The pregnant mother pays attention, knowing that these small details can easily get rid of the problem of abdominal distension!

Most women will be accompanied by different degrees of abdominal distension after pregnancy. This phenomenon is generally the most significant in the early and in the early and in the middle of pregnancy. It is normal for this phenomenon. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.The direct cause of abdominal distension in pregnant mothers is that the uterine fetus gradually increases, so that it will cause a compression of the stomach and intestines, which will affect the food and gas in the stomach and the stomach.

In addition, pregnant mothers will significantly reduce their activities after pregnancy. This also makes the gastrointestinal motility weakened slowly, and it will also promote bloating.Although the phenomenon of abdominal distension is not serious consequences, it is still very uncomfortable for pregnant mothers. In order to avoid these unnecessary torture, pregnant mothers can pay attention to some things, so that they can effectively alleviate abdominal distension.Bringing pain.

Massage frequently

Because abdominal distension is caused by gastrointestinal accumulation of qi, when feeling abdominal distension, pregnant mothers can make some simple massage on the abdomen.When massaging, rub the palm of the hand, then press the palm to the abdomen gently to perform clockwise cyclic massage. Generally, you can stick to about three times a day.EssenceIt is worth noting that the strength should not be too strong when massaging, avoid the position of the uterus.

Appropriate activity

Doing some small movements can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, especially after meals, pregnant mothers insist on walking outside, and can do some appropriate light exercise.These small movements can effectively clear the flatulence in the stomach and alleviate the bloating of pregnant mothers.

Avoid eating gas -producing food

Foods such as beans and eggs are foods that belong to gas. If pregnant mothers often feel bloating, then this kind of food is best to avoid it temporarily.Pregnant mothers can eat more cellulose foods. These foods can promote intestinal peristalsis, such as lotus root, radish, apples, bananas, etc.

Drink more warm water

Wen Kaishui is very good for the cleaning of the stomach, especially when getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of warm water can make the bowel more smooth.When drinking warm water, you can add some honey appropriately, because honey is also very helpful for gastrointestinal motility.

Increase the number of meals

Through the way to eat less meals, it is also helpful for the abdominal distension of the pregnant mother. You can adjust the usual three meals a day to 5 to 7 meals. This can be determined according to your own situation.Disclosure when the abdomen is bloated, these troubles are worth it.

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