The season changes, the cold and hot, the 5 tricks of cold during pregnancy should be right and 6 points to prevent, the expectant mother see

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

In March of Yangchun, the climate was changing, many people caught a cold, and many pregnant mothers could not escape. They also got on this cold car.

However, pregnant mothers have special groups, and they dare not take medicine easily when they have a cold. In fact, in addition to taking medicine, you can also try some other small methods to relieve symptoms.Go to the doctor as soon as possible, delay the condition, but don’t take medicine yourself.

The most common manifestations of colds are nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, etc., but colds are generally self -healing. It can be relieved in about a week, but different performance requires symptomatic relief.

1. Cold slightly

Generally, a slight cold, no need to take medicine, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of boiled water, eat more fruits containing vitamin C. Colds are self -healing diseases. Generally, it is good for about a week.

2. Cold+itchy throat

In the early stages of a cold, pregnant mothers may also have itchy performance. You can use salt water to rinse and throat. You can rinse a few more times a day. At the same time, drink plenty of water and eat more fresh fruits.

3. Cold+cough

When coughing, you can drink some honey water, or you can steam pear (stewed pears) to eat, but severe cough, sputum or fever, or cough for a long time, go to the doctor for examination.

4. Cold+nasal congestion+runny nose

There is a manifestation of the nose that is not ventilated. You can take a hot bath or apply the forehead with a hot towel; you can also pour hot water in the cup, put your mouth and nose at the mouth of the cup, and then continue to suck the heat.Relieve symptoms of nasal congestion.

5. Sweet cold or fever

When the temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C, you can use physical methods to reduce fever first, such as bathing warm bath, drinking plenty of water, eating more fruit, using antipyretic stickers, etc., but if you continue to high fever, or your body temperature is as high as 39 degrees, you should go in time to go in timeDo not resist this situation in the hospital.

Prevention is the key. Specific mothers during pregnancy can prevent colds from the following aspects.

1. Reasonable diet: On the basis of nutritional balance, you can eat more protein, vitamins and minerals with rich foods to enhance resistance;

2. Persist in exercise: It is best to adhere to the right amount of exercise every day after pregnancy, but you must also grasp the strength of the exercise. It is advisable to not feel tired. Exercise can not only make people feel good, but also help enhance physical fitness;

3. Successful sleep: Sleep can relieve fatigue. Past sleep during pregnancy is not only conducive to the healthy development of the fetus, but also one of the ways to enhance immunity;

4. Avoid infection: It is best to go to public places with fewer people during pregnancy. When you have to go, remember to bring a mask; in addition, if you have a cold at home, pay attention to isolation to avoid being infected;

5. Dress reasonably: Especially now in this season, don’t blindly wear a lot of "spring cover", and don’t look at Tianer’s too thin, warm and warm, easy to get cold or cold cold;

6. Pay attention to hygiene: Washing your hands frequently, especially before and after meals, you must open the windows at home. At the same time, you must pay more attention to personal hygiene, and change to wash underwear.

Jingma said: Generally, it doesn’t matter if you have a cold, you only need to deal with it, but if you have a cold cold, you can’t carry or care hard, delaying the condition.Finally, the expectant mothers during pregnancy are all smooth!

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