The prospective mothers in Zhejiang are here to enjoy the benefits that the baby can enjoy here.

On June 20, the Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to report that the province’s protection of the rights and interests of workers in the province was notified.At the press conference, the revised version of the "Measures for the Labor Protection of Women’s Workers in Zhejiang Province" (referred to as "Measures"), which was implemented from June 1 this year, attracted much attention, especially for the "special care of special physiological periods such as female employees’ birth period and other special physiological periods."Content.

Expectant mothers can enjoy the treatment before and after giving birth. The reporter sorted out the contents of the press conference and the relevant content of the "Measures", including the treatment of enjoying during pregnancy, maternity leave time, and fertility allowances that could be obtained.

1. During pregnancy

If prenatal inspections are performed during labor time, the time required is included in its labor time;

If the labor quota is implemented, the amount of labor is appropriately reduced;

According to the proof of medical institutions, those who cannot adapt to the original labor will reduce the amount of labor or temporarily arrange other labor;

For less than 3 months of pregnancy and severe pregnancy response, or for more than 7 months of pregnancy, a rest time of no less than one hour during the daily labor time shall not extend its labor time or arrange it to engage in night shifts;

It is not allowed to arrange for the labor that is engaged in taboos during pregnancy.

Female employees have a threatened of abortion, a history of habitual abortion or other special circumstances. If they have proved that they have a rest, the employer shall be appropriately arranged.

2. Maternual leave time

Nine8 days of maternity leave meet the addition of maternity leave for maternity leave for maternity leave for maternity leave for 98 days of maternity leave. Therefore, the standard for maternity leave stipulated in the "Measures" is 128 days.It should be noted that the increase of 30 days is also the nature of maternity leave, and the employer cannot refuse for any reason.

According to the "Measures", it is difficult to produce, and it will increase for another 15 days.It is 158 days and push in order.

In addition, if abortion, you can also enjoy aborted maternity leave with the same nature of maternity and maternity.Female employees have a pregnancy abortion for less than 4 months, enjoying 15 -day maternity leave, abortion for pregnancy after pregnancy, and 42 -day maternity leave.

3. Maternity allowance and salary during maternity leave

Female employees participating in maternity insurance enjoy maternity allowances during vacation.If a female employee does not participate in maternity insurance, the employer will pay the salary during maternity leave in accordance with the pre -maternal leave of the female employee.

Calculation method of maternity allowances: Enjoy the number of fertility allowance days × the average monthly salary of employees in the previous year of employees ÷ 30.For example, if you are a single childbirth and in line with the relevant policies of Zhejiang, your unit’s monthly average salary of employees last year was 10,000 yuan last year, then the fertility allowance you can enjoy is: 128 × 1 ÷ 30.4267 million yuan.

It should be noted that the standard for fertility allowance has nothing to do with your personal salary level.Even if the maternity allowance standards are higher than the pre -maternal leave wage standard for female employees, the employer shall not be deducted from the difference.

Fourth, breastfeeding period

In order to alleviate the difficulties of female employees in terms of physiological hygiene, breastfeeding, parenting, etc., the number of female employees with a large number of female employees set up facilities such as the female employee’s clinics, pregnant women lounges, breastfeeding rooms and other facilities.

Female employees who are less than 1 year of breastfeeding in babies will arrange a breastfeeding time at no less than an hour during the daily labor time; if you give birth to a poem, you will breastfeed for one hour for each breast.Extend their labor time or arrange them to engage in night shifts; if the labor quota is implemented, they should appropriately reduce the amount of labor; they must not arrange for the labor that they are engaged in lactating taboos stipulated in the state; breastfeeding time and time in this unit for breastfeeding,Turn into labor hours.

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