The prospective mother suddenly fainted for eight months of pregnancy, struggling to call the family phone call for help, and what happened later was very warm …

It is said that expectant mothers are the happiest and hardest.Not long ago, a prospective mother who was pregnant for eight months of pregnancy suddenly fainted while driving alone on the way to work. Before fainting, he struggled to call his father’s phone …

Eight months of pregnancy, expectant mother drove down and fainted

At 8 am on July 5th, Ms. Zeng, who lived in Qianshan, Zhuhai, drove a car to work as usual.Although Ms. Zeng was 32 weeks pregnant, he insisted on driving and getting get off work every day, and his family didn’t care much.At that time, the air conditioner was driving in the car. Ms. Zeng suddenly felt that her breathing was poor, her hands were weak, and she subconsciously touched her belly.

When he turned to Meihua Road, Ms. Zeng felt that she was going to faint. She immediately picked down the double flashing lights to reduce the speed and stop the car.She opened her eyes and dialed her father’s phone. Unexpectedly, the phone just called, but Ms. Zeng fainted, leaving her father’s anxious call.

The traffic police rushed to deliver water for the prospective mother to buy breakfast

Ten seconds later, there was a rush of knocking from the window outside the car.Ms. Zeng opened her eyes halfway, and her fingers slowly pinched the window key to get off the car. It turned out that the police of the Xiangzhou Traffic Police Brigade came forward to understand the situation.

When Ms. Zeng saw the traffic police, she opened her mouth and wanted to say something. After a while, she barely said, "My … head … dizzy …".The police saw that Ms. Zeng had a big belly, her face was pale, and then comforted her to relax first, adjust her breathing, and asked colleagues to bring her mineral water to drink.

Seeing this scene, Ms. Zeng suddenly cried and cried, choked and said that she didn’t want to stop, but she couldn’t move."It’s okay, people are tight." The police talked with her while comforting her.It turned out that Ms. Zeng did not have breakfast before departure that day, and opened up with chest tightness and dizziness.

The police immediately asked colleagues to buy bread nearby, and helped Ms. Zeng contact her family, and informed them that the police at the scene were accompanying her without worrying.

The expectant mother’s family rushed to the scene

After a while, Ms. Zeng’s family came to the scene.Seeing her family appeared, Ms. Zeng cried again.

The police had to comfort him and suggested that the family took her to the hospital for inspection. In the future, she should take care of her meals a day. Don’t be hungry anymore. Don’t let her drive out alone.

Ms. Zeng is currently in good health.Ms. Zeng said that after pregnancy, there were some anemia. The doctor also told her to pay attention that this time the accident was fortunate to have the help of the police to be shocked.Like the police who rescue the masses in a timely manner!

Source: Zhuhai Traffic Police

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