The pregnant mother of the South China Sea suddenly bleeds, and the children at home quickly opened the neighbor’s door. The ending was too warm.

"Hurry up!" Follow me! "

Tieqi team members have just fallen

Raise the police light immediately and sound the siren

A "life and death rescue" began

At 19:00 on May 26

Foshan 110 received an alarm from a crowd of the South China Sea

Called a pregnant woman with sudden bleeding

The situation is very urgent

Need the police to escort for the ambulance

After receiving the report, Li Yuheng, a member of the South China Sea Traffic Police Brigade and Shun Squadron Rider, quickly rushed to the scene. Due to the peak period of get off work, the traffic traffic was very large."Follow me! Follow me!" After the iron riders responded to the ambulance, the ambulance followed closely, and the whistle signaled to the past vehicles to pay attention to avoiding.

The siren whistled, galloping for life, in this way, a 13 -kilometer -wide "green channel" opened quickly.In the end, it took 40 minutes to take a 40 -minute journey. In just 10 minutes, the iron rider took the maternal safety to the hospital and won the precious rescue time for it.After seeing the patient’s treatment, Li Yuheng returned to his job with confidence.

Afterwards, the police called the alarm to understand the specific situation. They learned that the original alarm was a neighbor of a pregnant woman. When the incident was in the incident, the pregnant woman’s husband was out of time and could not rush home in time. The children of the pregnant woman and her mother -in -law were there.Pregnant women’s bleeding volume was large, and helpless children immediately rang the housekeeper of the alarm for help.

"Thank you, I and my family members and my family members were moved by your enthusiasm. At that time, the situation was very urgent and dangerous. She had about 1,000 ml of blood.The team members sweaty, now she has been producing smoothly, and her mother and child are safe. Thank you so much. "The policeman thanked the iron rider’s emergency escort on the phone.

The danger is for a moment

Lucky is also

Every time I help

Every mission will be reached

It’s all to let life run to win crisis

at the same time

Xiaonan reminds the citizens

If there is an urgent need, you can call 110 for help

Nanhai Public Security, has been by your side

Material Source | Branch Traffic Police Brigade

Source: Nanhai Public Security

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