The pregnant woman in Shanghai is living with a cat, and she hides her husband to kill her abdomen.


Zhang Jianhua, who lives in Shanghai, returned home after get off work.The moment the light was turned on, almost scared it away.I saw pet cats everywhere, black, yellow, white, and various pet cats.Zhang Jianhua instantly became angry from the beginning, and it came to the living room from the door.

After putting the briefcase on the pendant, it shouted to the cat’s wife in the bedroom:

"Li Xiuhong!"

His wife came out of the bedroom holding the cat, and it was her husband.Li Xiuhong said impatiently:

"What is the name? Scare me."

"You go to home to a stray cat again, do you see where there are people staying?"

Faced with her husband’s responsibility, women show an indifferent feeling.Following the direction of Zhang Jianhua’s fingers, I saw the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and other places.All of them are all kinds of stray cats, and even cats are even on the dining table.Husband couldn’t bear to quarrel with his wife, but unexpectedly caused great trouble.

Zhang Jianhua has worked hard in Shanghai for many years and finally bought his first house in his life.After marrying his wife, Zhang Jianhua’s smile was brilliant day by day.But one day, Zhang Jianhua, who took a walk with his wife, suddenly heard a cat’s sorrow.Along the voice, the couple saw the bloody scene.

I saw a big wolf dog biting a poor cat. As soon as someone came, the dog came, and it ran to the small aisle in front.Li Xiuhong saw the kitten poor and hugged it.Running to the veterinarian shop continued, the cat came over with the help of the doctor.

But the scar on his body stayed forever on the cat.Seeing that the cat was too pitiful, after Li Xiuhong took it home, after taking care of it for a while, the cat’s injury improved.Zhang Jianhua was so kind to see his wife, and he was proud of his wife.But as everyone knows, this is a foreshadowing for the next trouble.

From this period of time, Li Xiuhong was the same as Mo Yan.I kept taking the stray cat home, and I bought a cage house for the stray cat.At the beginning, Zhang Jianhua didn’t care.But afterwards, Zhang Jianhua found something wrong.Why did the wife take the cat home endlessly?

Zhang Jianhua began to persuade his wife not to lead the cat at home, but she was relentlessly rejected.In the end, there were 51 cats who stayed in Zhang Jianhua’s house. This is not a cat who has been pregnant and has not been pregnant. Later, his wife was more excessive, and he brought back a few stray cats at home.

Because there are too many cats in the family, this has a great impact on Zhang Jianhua’s daily life.When Zhang Jianhua went to bed late at night, he was always awakened by cats.Sometimes when he did not deal with the cat sand pot in time, the cat was solved in place in bed.So why not open the window dispersion?

It wasn’t because he didn’t want to do it, because his wife was worried that the cat would fall from the high -rise building to death.Li Xiuhong has blocked all the doors and windows, leaving only one row fan to disperse the odor.Secondly, every time you travel are inconvenient, you have to cross the cat carefully.If you accidentally step on the cat, Zhang Jianhua will be scolded by his wife.

Zhang Jianhua suffered from rhinitis, and he got up every day.First, the eye drops are dripped in his eyes. If it is not used, Zhang Jiansheng’s eyes will feel itching.After a long time, Zhang Jiansheng’s mentality changed.At a time, I couldn’t bear to protest, and wanted his wife to give the cat at home.

However, this was resolutely rejected by his wife and even exchanged his wife’s scolding, but Zhang Jianhua endured.Sleep with cats every day, and even take care of their living.

It is normal for the family to eat and sleep with the cat at home.Sometimes when eating, the cat under the table suddenly went to the table and directly blatantly "went to the toilet" next to the meals.Cleaning every day is also a problem. Whenever he gets up, Zhang Jianhua can see the cat’s stool on the pillow.

Afraid of his wife complaining, Zhang Jianhua often began to clean his family when he was not bright.Whenever there is a cat, Zhang Jianhua is cleaned carefully.I thought it would be exchanged for the understanding of the wife, but the wife’s mind was except cats or cats in her mind.This makes Zhang Jianhua feel a little sad, but it has no way.

I work hard during the day, and I have to be tortured by cats at night.It can be understood how uncomfortable Zhang Jianhua at this time.Living such a day every day is when he can’t hold it.One month later, Zhang Jianhua finally couldn’t support it anymore. After returning home from get off work, he quarreled with his wife.

In the end, the more noisy, Zhang Jianhua proposed a divorce, and Li Xiuhong, who was on his head, agreed to his request.In the case of irrationality, the couple divorced.But it didn’t take long for one thing, but the arrival of one thing made them re -break the mirror.

When Li Xiuhong went to the hospital for a physical examination, he accidentally learned that he was pregnant.But it was confused, because she had a cat and work for Liu Xiuhong, and she didn’t want children now.But when she thought of Zhang Jianhua, she hesitated.In order to talk about the troubles in his heart, he asked his girlfriend to tell the problem.

After Zhang Jianhua disappeared, he realized his wrong.He should not hang the divorce beside his mouth and drink boring wine alone, and just met Li Xiuhong’s girlfriend.Zhang Jianhua learned about Li Xiuhong’s pregnancy from Li Xiuhong’s girlfriend’s mouth.

After hearing this news, Zhang Jianhua’s heart was happy.They met each other with each other, after all, their feelings were still there, so they remarried and lived together.For the sake of children, he endured live with cats every day.Carefully take care of his pregnant wife. In order to prevent Li Xiuhong angry, he takes care of his wife every day while taking care of pet cats.

Time passed slowly, watching his wife’s belly gradually getting bigger.Don’t mention how happy Zhang Jianhua’s mood is, he thought that a happy life finally came.But what made him unexpected was that a week later, Zhang Jianhua’s classmate in the hospital called him and asked him:

"Your wife came to the hospital for abortion surgery, do you know?"


Listening to classmates, Zhang Jianhua was in place.The classmate explained that he accidentally saw Li Xiuhong come to the hospital. A few hours later, it came out of the operating room vicissitudes.After hanging up the phone, in order to figure out the truth.Zhang Jianhua quickly ran to the hospital and looked at his wife’s vicissitudes.He quickly took the list in his hand, and Zhang Jianhua stared at this instantly.

Li Xiuhong hid him and secretly killed the child.Zhang Jianhua’s face expression was gloomy instantly.

"Do you know what you are doing?"

Seeing her husband’s arrival, Li Xiuhong didn’t feel a trace.His wife Li Xiuhong said:

"Sorry, I have considered it for a long time. I am working on my work now, and with the companion of cats, I don’t want children."

Zhang Jianhua couldn’t believe his wife killed the child without authorization.The couple broke out on the street, and then Li Xiuhong returned home.Zhang Jianhua was in place, watching Li Xiuhong on the taxi.After very late, Zhang Jianhua returned home.Although he was very angry and sad, after thinking about it, they were young, and they could be children later.

The problems they face now are how to regulate pet cats.At this time, Zhang Jianhua put forward the idea of transforming the house to his wife.But Li Xiuhong confirmed that he was so more, and they felt like living with cats very well.However, Zhang Jianhua said he did not agree with anything. The next day he came to the house with the staff of the transformation of the house.

At the moment when the staff pushed the door, all kinds of odor in the house came.The staff ran out of her mouth, and after Zhang Jianhua came out, the staff said:

"Sorry, sir, I …"

Before speaking, the staff vomited again.Zhang Jianhua quickly handed over to toilet paper. After a period of vomiting, the staff brought three layers of masks before entering their house.When they looked at the door carefully, the entire house was full of cats.Whenever you can see, there are cats.

This can be seen by the staff, he has never seen such a scene.Do you think this family does not feel disgusting?Just as he and Zhang Jianhua discussed the plan to transform the house plan, Li Xiuhong initiated his temper.He fell directly to the bedroom, and the collision of the door surprised the two.

"Are you too daring to be too fat."

"You see so many cats, don’t you worry about going to death when you are worried about sleeping?"

The couple quarreled, and in the end, the wife said directly:

"One waste."

Zhang Jianhua sat on the bed and stared at his wife.After a period of time, I don’t know if Li Xiuhong wanted to open it, or Zhang Jianhua had been advised.In the end, Li Xiuhong agreed to the plan to transform the house, so the staff started smoothly.They first opened the house of cats and masters.

After a meal, a beautiful cat’s house was born.Surprisingly, Li Xiuhong, who had disagreed with the transformation plan, was also in love with this cat house when she saw the renovated house.A week later, Zhang Jianhua’s home changed.

The original chaotic room seemed very clean.The second bedroom on the side has become a cat house.Zhang Jianhua and her nephew girl were very happy, and Li Xiuhong saw her husband’s relaxed appearance.She finally understood the difficulty of her husband, and she really understood that she did a bit too much.

Under the attention of the staff, the couple embraced each other.Li Xiuhong promised her husband to reduce the condition of cat raising appropriately in the future.She will prepare for the next pregnancy and live a good life.Looking at the happiness of the two, the staff was very happy.

Having said that, as the times are getting better and better.Many people like to raise some cute animals, such as dogs, cats, hamsters, etc., but there are also a small number of people who have fell into an infatuation of animals.Even some people will raise some fierce animals to make themselves happy for stimulation.

Warm reminder to feed animals in combination with our own situation.In case of more animals, one is to have a hygiene issue, and many animals are hidden in the body that a human eye cannot be found.When humans are too close to animals, the bacteria of these animals climb to humans to dormant, followed by cost issues.

It must be indispensable to eat and drink Lazar. This overhead is really not a small number.I hope everyone raises animals reasonably.

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