The private parts are always itchy and painful, far more than vaginitis.

Is the vulva always itchy?

Sometimes there is a burning sensation or even pain?

I have paid great attention to hygiene or not

Is it a vaginitis?

But I did not see the cause of the hospital without running a few hospitals

Such difficult to say that many women have no medical treatment, which is also the phenomenon I have seen from the medical for many years.

As a gynecologist, this is unspeakable to understand women, and has seen cases of suffering and pressure for many years.Compared with gynecological tumors, vulva lesions seem to be minor disease, but the impact on the quality of life must not be underestimated!

Itching in private parts is far more than vaginitis

The diagnosis and helping patients with doubt have doubts.Some have been suffering from the itching of the vulva for many years. It is so itchy that it cannot live normally. It is not too much to describe it with the word itching; some vulva is painful and sensitive, which seriously affects daily life.Uncomfortable; some want to know whether your vulva looks normal and need surgery; and the mother takes the baby to see; there are also daughters who are optimistic about bringing mothers …

Maybe many people will be curious, isn’t it itchy for vulva skin?Why are there so many "tricks"?Because, the same symptoms of itching, there are more than one cause, which can be explained to everyone according to the location, which is easy to understand.

The largest part -vaginal vagina

Don’t underestimate vaginal vagina. Here it can cause itching for women.Epithelium tumor variation (caused by HPV infection and non -HPV infection), vulvar skin disease (vulva eczema, hardening moss, simplicity moss, flat moss, etc.), tumor (vulvar cancer).

The second most -cervix

The inflammation of the cervix, such as chlamydia, gonococcus, mycoplasma and other pathogens, can cause the secretions to yellow pus. Everyone thinks that with the pathogen, can our white blood cells be allowed, of course, not, so they participated in the war.Become a pus cells under our microscope.These secretions are sensitive to the vulva, which will make many women uncomfortable.

Third most position -pelvic cavity

These pathogens mentioned above can also attack the pelvic cavity along the vagina and cervix, which is the uterine cavity, ovaries and fallopian tubes. The obstetrician and gynecologists are commonly known as two bedrooms and one living room. These two rooms and one living room are brewing babies and bred babies.Once infected, it is not good for conception, lower abdominal pain, lower abdominal bloating, backache, and the secretions are not normal, and it will also stimulate the vulva.

Fourth Most -the whole body

Headache doctors, foot pain, and feet must be limited. You must always have global concepts. Diabetes, skin diseases such as psoriasis, etc. can cause itching in the vulva.These diseases can cause itching. In a humid, multi -party (urethra, vagina, anus) secretions such as the vulva, the natural performance is more prominent. Therefore, it is necessary to care about the part and the overall situation.

In accordance with the cause, including inflammation, physical and chemical factors, immune factors, and tumors.Specifically, we will not develop anymore. In short, there are many causes. Although the manifestation is itching of the vulva, doctors need to carefully investigate Holmes, try to find the cause, and treat the cause for treatment.

Since the start of the clinic, there are many patients who have impressed me, and it has made me even more determined.A little girl brought by a mother, the child has broken the vulva skin because of itching.Looking at my mother’s anxious face, I couldn’t help but comfort, don’t worry, come to it in time, and the long -term non -treatment has a great impact on the child, but from now on, it will definitely not affect the child.

In addition to children, elderly patients will deeply touch me. Many elderly people did not tell their family until itching or growing lumps, and some of them were embarrassed to tell their sons.I hope that all such elderly patients can learn about medical knowledge sooner, and do not drag them into a serious illness.For example, vulvar epithelial tumor variation and hardening moss will progress after a few years if the treatment is not regulated in a timely manner. In fact, these diseases have a way to block the treatment in time in the early days.

In order to better help women who are painful because of the unspeakable vulva, we hope that more patients can know and understand vulva, and we will do our best to help more people.

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