The pregnant mother is allergic after eating more than 20 crayfish, and the doctor dare not use the medicine to use this method

In the hot summer, it is the season when the crayfish is fat. About three or five friends drinking beer, just a plate of crayfish is really comfortable.Don’t look at the tender and delicious crayfish, but it is Gao Zhiyuan. Recently, a pregnant mother in Wuhan, Hubei in Hubei eats crayfish and "eats big trouble."

This pregnant mother’s surname is Zhou, 26 years old, and once sent a slight urticaria because of eating crayfish.At the beginning of this summer, Ms. Zhou had been pregnant and did not dare to try it out.

But at a classmate party, my friends gathered, and the bright colors of the crayfish seduced the eyeballs. The delicious taste stimulated the taste bud. Ms. Zhou couldn’t help but ate more than 20 crayfish in one breath.

A few hours later, Ms. Zhou, who did not control her appetite, began to attack, and her body was covered with red rashes.After itching all night, she hurried to the hospital.

The doctor said that urticaria is well controlled by oral anti -allergic drugs, but Ms. Zhou’s pregnancy is only 6 weeks, and oral drugs will have a great impact on fetal development.

Shortly after Ms. Zhou’s 6 -week fetus was bed, the fetal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, including the nervous system, is being formed. If the medication is likely to cause the fetal congenital heart disease or nervous system, the fetal teratogenic rate is increased.

Doctors can only prescribe some mildly exterior scrubbing drugs for Ms. Zhou first, first observe.Fortunately, the urticaria gradually faded after the use of Ms. Zhou, and the rash on her body basically subsided.

Doctors pointed out that pregnant mothers with allergies must not be lucky. During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, they are not good at taboos, far away from foods that once caused allergies, and try to eat high -sensitivity foods such as less fish and shrimp, seafood, and other high -sensitivity.

The pregnant mother in the video is lucky, knowing that she has a history of crayfish allergies and is still in risk.Even if there is no history of allergies, many foods cannot be eaten randomly after pregnancy.If you accidentally eat taboo foods, the light may affect the gastrointestinal health of expectant mothers, and it may threaten the safety of mothers and infants.Which foods are not suitable for pregnant women?

1. Avoid high -fat high -sugar food

High -fat foods can easily induce colon cancer. High -sugar foods may cause the fetus to be too high and the congenital deformity rate.High -fat and high -sugar foods are also unhealthy for pregnant women themselves.

2. Do not eat foods containing caffeine

Foods containing caffeine mainly include tea, chocolate, cola drinks, etc. The caffeine contained in it may cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and heartbeat in pregnant women.The ratio of hormones indirectly hinders the bed and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus.

3. Do not eat pickled food

Pickled food contains carcinogenic substances- "nitrite". Ordinary people often eat pickled foods. The burden on the kidneys will increase, and the risk of hypertension will increase. As a pregnant mother, it cannot be easily tried.

4. Eat less processed food

Processing foods contain many preservatives and food additives, and they are not good at health of pregnant women. In addition, the nutritional value of processing food is far lower than natural foods. For pregnant mothers in special periods, try to choose natural foods.

5. Eat less fried foods

Most of the fried foods contain aluminum. Foods often contain aluminum can easily cause memory loss, slow response, and disadvantages to the fetal brain.

6. Eat seafood with caution

Seafood is not only nutritious, but also delicious, it is mostly a passionate choice.However, pregnant mothers should be cautious about seafood, seafood is easy to allergic, and seafood’s heavy metal pollution is more serious. Eating too much will affect the development of the fetus.

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