The rural saying "goats are afraid of making nine, sheep are afraid of springing spring".

I often hear the classic saying of the old sheep in the countryside that "the goat is afraid of making the nine, and the sheep is afraid of the spring."

Although goats and sheep are sheep, their physiological structure and living habits are different.As long as a friend who has raised sheep should know that most sheep have a thick wool as "cotton coat", and most goats are "bare".The origin of rural saying.

"Jiu Jiu" means "Nine Nine".The coldest season in the year is in Sanjiu and Four and Nine. At this time, the northern rural areas can be described in cold cold. Every family can heat up the stove. Only this can resist the cold climate.

Not only are we human beings afraid of cold, but also livestock like sheep is also afraid of cold.The sheep are still slightly better. They have a natural "cotton skin" as a cover. The goat is miserable. The bald appearance looks weak.It is no wonder that most of our country’s goat varieties are raised in the southern region, but most of our country’s sheep varieties are raised in the northern region.It is difficult to adapt to the nine cold days in the north.

"The goat is afraid of getting nine", and it is clear that the goat is very afraid of cold.The cold "Nine" weather will cause the following damage to the goat breeding farmers:

First of all, the newborn lamb is easily frozen to death and frostbite.The nine -time seasonal lambs must be extraordinary to ensure their survival rate.The cold resistance ability of the goal is worse than that of the lamb. If the sheep rims can be kept warm, frozen frostbite is also common.

Secondly, it is not conducive to the growth and development of goats.Too hot and too cold environment is not conducive to the growth and development of goats. Too cold weather will not only affect the amount of goat’s feeding, but also affect the skeletal and muscle forming of goats.

Finally, it will affect the breeding performance of goats.The colder the weather, the more difficult the goats are pregnant, which has a lot to do with their physiological habits.Many goats in the southern region are two or two years a year or two years, while the only one goat varieties in the north are basically one child.

"Hitting spring" means Li Chun.After the beginning of the spring, the weather slowly warmed up, spring returned to the earth, and everything recovered. Like our big northwestern countryside, it will be the annual spring farming season after a while.It seems that it is full of spring and vitality, but it may not be a good sign for domestic animals like sheep.

"Sheep is afraid of springing in spring". After a whole winter "torture", the sheep after spring will look even more listless and exhausted.The multi -tail -tail cold sheep I raised in my family, because I ca n’t eat grass in winter, the physique looks very weak after the spring, and the spirit is also very poor.

After the spring sheep, the previous "cotton skin" became a burden.This principle is just like human beings need haircuts. When the sky is hot, they will "rationalize their hair" appropriately, and they will have a lot of energy.Furthermore, after the spring, the recovery of all things, the common diseases of the sheep will follow, and farmers must not be paralyzed.

"The goat is afraid of making nine, and sheep are afraid of playing spring." This is the experience of the old ancestor, and there must be a certain scientific reason.Generally speaking, changes in the climate and environment will bring goats and sheep some physical discomfort, and we need to understand and give specific measures.

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