The rumors of "the longest life of type O blood" are broken, and the blood of type O may have three disadvantages.

At noon, I do n’t know who started to talk about the topic of blood type. Some people say that they do n’t know what blood type they are. I have n’t checked until now. Some people ask the family of three blood types.Later, everyone discussed the topics, life, cancer and other topics. At this time, someone asked: Which blood type is the strongest and longest life?

There are more people agreeing with type O blood. In many people’s attempts, type O blood can be transformed by others, which is a selfless blood type of the Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grandpa. Furthermore, there is also the longest life of this blood type on the Internet. Is this like this?Let’s take you a brief understanding of the blood type.

Why do people have different blood types?

As early as ninety years ago, the blood type appeared in the public’s field of vision. As people gradually understood it, they slowly discovered a variety of types of types. Type A and B often said that they were actually one of them.Essence

Because the blood type is different, there will be different situations when the blood is mixed. Imagine that if you do n’t know the blood type, you will give others blood transfusion. In case the blood is not compatible, both of them are dangerous.

Therefore, the two people on the TV are cut together with a knife. This kind of thing is impossible to happen in real life, because in ancient times, people had no blood type concept at all, and the wounds could not let the blood enter the blood vessels.

If you want to know what blood type you are, you can perform condensation experiments to observe the response of your blood in anti -A, anti B, A, and B. There is no response of type O blood and other blood, so nothing can be seen.

Back to the above problem, in fact, this is the result of the evolution of species. Human beings do not have only one blood type. It can only be said that mutation has occurred during the evolution.Blood type, as long as you are healthy and healthy.

Which is the strongest and longest life?

Where does the "longevity of type O blood" come from?A survey of the United States found that among the many people surveyed, the life span of type O blood can reach 87, while the people of type B have lived less than 12 years.

In addition, in the New England Medical Journal, there are also texts that in the new crown epidemic, people with type O blood are not easy to become severe patients.The joint research of several domestic universities and hospitals also has similar research results. The risk of type O blood infection with new crown pneumonia is low.

So many people are complacent because they are O -type blood, but do these claims really make sense?It is still recommended that everyone be cautious. After all, there is no way for the blood type to help us prevent the virus. If you do n’t get injections and do not take medicine because you are O -type blood, there is still a lot of risks.

May wish to see how professional blood -related research magazines say. In the "Blood School Yearbook", research indicates whether there is any connection between the blood type and the new crown infection. There are still many differences in the medical community. There is no unified opinion at present.

What blood type is the blood type in his life, and the new coronary virus appears later. Generally, people with poor immunity have higher risk of infection, but the blood type cannot see the height of immunity.Furthermore, observation research lacks scientific persuasiveness, and wants to explain that the relationship between the two is still a bit far -fetched.

However, understanding the risk of blood type in advance is helpful to prevent diseases. For example, 5 million data analysis in Sweden has found that the blood of O -type blood is more prone to bleeding, more prone to blood pressure increase after pregnancy, and intestinal inflammation.

It can be seen that there are also disadvantages of type O blood, saying that it is the strongest and longest life of blood type.

I want to live for a long time after 60 years old.

Everyone has a small effect of comparing blood types, because there are only four types of blood types, and there are too many people who repeat them. If you want to know how high your longevity index is, you may wish to compare with these:

There are not many muscle content

Muscle is the "armor" of the body, and the elderly with many muscles are more likely to live long.Under the protection of muscles, the risk of falling and fractures of the elderly is relatively low, and they will not be able to afford to be ill.The elderly have strength, strong, and active when they go out and eat. The risk of respiratory diseases and urinary tract infections will be reduced. It can be said that the function of muscles can not be separated from all over the body, and saving money is not as good as muscle.

Bone joints are not flexible

After the age, the bone mass was lost, and the bone disease gradually broke out. At this time, if there are still tough bones, it is still very enviable.Under the cooperation of bones and muscles, elderly talents have poetry and far away. They can travel wherever they want to travel, and have strong self -care ability, and the happiness index of life is higher.

Is it good to digest and absorb?

If an old man can’t eat, the life span is about to reach the end, because food is a person’s energy source, and the essence in the food cannot be transported to the body.Only digestion and absorption are satisfactory, eating and drinking normal can we live healthy and longevity.

Is it good for people and things?

After living to a certain amount of age, I have their own opinions on people and things. They are often stubborn and do not like to change. Not only are they tired of themselves, they often cause trouble to their families.Frequent sullen air, also has a great impact on life.On the contrary, the elderly who smile and worry about worrying every day are easier to live long.

In short, we still have a lot of things that we do n’t know about blood types. Waiting for scientific means to discover and explore, but from now on, the blood type is mainly used for blood donation and blood transfusion, just like you know your own Wi-Fi password.That’s right. Don’t be complacent because you are a certain blood type. You should protect or protect it in a healthy.

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