The quality of honey is clear at a glance. You can recognize it without opening the bottle. Teach you a trick to avoid spending money!

At present, there are too many types of honey on the market, and because of the differences in ingredients and places, the price of honey is largely different. Some consumers who do not understand honey do not know enough.Without good things, how to quickly and how to quickly identify honey has become a key issue. For this place where many people are more concerned, Xiaobian will teach you a method that can be identified without opening the lid.

In fact, this method that does not need to open the lid is not complicated. You only need to shake the glass bottle installed with honey before buying, and then shake it back and forth for a few times, and then you can learn about the authenticity by observing the number of foam generation.Of course, this is also divided into two different aspects.

1. A large amount of air bubbles are generated: if the number of bubbles generated is very obvious, and the bubbles are rising from the bottom, the speed is relatively obvious, it means that the purity inside is not high, or the water content is not up to standard, no control is controlledOkay, it will lead to the emergence of this situation.

2. Generate uniform bubbles: If we shake the bottle, we find that the number of bubbles inside is relatively uniform, and the increase rate is not very obvious, which means that the purity inside is up toBecause the active enzyme inside encounters intense exercise, it is separated into unstable hydrogen peroxide, and because of the high purity of honey, the increase in the bubbles will not be fast.

Therefore, after knowing this principle, I believe that everyone also understands why I can quickly identify the authenticity of honey if I only need to shake it simply. Of course, there must be other techniques besides this method.But more repeatedly.

At the same time, it is necessary to remind everyone that because there is a product called "concentrated honey" on the market, everyone still needs to be vigilant, but according to some information feedback from some consumers and editors, this "concentrated honey"One feature is that the price is very cheap. Often you can buy it for 20 dollars. The price of this genuine high -quality honey must be very different, so when you see many cheap honey products, consumers, do n’t do n’t do it.Corruption is small and cheap, but if you feel that the honey of some brands of honey is more reliable, Xiaobian also has a certain understanding. After a comprehensive investigation of multiple platforms, it is found that there are several brands of honey.welcome.

1. Honey treasure honey

Every April to May, the locust tree will have almost 20 days of flowering season. At the same time, at this time, it is also the peak period of the output of locust honey in various places.Flowers withered and reduced yield, so this honey is also a relatively scarce precious honey product.

According to the previous observations of Xiaobian, I learned that Honey Treasure this locust nectar belongs to the top type of Huai honey.It is also learned that it can even play a role in anti -inflammatory inflammation, so consumers who like to eat honey but are afraid of getting angry, don’t miss it!

2. Honey Treasure Ziro Shushu Honey

The leaflet purple cricket tree is a very rare tree species in the category of the cricket tree. Compared with those ordinary bran trees, it is characterized by it.This can meet the growth needs of cherishing plants.

The honey -producing honey -producing base is just located in the Taibai Mountain area of Qinling, relying on the sufficient sunshine environment and the elevation characteristics of more than 1500 meters. ThereforeThe produced honey has a good guarantee in quality, and it uses advanced production technology to ensure the reliability of its own products.

At the same time, the price of this precious little leafy purple magpie tree is only about a hundred yuan on its brand’s official website. This kind of price / performance ratio is undoubtedly very attractive.

3. Yuan Dazhuang’s deep mountain earth and earth

Yuan Dazhuang is a preerierable rapeseed flower that grows in the deep mountains of honey sources as the main ingredients of honey source. At the same time, a rigorous and scientific production process and testing system is combined.Factory sales, so this brand’s products are trustworthy.

4. Beemei Youpin Snow Honey

The origin of Bee Meiyoupin is in the original ecological deep forest in the northeast. Good natural conditions allow their honey to contain more nutrients, and the taste of this snow honey is extremely sweet.It’s so!

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