The security guard kicked the abortion of the pregnant woman and threatened to kick it.

"I kicked, and there are no dead people, how can you take me?" Baoan said arrogantly after kicking a pregnant woman who was pregnant for two months.

The industry does not distinguish between expensive and cheap, and has equal personality and rights.This is a social literacy that people admire and adhere to, but there are always people who have a prejudice attitude towards certain occupations and speak well, which will eventually cause contradictions and harm others.Such a controversial security for pregnant women once occurred in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

That summer, in a parking lot in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Ms. Guo and her husband Gao Gao met a car owner when they were parking.Help this car owner to repair the car.

At this time, there was only Ms. Guo on the car, and the vehicle stopped on the fire channel.So the security guard came over and informed that the parking channel was not allowed to park. Ms. Guo asked Ms. Guo to drive away. If the parking fee was temporarily stopped for more than 5 minutes, the parking fee was required.

As soon as Ms. Guo heard the charge, he said, "You can pay, you can show me the company’s regulations, you say that it will pay me for more than 5 minutes. If you show me, if I go out, I should pay youI will pay. "

Because of the problem of parking fees, Ms. Guo got out of the car and the security theory. The two of them pulled. During the pull, the security guard kicked Ms. Guo’s belly. Ms. Guo was pregnant for two months.This foot kicked her directly to the ground, and the severe pain in her stomach made her feel bad, so she immediately called her husband, Mr. Gao.

After hearing the news, her husband Gao burned the anger. He picked up a thousand pounds and came to Ms. Guo, ready to find the security account.However, at the time of the building, there were two security guards standing at the entrance of the building.But this security guard is not a person who kicked his wife.It stands to reason that since the security guard has not hit someone, it is good to make it clear.As a result, the security guard did not say a word, and hit the hand directly, breaking the blood of Mr. Gao.

When Ms. Guo saw her husband being beaten, she immediately called the colleagues upstairs of the building for help.As soon as everyone heard it, some people dared to kick the belly of a pregnant woman. They were suddenly angry, and more than a dozen colleagues rushed out of the building and rushed to the scene.Mr. Gao described the appearance of the security guard, but at this time, the security guard who beaten returned to the scene.Mr. Gao and a dozen colleagues immediately stepped forward to surround the security guard and questioned whether the other party had kicked Ms. Guo.The security guard said that I kicked, but what about the dead?In the face of everyone’s questioning, the security guard did not apologize, but he was extremely arrogant and threatened.

Afterwards, Ms. Guo was taken to the hospital, and her abdomen was aborted.In this regard, Ms. Guo stated that she was beaten by security guards, and she also kicked her abdomen to cause fetal abortion.And the mall also has other views on this matter. Everyone holds its own words and is arguing for themselves. So what is the truth of the matter?

1. Ms. Guo was knocked down abortion

Ms. Guo said: At that time, I asked the security guard for the fees. The security guard believed that I was okay. I also said what are you?Why should I show you these things?So I got out of the car and the theory of him. During the pulling process, he hit me with a punch, and then wanted to leave. I was very angry at the time.Zi walked away, and then I could hit me a few times back and forth in the middle, and kicked my belly with my feet.

I felt that my stomach was wrong, so I hurriedly called my husband. After my husband came to the scene, he went to the security theory. Who knew that another security guard made my husband also hit the blood.

2. The statement of shopping mall security is another situation

According to the interpretation of the security captain of the shopping mall: At that time, Ms. Guo’s car was parked on the fire passage. There must be one person on the car during the temporary parking of the car to move the car at any time, and the height of the fire channel was not allowed to park, so they requestedMs. Guo’s behavior was reasonable.

The most important point was that Ms. Guo first beaten people. At that time, Ms. Guo was very emotional. Not only did she scold the security guard to watch the dog, but she even used a mobile phone to beat the security guard.Such a personality is too spicy, because Ms. Guo was only pregnant for 2 months at that time, and the security guard did not see that she was a pregnant woman, otherwise she would never do her.And there was no heavy hand at the time. She was a woman and could not make a heavy hand to her. At that time, the security guard was just to keep her away and pushed her away.

Mr. Gao was beaten because Mr. Gao was holding a jack at the time and ran to the security guard with aggressiveness. The security guard thought it was a trouble.

In the end, Captain Security expressed his personal opinion: "This Ms. Guo also did not know the severity of doing things, and knew that she was pregnant and didn’t know if she was pregnant!"

The word Guo and the security guards are very different. It sounds like both parties have the responsibility, but what is the truth?

In order to cooperate with the investigation, the shopping mall announced the surveillance video to the police and society. The monitoring screen is not very clear, but it can also be seen that the facts are seen.At that time, the car did not stop on the fire passage. After the security of the security guard came forward, the two sides conflicted, and the situation was the same as what the Security Captain said. It was indeed first offered by Ms. Guo.During this period, the security guard also asked Ms. Guo to hit her without a shot. As the two quarreled more and more fierce, they then walked out of the scope of the surveillance camera.

From the perspective of the entire monitoring screen, only the side of Ms. Guo hit the people, did not take the security guard Ms. Guo, nor did she take the picture of Mr. Gao.The monitoring that was beneficial to them.However, after a police investigation, the entire monitoring screen did only have these pictures, and there was no malicious interception.In the end, the police found a witnesses through investigation, and found a witnesses, and restored the situation at the time based on the witness description:

According to witnesses, the attitude was okay when the security guard was looking for Ms. Guo, but because it was far away, I didn’t hear what they said.Later, Ms. Guo was emotional and her voice was raised. She quarreled with the security guard, so the security guard turned around.

But Ms. Guo did not stop there, got out of the car and abused him, and the security guard returned the sentence "really has no public morality!"

When Ms. Guo heard the security guard dare to return, she was so angry: "Are you embarrassed to say me? You are a door -looking dog in front of the building!"

Due to the big voice of Ms. Guo, many security guards and passers -by came to see "lively", and the security guard heard her career that insulted her.He was completely angry, so the unbearable security began to scold Ms. Guo. After hearing it, Ms. Guo hit him directly.

Other security guards came over to persuade, but one of the security guards secretly reminded the security guard who pulled with Ms. Guo and said, "You pull her to the place where you can’t shoot!" And this sentence was exactly the exactly being being taken.The witness woman heard it, and then the security guard also followed the words of colleagues to monitor the blind zone, and Ms. Guo saw the security guard run.She was unwilling to show up, and she quickly followed, and then the security guard not only hit Ms. Guo, but also hit her husband Gao.

At this point, the truth is white. Both sides have failed. They did not control their emotions. In the end, they were defeated. Ms. Guo had a miscarriage, Mr. Gao broke his head, and the security guard was detained by the police.

The law and morality pay attention to the cause and effect, and they will not think that who will make trouble, and who will hurt who will be injured.It was originally an irrelevant thing, but Ms. Guo had a lot of noise. Her words and deeds lacked literacy, and the discrimination and prejudice of the security occupation eventually caused herself to be harmed and condemned by the society.Bringing the prison for yourself, the security guard intentionally guided people to monitor the blind spots to use violence, and it was also seen that the relevant management of the mall lacks formality.These are worth thinking about.

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