out to be more beautiful. Now my face is grayish, no luster, I am often afraid of cold, thin shape;

5) Gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea are miserable every month.

Nevertheless, I still thank God for using these evil newspapers in time to tell me masturbation is something and their mistakes.I hope that the majority of friends can also learn my profound lessons!When you are in love, you must pay attention to that boys must respect girls, and girls must take respect.Maybe girls are more proactive now, please understand serious retribution!Intersection

Another obvious adultery and causality responded that shortly after I just worked, I arrived in a new unit. Because I was young, my skin, appearance, and body were better, and they were single at the time, which caused a married man in our department.Attention.Because he was more senior and I didn’t understand anything, I was assigned to him by the boss.His wife was just sent to work in a foreign country at the time.For him, it was also a "empty window period".I can see that he likes me very much, I don’t actually like him, I just feel that I can learn something with him.I am actually very clear in my heart and I don’t want to be a "third party", let alone "mistress"!However, because of vanity, he is always willing to dress beautifully every day, as if he is particularly willing to see his "attention" look.If you want to come now, isn’t this "seduce" others?

In less than a year, I was transferred to another department, and there were naturally less contact between us.However, retribution is now.Although I did not do derailment, I still encountered painful results!My later love, my boyfriend is also a tall and handsome business man. He also brought a female colleague who just started in the unit."Driving Qiu Bo" made me miserable, always living in doubt, unshakable, etc., I couldn’t extricate myself, and panic all day.Since I have also been ambiguous with my colleagues myself, I am very distrustful of my boyfriend. Our couple who looks very correct, eventually went to break up.

So people really should compare their hearts!Do unto others, do not impose on others.If I was able to take care of the position of my colleague’s wife slightly at the time.I won’t play the ambiguous game with him all day!How sad his wife would know!Although I have not been derailed, it may be very immoral that I may seduce others for obscenity, hurting the mind and body of others!It may make others do infidelity.

So harm others.For ignorant young people, masturbation and adultery should be far away, depending on the tiger and beast!If everyone is like me, I hope to have a happy, happy love and marriage, please be self -respect.Be a pure and innocent person.Girls don’t ask for men who cannot be together.Even for those who like it, they must be self -respect and love themselves.Although in today’s social environment, the other party may not understand, but in the long run, it will definitely take a lot of detours to get a truly happy family.

Ancient people often used "Bingqing Yujie" to describe women.Unfortunately, because of my past sin, I may not make my other half praise me. This is my regret in my life.I hope other girls can understand this truth.Not only cannot be a third party, mistress, sexual behavior before marriage, clothing should also be generous and simple.Imagine that if we wear sexy and explicit, other people’s boyfriends, husbands are full of eyes on the street, will it be more picky about their girlfriends, will it cause more unnecessary ambiguous and derailment?If we hurt the happiness of others, our own happiness will definitely be destroyed by others in the same way.

I love my ex -boyfriend very much. After he and I proposed to break up, I will cry every night. For 2 consecutive weeks, people are even more embarrassed, as if have a serious illness.And I have to hide my parents and my colleagues.I have never regretted doing things so much.I kept saying to the sky: "I’m wrong, I’m really wrong!" This kind of painful pain is really not what everyone can see.

I am willing to do myself, I hope everyone can learn from my lesson.Don’t try it with your body!

Push yourself

I remember when I was in school, in the organizational sex education enlightenment class, I also introduced the "masturbation" to prevent sexual dissemination of diseases.At that time, I didn’t know its serious report.Hey, I want to come now, very ashamed!I do n’t know how to make up for such faults. I hope that friends who have a chance to see my article must remember.Can’t masturbate, wounded!You cannot be obscene, or seduce others for adultery, hurt virtue, God, hurt your body!

Write to young women

Please don’t be jealous why others are boyfriends changed one after another. Don’t worry if you can’t marry if you are so conservative. Don’t be jealous. Don’t jealous.The "attention ceremony".Happiness and health, these two things are like "drinking water", knowing cold and warm.

Write to yourself

Although I have done something wrong, I still have the opportunity to work hard to change my understanding of the other half in the future.I am ashamed of my parents and teachers.I will change my life with the next life, please believe me.

1. Masturbation is a behavior that seriously damages the body’s spirit.The masturbation consumption is "fine", that is, the human body of the human body collected by the bone marrow and brain marrow, the source of the human body, the source of hematopoiesis.Excessive essence can lead to empty bone marrow, brain dissatisfaction, aging and death in advance, and the body’s extremely weakness is a secondary manifestation.

2. The human body is nourished by blood gas, and the source of blood gas is diet.No consumed blood gas will be converted into essence during deep sleep in the human body, hidden in the kidneys, and sealed in the bone to prepare from time to time.If you consume less and save more, it is the guarantee of longevity and health; if you consume more and save less, it is the prerequisite for aging short -lived.Both masturbation and sexual behavior are based on the consumption of fine consumption. The extraordinary accumulation of this loss result means the reduction of the quality of survival and the early end of the life process.

3. Masturbation will not only damage the body’s motivation, but also damage the mind. It is sluggish, weak, hesitant, indecisive, irritable, suspicious and fearful.In case of trouble or irritability, or retreat, lack of patience and perseverance, and the confidence and courage to win.This is the result of deficiency and qi.

4. Masturbation will also affect intelligence. Long -term masturbation will have a significant destruction of memory and thinking ability. The rapid decline in the rapid decline of learning ability from the rapid decline of learning ability is the most obvious manifestation.This is the result of qi and qi that cannot be turned qi, and qi deficiency cannot transform God.

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