The pregnant woman’s wrist bleed and cried and cried to commit suicide. The reason behind it was worried and angry

A 20 -year -old woman found that she was pregnant, but her boyfriend had to break up after learning about it. The woman could not accept the impulse to commit suicide. Fortunately, the police of the Shuangzhao Police Station of the Xixian Public Security Qinhan Branch patiently persuaded the tragedy.

On April 15th, the Shuangzhao Police Station received 110 instructions: Some people in the East Fengda Kia 4S store in the Qinhan New City Shuangzhao Street Automotive Industry Park in Qinhan New City, Xixian New District to commit suicide.After receiving the police, the leaders at the duty of the Shuangzhao Police Station attached great importance to it, and immediately organized the police to rush to the scene. Considering the safety of the woman, the police dialed the 120 emergency call at the same time.

The police arrived at the scene and found that a woman in her 20s was sitting on the ground, her wrists flowing blood, crying and crying.The police stepped forward and asked the woman’s injury. The woman covered her belly and only shouted "The stomach hurts!"

The police said: "We have called the 120 emergency call, and the medical staff will arrive immediately, please don’t worry." Then, under the comfort of the police, the woman’s body and mood gradually relieved.But when asked about the specific situation, the woman kept crying and refused to speak again.

More than ten minutes later, 120 ambulance arrived at the scene, and the police accompanied the woman to the hospital.Later, under the patient guidance and care of the police, the woman finally spoke. It turned out that the woman was pregnant and her boyfriend proposed to break up. She was very sad and chose to commit suicide under impulse.

The diagnosis certificate prescribed by the doctor showed that the woman had about 2 cm long knife injuries and confirmed that she was pregnant.

After being diagnosed with a doctor, it was confirmed that the woman’s body was not uptake. The police took the woman back to the police station for further enlightenment.Zhang Yi, director of the police station, persuaded for more than two hours from the perspective of emotional care, life history, and family warmth. The woman finally calmly looked at things and said that she would solve the problem in a suitable way.Later, the police found the contact information of his relatives and notified his loved ones to the police station to pick him up.


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