The pregnant woman has three benefits for the fetus for a nap, but if these 3 points are not done, they may sleep in vain

After women are pregnant, pregnant women will feel tired compared to ordinary people.However, some pregnant women still insist on work after pregnancy. Some units have a short lunch time at noon, so they may not be able to have a big loss for pregnant women and fetuses.

Because during pregnancy, pregnant women develop the habit of taking a nap will help fetal development!In other words, during pregnancy, you have to develop the habit of taking a nap, which will have three effects on the fetus

Pregnant women have three benefits for the fetus

Enhance your baby’s immunity: During the pregnancy, I hope that pregnant women can carry out lunch breaks as much as possible.It helps enhance the immunity and resistance of the baby’s body in the body.

Improve your baby’s memory: During pregnancy, especially at the critical stage of fetal brain development, if the pregnant mother can insist on conducting a lunch break every day, the aunt’s body can be relaxed, and the baby’s development will be better, which will help promote the baby’s brain development.After the baby is born, it will be smarter and memory is better.

It is conducive to your baby to develop good habits: If during pregnancy, pregnant women can develop a good habit of lunch break every day. In fact, the fetus in the stomach can also feel that the baby may also have a lunch break during the mother’s lunch break.

After the baby is born, the baby’s schedule will still be affected by the fetal period, and the baby will also have a good habit of lunch break, which will help the baby’s physical development.

Pregnant woman may sleep in vain if she did not do these 3 points:

First, do n’t try not to be too long at lunch breaks in the lunch break. It can be controlled for about 40 minutes. Do n’t think that sleeping naturally is the best.Because too long lunch break can easily make your body feel fatigue, and it is easy to make it difficult to fall asleep at night, but it will disrupt the biological clock.

Second, when lunch, it is best not to eat too much greasy, which will increase digestion and may affect the quality of lunch break.

Third, although the lunch break is relatively short, during the lunch break of pregnant mothers, you must choose a comfortable sleeping position. Do not lie down, because it is likely to cause the brain ischemia and hypoxic when sleeping.Even more obvious, it may adversely affect the development of the fetus.

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