The realistic version of "Disappearing her": The woman’s boyfriend gave birth to a baby 6 weeks, and the collapse and crying

Recently, the movie "Disappearing her" is selling. Many people say that the plot is too much, but in fact this similar thing happened to us.

On June 30, a woman in Beijing posted a video on a social platform, saying that after 6 weeks of pregnancy, her boyfriend secretly "rice non -sifotone" in her brown sugar water because she didn’t want children.

Simple popular science, Mi Fuzone is a oral abortion medicine.

As soon as this video came out, it immediately caused heated discussion among netizens.Netizens in the comment area are so excited, especially female friends, they are very angry about the woman’s encounter.

The woman in the video couldn’t see her expression because she was wearing a black mask, but from her slightly hoarse tone, she felt that she should be crying for a long time.

Women are described in front of the camera:

She has been pregnant for more than 6 weeks and likes children very much. She cherishes the crystallization of love with her boyfriend very much. She has been looking forward to the birth of her child. What she did not expect was that her child’s father didn’t think so.

The child’s father, that is, his boyfriend, is not looking forward to the birth of the new life, and he is disgusted, and does not want this child.

At first she didn’t think much at first, and felt that he didn’t want me to want, just give birth to herself.

Unexpectedly, in order to kill the child, this abominable boyfriend secretly added a cold medicine and promoting blood circulation to her brown sugar water.

The woman learned about this from her boyfriend’s mouth the next morning after the medicine. She never encountered such a thing. The first reaction was to go to the hospital to keep the child.

The doctor at the hospital at present has prescribed her fetal medicine, but the doctor said: The child may not be able to keep it.

The woman dreamed that she had always loved the trusted pillow people who would kill her.

Recently, the movie "Disappearing her" was hit. After watching the movie, a bunch of women started to be suspicious, fearing that her boyfriend would hurt himself.

Holding the boyfriend’s hand before watching the movie, I dare not hold it after watching the movie; I ate the dishes made by my boyfriend before watching the movie. After watching the movie, I suspected that my boyfriend was poisonous;After watching the movie, I won’t say anything, and pay back the boyfriend’s flowers.

Even girls broke up with her boyfriend after watching the movie?Intersection

In this regard, a group of boys shouted unjustly, and the boys looked helpless: I ignored me without doing anything. I didn’t expect to get along well.Essence

There are some men who think they are outrageous. Do you want to watch a movie?

"Only the rich lady has the qualifications to disappear. Some girls even have dozens of dollars of movie tickets from men.

Most of the boys think that girls do big questions. Movies are movies. Who will want to harm their girlfriend in real life?

In reality, even 40 movie tickets need girls with her boyfriend. Where are the great stamina?

Then there is such a reality. Women in Beijing were given birth medicine by her boyfriend, isn’t it because she trusted her boyfriend too much?

Through this incident, I summarize the three principles:

One: People do exist in reality, and girls should always be vigilant.

There are all kinds of people in reality, and there are many sincere people, but there are many people with human beasts.

Each girl is eager to love, and the Prince Baima who is eager to meet her cares about her life is worry -free, but many girls who long for love are also blind, blindly believe, and blindly love.

In order to hurt women, there may not be many men who hurt women, but they still exist.

No one can determine whether the boy around him will become the next movie who pushes Muzi to the sea or gives the medicine for his girlfriend and child.

The heart of people is indispensable, but the heart of preventing people is also right.

Two: The love brain will really die.

After the Beijing woman described her boyfriend’s medicine, many netizens said that she did not understand why she had to protect the fetus. Some netizens imagined that the Beijing women’s fetal was successful.

Become a single mother, raising the children to grow up, from time to time, the child wants to ask: Where did my dad go?Dare to tell the truth to the child, the child cheated the child when he was a child and said that his dad was on a business trip. When the child grew up, he said that his father was dead. Poor children lacked father’s love in their lives.How could the boyfriend who gave birth to a child to get a boyfriend who had a boyfriend got married?In the end, she was forced to marry a woman in the pressure of society. After marriage, the woman did not say that she would not talk about her child. The woman lived in her husband’s violence every day. She was always worried that her husband would poison the child to death again.

Three: Girls who treat love rationally are often not easily harmed.

For example, Muzi’s girlfriend "Disappearing her" is very sober. She can clearly recognize that the gap between the family, the gap between education, the gap between the three views, and various gaps know that the boy value is not worth getting along.

Finally, the Beijing woman who sincerely hopes that her boyfriend will be prescribed by her boyfriend will want to open it as soon as possible and get lost.

It is worth mentioning that the Beijing woman quickly ushered in the "reversal". On the day of the video, the woman’s social platform account increased quickly, and the window function was opened that night to start broadcasting and bringing goods.

So the woman took a video of the fetal preservation medicine, and seemed to want to sell her products.

These behaviors made many netizens question that the so -called boyfriend’s medicine was "script" from beginning to end.

It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the Internet. My opinion is that if this is true, it is recommended that girls should not rush to sell goods, or hurry to call the police. She needs to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of herself and children.

If this is fake, please do not make up for themselves to speculate on themselves. This misleading and foolishness of netizens will only defile everyone’s trust on social platforms.

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