The pregnancy wife was pushed downstairs and gave birth. After returning, I directly dumped my mother’s three slaps.

My wife Wang Yu and I introduced them to their relatives. Wang Yan not only looks beautiful, but also has a very gentle personality. I have a good impression of her first. After working with her for a while, I proposed to her.

She is the eldest daughter in the family. There are two underage sisters below. When she was very young, her mother died. She supported her father alone in the family. Later, she dropped out of school and went out to work to subsidize her home.

Therefore, when he mentioned his relatives, his father asked my family for 30,000 yuan in color gifts for the two sister’s tuition guarantee in the future. In fact, the money can be taken out of my family, but my mother refused to give it to give it.She said that my wife was a short -lived person. It was a blessing to want her to ask her. She also wanted to pay for money.

My mother said so unpleasant, although I didn’t tell Wang Yan, but then she knew from some gossip of my mother.For this reason she broke up with me, but I insisted on being with her. I assured her that although I couldn’t get the money now, but in the future, her father and sister will definitely support it together.

After listening to my promise, Wang Ye was soft -hearted, so he agreed to my proposal.Shortly after I got married with her, she was pregnant. I originally wanted to take her to work outside, but my mother would not let her go, saying that she was pregnant and did not go to work outside. It was better to help do something at home. JustIt’s almost the seasons of raising silkworms, so she will help her pick up mulberry leaves at home.

In fact, I couldn’t bear Wang Yan at the time, but I didn’t want my mother to see Wang Yan as a lazy daughter -in -law, so I euphemistically advised her to stay in her hometown. Although Wang Yan was not willing, he stayed for his family and everything.

After I went to work in Hangzhou, I started working hard. I wanted to make enough money and went home to see Wang Ye, but when I was looking forward to a good future, a phone call from my father -in -law suddenly crushed all my dreams.

My father -in -law yelled with me hysterically: "Do you still a man Wang Zhiping! If you don’t give me an explanation this time, I want your family to pay his life for my daughter!"

When I heard this, I immediately had a bad hunch, so I quickly asked my father -in -law what was going on. My father -in -law said angrily, "Your mother is not a human. My daughter is seven months pregnant.Once there was not many mulberry leaves on the mountain, your mother actually yelled at her, and pushed her downstairs. Now my daughter is still in the hospital for rescue! I tell you that your mother does this kind of thing will definiteThere is a retribution! "

After hanging up the phone, I bought a ticket to my hometown that night. After arriving at my hometown, I went to the hospital directly. I saw a pale wife on the bed. When she saw me, she said without tears. She said: "Zhiping, let’s divorce, your mother is really terrible."

"You are a short -lived ghost, I just pushed you gently, and you blame me by yourself!" My mother stood aside and scolded.

"You stop!" I was shivering and giving her three slaps.

After Wang Yan was discharged from the hospital, she proposed to me for divorce, and it would be useless to ask me how to ask her.After she moved out of my house, I returned to Hangzhou alone. Without her day, I borrowed sorrow all day long. I really regretted that she was pregnant at home. I am very painful now.what to do?

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