The pregnant mother horse crossed the road and was killed by the truck

After the mother horse is hit, the mouth and nose are bleeding

Who will pay for it?Both traffic police and insurance companies encountered difficulties

Mr. Pan of Yuhuan is a horse business. He buys horses from a racecourse in Wenzhou, and then sells other places. He also provides supporting services such as horses, which is equivalent to opening a 4S shop that sells horses.

In the first half of this year, he spent 160,000 to buy a well -known white mother horse. This is one of the most expensive horses he has bought.Because the blood is more positive, its main function is to breed. Not long ago, the mother and horse were pregnant.

On the evening of September 10, Mr. Pan led his mother horse and the other two pony, and planned to go to the empty quarry farm near the county around the county. After the dark, he went home.

At around 6:40 in the evening, the sky was getting slower. Mr. Pan was planning to hold the horse back. Suddenly, a car came over a bridge above the quarry, and a harsh car horn also rang.

The pregnant mother and horse were frightened, instantly lost control, scrambled around, rushed to the road, and ran across the road.

It happened that a light dump truck full of goods drove over, and the brakes were not as good as possible.The mother horse was hit by several meters.

At the beginning, the mother and horse could stand up, but it didn’t take long before it fell, motionless, her nose and mouth began to bleed.The hit truck was not damaged, and the front windshield was all broken, and the front bumper was half off.

After struggling for a few minutes, the mother horse died due to excessive injuries.

After the accident, the staff on duty of the Squadron of the Communications of the Yuhuan County rushed to the scene immediately.

Police officer Zhang who handled the case did not know how to deal with it at once, because this was the first time that he had encountered a large animal like a motor vehicle and hit a large animal. As of yesterday, the traffic police department still did not know how to take responsibility for the accident.Determine.

In November last year, a similar accident occurred in Wenling City. Someone rode a horse in the middle of the road, but was hit by a car driving over.

At that time, the Wenling Traffic Police also turned over the "Measures for the Implementation of the" Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China "several times before the" Measures for the People’s Republic of China ", and then found a can to be able to compare- (pedestrians) to lead, rush, and riding livestock should be allowed to pass through.The road is close to the right side of the road, and it shall not affect the normal traffic of other vehicles and pedestrians.At that time, in accordance with this provision, the traffic police department fined the owner of Malaysia less than 50 yuan.

However, in the accident of Yuhuan, the situation of the horses was not the same, so how to determine and punish it has no conclusion.

In addition to the traffic police encountering problems, the insurance company hitting the truck also encountered new problems.

According to the receipt provided by Mr. Pan, it is proved to be 160,000 mother horses. In addition, the mother horse is pregnant. If you want to compensate, the claim amount needs to be calculated well.

However, the insurance company believes that the traffic police department has not yet identified the responsibility of the accident. Secondly, the prove that Pan Mou took out the car purchase certificate was a handwritten receipt, not a regular invoice. Therefore, it was not possible to determine whether the horse was worth the price.

In this regard, Mr. Pan explained that the buying and selling horses were paid with cash, and there were no invoices. He was also looking for a buyer to prove the value of his horse.

Because the insurance company of Yuhuan could not be determined, it could only transfer this policy to the head office for valuation.

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