The review of mycoplasma is still positive after the infection.

Reader without rain message: Dr. Fu, my gynecological examination of the cervical secretion was to solve the positive body of the 脲脲 读. The doctor prescribed me for drug treatment. The review was still positive.I was about to collapse, and the doctor asked me to continue oral antibiotics, but when I want a child, when can I have children?Do I have to continue treatment?

1. What is mycoplasma?

Mycoplasma is a minimal nuclear cell -type microorganism that lacks cell walls, is highly polymorphic, and can grow and reproduce in a none of life culture medium.There are huge families in mycoplasma. There are 199 species. There are 16 species of mycoplasma that can be separated from the human body. 7 of which are pathogenic to the human body.

Second, where do the mycoplasma often wander?

The mycoplasma exists in the vagina, around the urethral mouth, the outer mouth of the cervix and the urine, which is mainly transmitted through sexual contact.The highest infection rate of solving mycoplasma can not only cause urinary tract and reproductive tract inflammation, such as non -gonococcal urethritis, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammation, severe cases can cause pregnant women infection, infertility, infertility, The fetal palace is slow, and the recurrence rate is high, and the treatment is difficult.After pregnant women are infected, they can spread vertically through the placenta.In the process of childbirth, the fetus can also be infected with polluting the fetus.

What clinical manifestations are there?

Women’s infection parts are often in the cervix, and then the vagina is invaded and led to mycoplasma vaginitis.Most of them have no obvious discomfort. A few severe patients have a vaginal fall. When the infection spreads to the urethra, frequent urination occurs.

When the infection is limited to the cervix, it is manifested in the increase of leucorrhea, turbidity, cervical edema, congestion or surface erosion;

Infection expansion and urethral manifestations are flushing, congestion, and squeezing urethra. There are a small amount of secretions overflowing, but there are few tenderness;

The common complications of mycoplasma infection are tubulitis, and a few patients may experience endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Fourth, how to diagnose?

Chlamydia culture: remove vaginal and cervical secretions with sterile cotton balls, insert a sterile cotton swab to 1 to 2 cm in the cervix, and gently rotate the secretion of cylindrical epithelial cells.

5. How to treat it?

Due to the lack of cell walls, β-lactam-type antibacterial drugs that inhibit the synthesis of cell walls are ineffective. At the same time, mycoplasma infection is often slow and long. Elumin and tetracycline have been considered as the first choice of antibiotics. The course of treatment is generally 7-10sky.However, with the widespread application of antibiotics, it is inevitable to resist.Generally speaking, the sensitivity rate of pochycopicillin, mightyin, and metomycin is more than 90%, which is the main antibiotics that treat mycoplasma.If necessary, you can choose antibiotics according to the results of the drug sensitivity test.

6. What should I do if my pregnancy is combined with mycoplasma infection?

The first choice of therapeutic drugs are aspotromycin 1 g, and the replacement therapy is orally at 0.5 g/bid for erythromycin, for 14 days.Sexual partners should be checked and treated at the same time during treatment.After the treatment, the branches were reviewed in January.

Seeing this, do you feel "afraid of"?Fortunately, the phenomenon of mycoplasma in the urogenital trail. A considerable number of people are carrying asymptomatic carrying, mainly to solve the chlamydiac (UU).Subsidine, which is particularly easy to see as asymptomatic.The probability of detecting the puppets in the vagina is high, but it often does not have a clear clinical significance.There may be more than 50%of women in the crowd that there are programs in the vagina of women. It is impossible for everyone to have a sexually transmitted disease?

Seeing this, have you blindfolded again?You may ask, if my cervical secretion detects the positive of the abolition of mycoplasma, is it cured?The answer is as follows:

1. If both men and women are not asymptomatic, only the primary pitch is found, and it is considered as a carrier, and there is no need to treat it.The symptoms of the symptoms of UUs after infection are disappeared. When the UU laboratory test results are positive, they should consider whether to turn to UU carrying, and no need to continue drug treatment.

2. If any prescription has the symptoms of urethritis frequently urine, and combined with the detection of the primer of the pitch, the risk is high, and the infection of the urinary system of sexually transmits the urinary system should be treated together.Pay attention to avoid sexual intercourse during the period.At the same time, the two sides are recommended to test gonococci and chlamydia, because gonococcus and chlamydia are pathogenic microorganisms that will not be carried, and detection is conducive to discovering patients with abnormalities in this area.Especially in some patients with chlamydia infection, the symptoms are very mild.Therefore, patients with urethritis should pay attention to the detection of gonococci and chlamydia. If there is a deprivation of chlamydia at the same time, it is necessary to consider the pathogenicity of the two sides and give them together.

3. There is no symptoms of the man. Women have symptoms of cervicitis and detect the detection of chlamydiacs. It is necessary to give priority to eliminating chlamydia and gonorrhea infections.If the female Fang Xiezu supports primary infection and is indeed effective after treatment, it is recommended that the man must also treat it. The most important thing is to evaluate the risk. If there is a branches infection, the man treatment is beneficial.

4. There are also some complicated cases, such as the men’s various secretions are positive. To get pregnant, enter the reproductive cycle, etc., you must evaluate the pathogenic risk of the primary pitch. If the risk increases, you can use antibiotics to treat a course of treatment.

5. When treating pelvic inflammatory disease, the mycoplasma may be considered to participate in the onset of pelvic inflammatory disease, and the antibacterial spectrum should be covered by the mycoplasma.

Finally, the problem of readers’ rainlessness: Jiechi mycoplasma (UU) disappears after the symptoms of the symptoms after infection. When the UU laboratory test results are positive, you can consider converting to UU carriers. You do n’t have to continue drug treatment. You can ask for children!

References: "Consensus on the Experts and Treatment Experts of Garnemiopus infection and Treatment", Chinese science.2016,25 (3): 80-82.

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