The price of headache powder is cheap, and the treatment effect is good. Why does the doctor not recommend patients to use?

"Doctor, have you made a mistake? Why did I suddenly have brain bleeding?"

Uncle Liu is 56 years old. Although he is not old, he often has headaches.In order to alleviate the symptoms, Uncle Liu went to the pharmacy to buy some drugs.At that time, the clerk recommended headaches to Uncle Liu, because this drug was not only cheap, but also the treatment effect was pretty good.

After the clerk introduced the advantages of headache powder, Uncle Liu decided to buy a few boxes to go back to eat.Every time I have a headache, Uncle Liu eats a little.When head pain, Uncle Liu did not eat headache.

Today, when Uncle Liu was eating, he suddenly had a severe headache.So Uncle Liu ate a little headache.However, after 30 minutes of headache powder, the symptoms did not reduce the symptoms.At this time, Uncle Liu began to realize that the situation was wrong, so he quickly asked his family to send himself to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, after the doctor learned the situation of Uncle Liu, he opened a skull CT examination.After the test results come out, it prompts brain bleeding.When Uncle Liu learned of the situation, he couldn’t accept it for a while, so he asked the question at the beginning of the doctor’s article.

After the doctor heard the question from Uncle Liu, he said: According to the existing test results, the possibility of making mistakes is almost zero!If you do not recognize the results of this test, you can also check it again.After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Uncle Liu accepted the facts.

Maybe many friends feel doubtful: the price of headache powder is cheaper and the effect is good. So why doctors not recommend patients?In order to let everyone have more understanding and understanding of headache powder, today the doctor will talk to you about related knowledge.

Headache powder, its professional name is glycol.Agatol is a non -prescription drug. When we buy this drug, we can buy without prescriptions.

However, although many friends are familiar with headache powder, it is estimated that not many people can say when they talk about the composition of headache powder.

In fact, headache powder is a composite agent, which is mainly composed of aspirin, acetaminol, and caffeine.Regardless of aspirin or acetaminol, everyone is familiar with.In essence, it belongs to a type of relief analgesic.During the time of the new crown, the acetaminophenophenol can be said to be very short and expensive.

Whether it is muscle pain, toothache, or dysmenorrhea, as long as you eat a headache powder, the symptoms of pain will soon be relieved.Because the price of headache powder is cheap and the effect is not bad, many friends recognize this drug.

At the earliest, aspirin was mainly used for relief and analgesic.However, with the deepening of research, human beings gradually realize that aspirin has great advantages in preventing thrombosis and reducing the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Therefore, few doctors now use aspirin to relieve heat and analgesics.

For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, although they usually eat aspirin, they are basically aspirin enteric soluble tablets.This aspirin is very irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, so it is suitable for long -term use.The aspirin in the headache powder is not an intestinal soluble tablet, but like a preparation.In this case, long -term headache powder may damage the gastric mucosa, which can cause digestive tract bleeding in severe cases.

The substance of caffeine has a certain addiction in itself, and it has been demonized before.We all know that many people may be sleepy after a cold, and caffeine can excite the central nervous system, thereby reducing the trapped.

In addition, the price of headache powder is cheap and effective, so it is easy to cause abuse.In the short term, the problem of headache powder is not big, but long -term eating will cause problems.

Through the introduction above, I think everyone should be able to see that the harm of long -term headache powder is still relatively large.However, this does not mean that headache powder cannot be used.

As a drug, the most basic attribute is safety and effective otherwise, otherwise this drug cannot be available.When we use headache powder, we need to be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

Generally speaking, the number of headache powder within 24 hours cannot be used more than 4 times, and the simple analgesic can not exceed 5 days.If the symptoms are not reduced after applying headache powder, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause.

Although headache powder is safer, it also has some contraindications.Some people are allergic to headache powder, and then it is not suitable for taking this medicine.General allergies are mainly manifested in skin itching and rash, but if allergies occur in the throat, they may cause suffocation due to edema of the throat.

In addition, for women with breastfeeding or pregnancy, obvious liver and kidney function abnormalities, and bleeding tendency, it is also not suitable for headaches.

If we have headaches, the most important thing is not analgesic treatment.Like Uncle Liu mentioned in this article, his headache may be due to high blood pressure.When he has high blood pressure, even if he has a headache, as long as he takes headache powder, most of the symptoms can be relieved.However, hypertension damage the cerebral artery unknowingly.When cerebral arterial is injured to a certain degree, the blood pressure only needs to be slightly higher, which can cause encephalidal rupture and cause cerebral hemorrhage.

If the symptoms of headache occur, the most important point is the clear diagnosis.Don’t underestimate headaches. There are more than a dozen diseases that can cause headaches.If you eat headache blindly, you may cover up disease and delay treatment, which may be fatal for some patients.

Many friends think it is easy to be a doctor, and only need to be checked to become a good doctor.I can only say that this idea is one -sided.To become an excellent doctor, in addition to solid basic skills, you also need to think independently.As a physician, it is necessary to keep rigorous at all times, otherwise medical accidents are prone to occur.

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