The reason for the vaginal itching is to do so in maintaining the vagina

Many women may have itching through the vagina, neither grasp nor scratching, making it difficult for people to not be affected to work normally.Among them, the vaginal opening is abnormal itching, and the vaginal disease strikes, so we must pay attention to it.So what is the vaginal itching?How does a woman maintain the vagina?Let me introduce them one by one for your reference.

The reason for itching in the vagina

1. External stimulus

Sometimes contraceptive pills can also cause itching, underwear, panties friction, and irritation of menstrual bands can also cause itching.Due to the hygiene of vulva, vaginal secretion stimulus, vulvar secretions, sweat and other stimuli, humid, impregnated, chemical fiber underwear, unqualified menstrual bands, rough toilet paper stimuli, vulva and vaginal medication cause allergies, as well as often used useSoap washing the vulva can cause itching of the vulva.Vulvar itching is often accompanied by anal itching, which is related to the stimulation of external hemorrhoids, long -term incontinence, anal fistula, anal fissure, anal excretion and stool residual.

2. Systemic disease

Systemic diseases are mainly diabetes, anemia, leukemia, increasing red blood cells, skin diseases, hepatobiliary diseases (such as jaundice), kidney disease, lymphoma, etc.In addition to the itching of the whole body, it is often accompanied by vulva itching.According to statistics, 3.4%of the 500 patients with diabetic disease have limited itching, mainly feminine itching.

3. Local diseases of vulva

Local diseases of vulva include gonorrhea, non -gonorrhea urethritis, mold or trichomonas vaginitis, scabies, pubic lice, ringworm, atrophic keratosis, mucosal leukoplakia, tapeworm disease, contact dermatitis, cervicitis, cervicitis, cervicitiswait.Itching of female children’s anal itching is often caused by tapeworms and often worsen at night.In addition, itching of anal itching often affects the vulva caused by itching, and the keratinization of sweat adustity and sweat glands can also cause severe itching of the vulva.

How to maintain vagina for women

1. A comprehensive gynecological examination once a year

Even if the body is not different and there is no problem in pregnancy, it is still necessary to conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination every year to do full prevention measures.

2. Do pelvic exercise

Female diligently practicing pelvic exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and make the nerves more keen. It not only benefits the health of the lower body organs such as bladder, but also promotes the harmony of sexual life.

3. Eat more original yogurt

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can protect you from vaginal yeast infection.At the same time, avoid eating too much sugar -containing food, because it will increase the chance of vaginal infection.

4. Rinse it to the vagina

The vagina has its own cleaning function.Moreover, many studies have found that using plug -in cleansing vagina to increase vaginal infection, pelvic inflammation, and sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Wear cotton panties

The fabric of our private parts is cotton.Cotton can breathe the skin and effectively absorb water. It is an ideal fit.If you stay in a private and bad state at home, you can also not wear underwear and let your private parts breathe.

The reason for the vaginal itching is to do so in maintaining the vagina

Common vaginal disease

1. Pseudochexar warts

Pseudomaicular warts are not sexually transmitted diseases.On the inside of the labia, you can see a light red rash of the size of the millet grains, both symmetrical on both sides, and the distribution is evenly distributed.

2, vulvaritis

Female vulvatitis is the most common disease in gynecology, and almost every woman has suffered from vulvar inflammation at least once in her life.Among them, vulvar inflammation includes moldy vulvitis, acute vulvar ulcers, vestibular glanditis, vestibular gland cysts, infant vulvitis, non -specific vulvitis.

3. Vulvar injury

Vulvar injury is one of the common symptoms of women.Most of the causes of the disease are spanning injuries, such as unexpected sudden brakes when riding men’s bicycles, or violent collision with the pussy when getting on and off the car, hitting the vulva and being hit by violence.There are severe contusion in the vulva, there may be pain, and subcutaneous congestion or hematoma can be seen.

4. Condyloma acuminatum

Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease, which is generally related to unclean sex.When the onset of the disease, the vulva itching and the increase of the secretions.The skin and mucous membranes of early external pussy are rough, and then you can touch the nodules or lumps. It looks like a burrs, or a cauliflower -like gray -white mass of cauliflower -like, cocky -like flowers.Lip gaps, perineum and anus between the labia minora.

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