The pregnant mother was slapped by her husband and caused a miscarriage. How much does the mothers affect the baby in the belly?


In the early days of pregnancy, Ms. Li often vomited and could not eat. She had contradictions with her mother -in -law. Her husband slapped Ms. Li without asking the reason, but never thought that this slap made the children in Ms. Li’s belly gone.

The mother’s heart was intertwined with the baby as early as she was pregnant.——Dickens

I often hear someone say, "Don’t you give birth to a child, which woman does not have children?" It can be seen that women’s breeding of life is too ordinary to many people and has been accustomed to people.

However, many people do not know whether there is a problem that it is important to whether the fetus can grow up healthily in the mother.

When Ms. Li was just pregnant, she was the first mother, her heart was lying on the cotton pile, soft, full of joy and happiness.

As soon as I knew pregnancy, Ms. Li gave up a lot.She usually likes to drink drinks. She has never drank since she was pregnant.She usually likes to eat various snacks, and she doesn’t eat it anymore.Those barbecue, spicy hot and so on, she didn’t touch it again …

Ms. Li is an optimistic and cheerful person. However, as her belly gets up one day, she starts to have a reaction of early pregnancy. Every time she sees a slightly greasy thing, she wants to vomit.

Ms. Li does design work, and she has no previous spirit every day. She has no inspiration for design. The budget sheet is always wrong.Without so, I often fall asleep when I sit.The efficiency of work was low. The boss repeatedly hinted that Ms. Li went home to rest, and then went to work after giving birth.

Considering the company’s environmental problems, Ms. Li was afraid of the health of her children, so she chose to resign.Unexpectedly, her resignation made her in -laws very dissatisfied.

Because Ms. Li was pregnant and she was going to work again, Ms. Li’s husband invited Ms. Li’s mother -in -law to take care of Ms. Li.When I heard Ms. Li quit her work, my mother -in -law secretly said to Ms. Li’s husband, "We are pregnant at that time, do everything, and who does not have a child, what happened to work with pregnancy, she is coquettish! The child is born with flowers.Sales, this is to repay the mortgage, and it has become your business alone? "

"Mom, she is not not going to work, but she is afraid that the company’s environment is not good, radiation is large, and it has an impact on the fetus." Ms. Li’s husband explained, "By the way, mom, she usually eats light, you make a lot of cooking oil.The salt also put too much, put less in the future. "

"She was pregnant, and she didn’t want to eat it, and she didn’t want to eat. What about the child’s nutrition? She doesn’t eat it, and the child is not good?" Ms. Li’s mother -in -law said, with a tight eyebrow.

"It has been said after three months. The first three fetuses are small, and the mother’s original nutrition is enough. Don’t worry too much."

"Okay, okay! Do you understand everything, I don’t understand?" Ms. Li’s mother -in -law was a little impatient.

However, since Ms. Li resigned at home, as her belly became larger, she felt that her life lost her focus. The initial joy slowly became anxiety.

Ms. Li’s husband goes to work every day, and her mother -in -law changes her pattern every day to cook.Ms. Li is in a bad mood and eats very little.The mother -in -law advised her to eat more, otherwise the child had no nutrition.

Ms. Li was pregnant and she couldn’t sleep well at night.Naturally, there is no appetite.Ms. Li’s mother -in -law was really worried about the children in her belly, so she bought a bird’s nest for Ms. Li, saying that the bird’s nest was good for her baby.However, when Ms. Li saw the bird’s nest, she vomited even more.

Ms. Li knew that her mother -in -law was for the sake of her child. At first, she barely ate two sips, but later she vomited was too uncomfortable, so she couldn’t eat it.Finally, when her mother -in -law brought the bird’s nest again in front of her, Ms. Li had a feeling of being forced by her mother -in -law. She waved impatiently and overturned the bird’s nest in her mother -in -law.

Ms. Li’s mother -in -law saw the bird’s nest she bought for her money. She was so spoiled that she was aggrieved and called her son to complain. She complained that she cried and cried, and threatened to leave. There was no way to serve Ms. Li.

Ms. Li’s husband received a call from her mother -in -law, and immediately asked for leave to return home. After entering the door, she saw the broken bowl on the ground and the bird’s nest sprinkled on the ground, and a mother sitting on the sofa.Mind.

"What do you want?" Ms. Li’s husband opened the door of the bedroom. Ms. Li was lying on the bed, a little confused, and she was about to fall asleep.Ms. Li’s husband was startled.

"What are you doing?" Ms. Li sat up from the bed.

"Apologize to my mother." Ms. Li’s husband now brows up at the door.

Originally, Ms. Li was still a little guilty, but when she saw her husband, she only heard her mother -in -law’s cry, and ran home and asked her angrily. Her heart was half cold.The guilt in my heart disappeared.

"Why do I apologize, I don’t want to eat, I vomit it, I can’t sleep well every day, my head hurts, she wants me to eat. Is there only a child in your eyes? Have you thought about my feelings?Machine, I have emotions and feelings! "

"My mother is so old, come to take care of you, she is for the children in the stomach. That is also your child. You can’t bear it. Will you die if you eat a few mouthfuls?"

"Son, don’t be noisy, it’s not good, she is still pregnant, don’t hurt the child." Ms. Li’s mother -in -law got up with tears and began to clean up the bird’s nest and broken bowl on the ground.

"Mom, don’t clean up, she breaks, let her clean up. Could it be that she can do nothing." Ms. Li’s husband said to pull her mother.

"Why should I clean up? What do you do? Do you know that I am not intentional. I don’t want to eat, get up irritable, and when I lift my arms and touch the bowl, you cry and make trouble. Have you ever asked me if you asked me?What do I want to eat? "

"Who do you say he is hypocritical? You say it again, my mother takes care of you so lowly, do you say this is false?" Ms. Li’s husband became angry. In the next second, he walked in front of Ms. Li, and raised his hand to slap.

Ms. Li looked at her husband in horror, and she didn’t expect that the man would slap her.Her face was suddenly hot, her head buzzed, and her tears came out.

Radiest and horror, full of Ms. Li, she looked at her husband angrily.A heat flow slowly flowed out of her body, soaked the sheets, and the sheets were immediately stained.She was dark in front of her eyes and passed out.

When Ms. Li woke up again, she was lying on the hospital bed. The room was quiet. She knew that her child was gone, and her tears stayed again.Her husband lay on the bed and looked a little tired.She looked at him coldly, and between the couple, the minimum trust, respect, and understanding, the moment he waved his hand, the earth collapsed.

"You wake up …" Ms. Li’s husband looked at Ms. Li distressedly, her eyes were regrets."I’m just, I’m angry for a while, she is my mother. Seeing that she was wronged, I was not good at my heart. If you could take a softness at that time, obey her, maybe …"

"My fault?" Ms. Li sneered and never spoke again.

Ms. Li is pregnant, her mood is not good, and her body is uncomfortable. It is very common.Many family members only care about whether the fetus is developing well on the issue of pregnant women, and cares about the nutrition and health of pregnant women.As everyone knows, the mood and nutrition of pregnant women are as important as the fetus.

After women are pregnant, due to the increase in various hormones in the body, such as estrogen and progesterone levels, emotional instability, crying, anxiety, etc. often occur.The body shape becomes fat, the skin becomes poor, and the growth and development of the fetus will cause mothers to have emotional fluctuations, anxiety, and cry.

At this time, what family should do is to accompany more and spend more time with the pregnant mother.From the moment of pregnancy, her family should pay more attention to her emotional changes and respect her opinions.More tolerance, understand her.Because the mood during pregnancy will directly affect the healthy development of the fetus.

When the emotional changes in pregnant mothers can cause disorders of plant nervous system and secrete multiple hormones.These hormones enter the placenta through the blood circulation to stimulate the fetus.

The changes in nerve body fluid will also directly affect the fetal’s nutritional absorption, blood supply, heart rate and movement and many other aspects.If the pregnant mother can maintain a peaceful mood and stable mood during the entire pregnancy, the fetal movement is displayed and slower.

Pregnant mothers are extremely sensitive when the embryo develops, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.If the pregnant mother is too frightened or furious, the thorous adrenaline in the body will suddenly increase, which may cause embryonic dysplasia. For example, lip cracks, cleft palate, etc., severe or even abortion.

In the middle and late pregnancy, if the mood of pregnant women fluctuates a lot, it will cause the fetal heart rate to increase or slow down, and the fetal movement increases, resulting in premature fetal birth, low body weight after birth, defects in the heart, and physical dysfunction.It may also cause difficulty in giving birth, as well as early placenta peeling and uterine bleeding.

It can be seen that only when pregnant mothers have good emotions, will it be beneficial to the growth and development of the baby.

In the second month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should establish a view of "tranquility" and attach importance to their own psychological health care. If necessary, please ask your family to assist in adjusting his mood together.Make sure your emotions are optimistic and stable throughout the pregnancy, avoid great tragedy and anger, and it is not advisable to scold the battle.

The good emotions of pregnant mothers not only help the smooth delivery and postpartum recovery, but also help the healthy growth of the fetus and baby, and help the family’s happiness and harmony.

Ms. Li’s husband and mother -in -law obviously ignored Ms. Li as a pregnant mother and ignored her emotional problems.

Ms. Li’s mother -in -law cares so much about her child’s health, but does not know respect Ms. Li, insisted on letting Ms. Li eat what she does not want to eat, and did not take care of her emotional problems at all.Later, Ms. Li’s mother -in -law and son cried, and she shouldn’t be in trouble.

Ms. Li’s husband did not soothe her mother.Without understanding the reason for things, he blame the pregnant wife, and ignores it. The body and emotions of the wife’s pregnancy make the mother -in -law and wife contradiction.The baby who was not in the mother’s belly was not long left.

After reading this, you still think, isn’t it just pregnant, is there such an autonomy?In fact, pregnant mothers are pregnant, especially the mother of the first mother. The changes in life, the body, and the changes in their hearts make them often confused.

Family people should have more understanding and tolerance.Think about her baby with her baby. Since she cares about the baby, what should they be tolerant?

I am a mother who is happy and candy, thank you for reading, what do you think of this?Welcome to leave a message!

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