The princess stole the accident and pregnancy, tightening the abdomen to cover up people’s eyes, and became fashionable in Europe.

In 1878, Princess Louis Margaret in Prussia left this photo.Later, after adding color, it looked charming and moving, but noble.

The princess is the fourth daughter of Prince Frederick Charles. Because her sister died, she was the third daughter.At the age of 19, she was the second year of this photo. She married the third son of Queen Victoria, Britain, and became the third daughter of Queen Victoria.

She has two daughters and her husband, and her granddaughter is the mother of Danish Queen Margaret II.

Princess Louis Margaret is with her two children.

1. Willow’s thin waist is not the patent of Europeans. China has been available since ancient times.

In the picture, it is the jade jewelry circulated in ancient China, and carved a pair of thin waist ladies dancing.

The Yuan Dynasty writer Zhang Kejiu described in Yuanqu’s "Wu Ye Er · Gift": "Hibiscus noodles, willow waist, nothing better than enchanting."

During the Spring and Autumn Period, King Chu Ling particularly liked the beauty of thin waist, so that the beauties in the harem to lose weight by dieting.Because of the diet, the entire Chu Prince’s Palace, women are hungry and weak, and can only support the wall.Therefore, there is a saying that "King Chu is so fine, and the folk is starved to death."

In the Tang Dynasty, Bai Juyi had two prostitutes, one was Fan Su, and the other was called Xiaoman.The two of them have a good song, a good dance, especially the shelter of the small girl, which is very popular with the white poet.Whenever a family banquet, Bai Juyi always hugged left and right.

One day, Bai Juyi drank some wine and groaned in front of the guests:

"Cherry Fan Sukou, Yangliu Xiaomao’s waist. Dai Qing traces the eyebrows, and the fringe is like snow.

Bai Juyi did not think of dreaming. He had no intention of inserting willows and willowing, and his appreciation was later became the favorite of Europeans!

In the picture, the thin waist woman in Europe has less than 40 cm.

2. The princess was pregnant by accident and accidentally led the "slimming wave".

In Europe, this custom began in the early 16th century and was created by the then French prince Catherine.

It is said that her waist is only 40 cm, which makes European women envy.In order to imitate the beauty of its thin waist, European women at that time changed the elastic tight underwear into iron corset.There are four iron pieces on the front, back, left and right, and the iron pieces are connected by the union. If you do not pay attention, you will cut the skin.

So, Princess Catherine has no relationship with King Chu Ling and Bai Juyi’s half dime. Why did she prefer this deformity?

Catherine was first assigned to Henry VII’s eldest son Arthur, but Arthur died unfortunately. In order to protect Spain’s support for England, Catherine, 17, was married to Henry VII’s other son and Arthur’s brother.Henry VIII.At that time, the boy was only 12 years old.

They rounded the room when he was 17 years old. After that, Catherine was pregnant seven times, but only successfully gave birth to three live babies, but two of them died early.

The only child she survived is the future Queen Mary I of England!

Because he could not give birth to a son, Henry began to believe that his marriage was cursed, because Mingwen recorded in the Bible Old Testament: "If you marry a widow, he will end up."Therefore, he began to be left out of the five -year -old wife, and he became good with one of her maids.

At that time, Catherine was in his twenties, and he was graceful. Of course, he was unwilling to keep the widow.It is said that she also started to go out of the wall and accidentally became pregnant.

In order to hide people’s eyes, she entangled her belly hard, and she had the effect of holding the breasts.Later, with Shixing’s low -cut clothes, the body curve was clearly visible, and it became a trend.

However, the paper couldn’t cover the fire. Catherine wore a green hat for herself. Henry was angry and expelled Queen Catherine from the palace in 1531.This woman leading European fashion spent the rest of her life in the Golden Bolton Castle, which is a prison.

Following Catherine, the Queen Elizabeth followed closely and also actively advocated the "waist" to actively advocate it, and it was clearly stipulated that only women with waist circumference reached the required size could enter the court.Therefore, the people’s aesthetic standards for women are increasingly deformed. It is generally believed that women must be thin to be beautiful, otherwise they are humble.

At the same time, men also pay special attention to thin waist girls.In long -term evolution, men naturally like women with strong fertility and healthy, and they believe that women with thin waist have strong fertility.

Similar to us in the spring and autumn, "King Chu is so thin, and the folk is starved to death." In order to cater to the aesthetics of men’s malformations, women start in both aspects, that is, slimming and diet and parallel.

As we all know, although long -term waist can reduce the waist and achieve the effect of body shaping, it has great damage to the body.The waist will affect the relaxation of the lungs of the human body, damage the breathing and cycle function, causing dizziness, chest tightness and other diseases to the human body. In severe cases, it will cause life infertility and even death.

The picture below is a kind of iron waist tool popular in Europe in the 19th century, like armor.

In Europe in the 19th century, any dignified woman must wear a "body cage" made of wood, whale bones, and metal strips.This skeleton stretched tightly from under the breast to the stomach. The woman was willing to suffer, and she was stupid to have a slim figure, tied up tightly, until the two ribs appeared long and deep wounds …

At that time, in Europe, there were many incidents of death due to the death of the waist, mainly due to excessive pressure on the ribs, which broke the liver.At that time, a 16 -year -old girl in the UK was overwhelmed the first day of the marriage. Unfortunately, she died at the wedding, making the wedding a funeral.

At the same time, long -term diet and weight loss leads to suffering from malnutrition and anorexia. Some girls have not got married, and they have suffered systemic failure due to anorexia, and they died at a young age.

In the continuous pain of visceral injuries and rib deformation, many people with aspirations have finally awakened. They believe that they are too stupid to pursue the so -called fashion at the cost of life.

In fact, the use of whale bones, iron frames and other waists, seriously violated natural laws, increased the crisis of reduced population, and degraded the quality of men.In other words, the woman was named a gestation man, but he was sentenced to punishment at the moment of conception.

This selfish men’s view made women finally wake up.In 1876, Urrson, the mother -in -chief of the United States, said in a speech: "I exist, the first role is not his wife, or a mother, but a woman. I have the right to exist as a woman."

Under her guidance, Western women finally chose the latter between thin waist and alive.They abandoned the iron corset and used Bona corset.

By the 1910s, with the popularity of bras, the waist atmosphere gradually retreated, and the woman’s waist circumference finally returned to the size of more physiological health.

The hundreds of years in Europe have been like the "three -inch golden lotus" in the feudal society, all in order to satisfy men’s "eye desires", which is extremely harmful to women.

For thousands of years, in ancient China, "a pair of small feet, a tear tank"!While pursuing three inches of golden lotus, I don’t know how many young girls have shed tears in pain.That kind of cruelty is always unable to appreciate by men. What they care about is that women are suitable for their aesthetics and can be pleasing to the eye.

If there is no pair of small feet, no matter how beautiful the face is, the ancient lady is also looked down upon. It is not a "mother tongue in the Dream of Red Mansions"), and she can’t find a good family.

The development of society is now developing, whether it is wrapped on their feet or shrinking their chests, it has long been abandoned by women.However, isn’t it another kind of deformed aesthetic today?

When everyone is orally to meet nature, those women who return to the extreme to inherit their parents to their skin, facial features, busts, etc. quietly artificially artificially cut the ax. This is human progress.Still back?

On this point of view, welcome everyone to discuss!

Personal opinion, the shortcomings, please correct me, thank you.

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