The price is cut, the minimum is 10 yuan per catty, the crayfish is free to achieve?

It’s the season to eat supper again

The market heat of crayfish is significantly heating up

Recently, reporters visited many markets

Compared with just listing

The price of crayfish decreases more than 50%

Can you realize "Freedom of Curland"?

Crossing in many places nearly cut off the price

Recently, the reporter came to the market No. 9 of Jinhua City, and many stalls were placing live crayfish.Mr. Wan, a staff member of the Jinhua Market Development Group, told reporters that the crayfish on the market are mainly sold in small, medium and large -scale, and these days, zero selling more than wholesale."The price is a lot cheaper. The" May 1st "festival sells 25 yuan a pound, and the small is 17 yuan a pound, but now it sells 16 yuan a pound."

In the Yantian Comprehensive Market in Jinhua Wucheng District, Ms. Hu bought 2 kilograms of crayfish: "12 yuan a pound of small specifications, buy it by herself to eat outside."

At the entrance of a aquatic shop in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, there are special cowards.Merchants use large iron pots to install lobsters of different specifications to place them in the most conspicuous positions.The owner of the seafood and aquatic store said: "Our shrimp was transported by Qianjiang, Hubei, and the price of crayfish weighing only 5-7 money was sold for 15 yuan per catty yesterday. This weekend rose to 20 yuan a pound.It is cheap, and it takes about 30 yuan for about 30 yuan when it is listed. "

According to reports, the reporter learned that after visiting many aquatic wholesale markets in Chengdu, when the first listing was listed, the price of the shrimp can be close to 20 yuan a pound. Now the wholesale price of small shrimp is reduced to about 10 yuan.From about 20 or 30 yuan a pound at the beginning, to a pound of about 16 yuan now, some of which can be bought at 14 yuan. The price reduction is almost half cut.

It is also reported that the Jiayan aquatic market in Shanghai, which has the most concentrated wholesale in Shanghai, has more than 150,000 pounds per day in the past few days.The cheapest shrimp wholesale price this year is 10 yuan per catty, and the price of Chinese shrimp of seven to eight dollars is around 20 yuan. Compared with when it is just listed, the current price is almost "cut".

Why is crayfish cheap?

According to reports, on the one hand, after the May Day holiday, demand is relatively reduced, which affects the price of crayfish; on the other hand, the increase in the production of crayfish will also drive the price trend.In early May, rice field shrimp entered a mature period one after another. In order not to affect the next medium rice planting, some farmers would increase the number of crayfish.

In Jiangsu, crayfish ushered in the harvest season.Some merchants say that the price of crayfish has dropped by nearly 50 % compared to April as the temperature has gradually risen, and it is expected to fall further.

At the global lobster trading center, vendors are busy sorting and packaging the newly collected crayfish to Zhejiang, Henan, Xinjiang and other places.A dealer engaged in lobster transactions said that the wholesale price this year has risen slightly compared to the same period last year.As the temperature rises, the price of the market outlook will decline.At present, it is very good to get the goods.

Can’t eat more crayfish

After the price was "bottomed out", many "food" netizens said: I ate 3 pounds for a meal, and it was cool.But some people have eaten the "notice of illness"!

Although most of the heavy metal content of crayfish on the market is lower than that of health standards and small health hazards. At present, there are no reports of crayfish that causes heavy metal poisoning. However, if you eat too much, there is still potential health risks.

"Citizens should not buy lobsters that are abnormal, odor, fresh or dead." Shen Tuping, Chief of Nutrition and Food Safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Control Center of Jinhua City, reminded that citizens should not fish for wild crayfish on the side of the river or wild river gap.Lobster is relatively small, and it should be cooked during cooking.She said that the crayfish should not be eaten more or eat every day.

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that the average intake of fish and shrimp daily in residents must be controlled within 75 grams. The protein content of crayfish is rich. If it is eaten too much, it will cause digestion and cause indigestion. ThereforeA large amount of citizens rich in protein -rich crayfish, especially citizens who are susceptible to allergies.Moreover, crayfish cooking is often heavy and hot. If you eat it for a long time, it will damage kidney function and increase gastrointestinal burden.Once you eat crayfish, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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