The real life of pregnant children, the pain that can be seen by the naked eye, the woman is really not as arrogant as you think

As we all know, in October, pregnant is a very hard thing, and it is not easy to really understand that only the treasure mother who has experienced it.

During the decade of pregnancy, pregnant mothers not only have to experience the torture of the pregnancy period. This pregnancy period may cause the pregnant mothers to lose their appetite, and they will feel disgusting when they see everything.Pain and so on, like these pregnant mothers below are real portraits:

The first Baoma was pregnant for forty -seven days of pregnancy and was still in pregnancy. She had a strong pregnancy response. She had to lie on the toilet and vomit after eating breakfast every morning. Only those who had experienced this taste could feel the same.

The second pregnant mother has reached the stage of childbirth. Therefore, the pregnant mother’s whole body has edema, especially a pair of feet.It’s right.

The third pregnant mother is also in the third trimester of pregnancy. She does not have serious edema, but the pregnant mother’s belly is extremely itchy. For the health considerations of the fetus, the pregnant mother dare not apply medicine.More and more, it looks very unsightly.

The fourth Pao Ma is in the pain stage before childbirth. It is very real. Her right hand grasped the guardrail of the bed tightly, her mouth bite her life tightly, her face was flushed, and the pain was also a hurdle for pregnant mothers.Son.

The fifth pregnant mother was lying on the operating table. It may be because of physical or other reasons. The doctor was going to give a cesarean section for the pregnant mother, so the doctor was preparing to anesthes anesthesia for the pregnant mother to see that this needle is definitely not small.

The sixth place is the stomach after giving birth. The belly is covered with stretch marks, the color is significantly darkened, and it is no longer as smooth as before. Bao Ma is very distressed because of this.

The seventh Baoma has also given birth to a child, and a small baby needs a little care of Bao Mom for a while. It can be seen that it was late at night, but the newborn baby did not have this concept, so after drinking milk, he just finished milk.Need Bao Ma to sleep with sleeping.

The eighth Bao Ma’s child has been six months old, so Baoma started to do her job, but the baby still needs to be with her own breast milk. In order to allow the baby to break the breasts naturalMilk in the storage room.

The ninth Baoma got up early in the morning and rushed the rice paste, and she was holding the baby who just woke up in one hand.It can be said that taking children to the community to chat with other Baoma is the most relaxed moment.

For the above examples, netizens have also published comments:

Netizen 1: When I was pregnant, I could say that the real vomiting was turning. My mother -in -law thought it was exaggerated, but it was the most difficult time during that time.

Netizen 2: After two months of birth for two months, my child was so tossing. At that time, the cesarean section really lost a life, and the baby was also a life that was picked up.

Netizen 3: After my family went to elementary school, I was naughty. I couldn’t control it. I had to talk about it in a few words.

The above is how it is not easy after pregnancy, but in fact everyone should not be too panicked. Pregnancy actually has certain benefits for women:

Why do you say that?Because the pregnant mothers stop ovulation after pregnancy, the ovaries in the body during this period are equivalent to putting a long vacation and can take a long rest.

The ovaries that have been working without rest can be said to be overloaded, and the breastfeeding period after giving birth can keep Baoma’s breasts unblocked and reduce the possibility of breast cancer.

After the pregnant mothers reach the third trimester, due to the continuous increase in the fetus, the femoral bone of the pregnant mother will be put on pressure. At this time, a large amount of calcium elements need to be supplemented.

After a long time, the hardness of the bones will be enhanced, so after the old age, the possibility of osteoporosis will become lower.

According to statistics, 45 % of Baoma reported that the dysmenorrhea has slowed a lot after giving birth.

Because pregnancy and childbirth can give the body more prostaglandin to the body, this hormone can make the uterus more flexible to shrink, which can slow down the dysmenorrhea.

I believe that many women are afraid of entering the menopause in advance, and the mother who has been born will generally be postponed for several years, because the mother will rest for the ovaries during pregnancy, so that the ovaries will slow down.

In summary, pregnancy and childbirth Although the process is difficult for women, there are certain benefits, not to mention that they can also harvest their own little angels, so don’t worry too much.””””

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