The pregnancy female teacher did not wear a local family visitor. After accidentally walking, the parents were dragged into the basement to violate the basement.

According to the real case "06 Pregnancy Teacher’s Case", no adverse guidance

—— 【· Foreword ·】 –

The beauty teacher who was 8 months pregnant went to the student’s home for home visits. I thought that the last student’s home visitor was over, and he could have a child with your own vacation.

But I did not expect that the last step in this step was the last step in her life!

One corpse and two lives, first raped and then killed, who did such a bad thing?

–【·go through·】–"

On March 10th, Gao Mou was holding her last round of home visits.There are many students in this community. She is carried out as far as the floors, and Cheng is arranged by the teacher to the last one.

Gao’s more than ten years of teaching career has been working on many home visits. She feels that she is a light car.At the same time, he believes that he will arrange a new teacher in a vacation school, and the children will definitely not be able to adapt, so it is necessary to make home visits.

This is the embodiment of children and parents, and their own hard work.

I have visited this community before I have made home visits to Cheng’s family. It was Cheng Mu who received him. Every time the two were very happy, Xiaocheng was very serious in learning. Cheng Mu was very concerned about his son’s learning.Some of the teachers’ suggestions can be adopted well.

With the efforts of teachers and parents, children’s grades have also been steadily improved.

Cheng Mu is very happy, and often invites Teacher Gao to visit the house, and the relationship between the two people has become close.Therefore, Gao Mou’s home visitor is also a very relaxed state. He simply wore a maternal dress and a jacket on the outside.

What he didn’t expect was that it was Cheng’s father who opened the door. (He called him Cheng Mou). This is also the first time that Gao Mou has seen his child’s father.

At one point, Cheng was a child’s teacher. He entertained Gao very warmly, and it was entertaining the fruit. He was boiling heating.

Gao felt that the child’s father was also very good, so he let go of his alertness and started the content of home visits normally.Cheng Mou also listened very seriously. He didn’t know that he began to have some evil thoughts in the mind of this person.

After a while, because the room was very heating, and the pregnant woman itself was prone to heat.Gao felt that she should have nothing to have a pregnant woman, so she took off her jacket and wore only a pregnant woman’s skirt.

But she didn’t wear underwear, because she was now so big that she was so uncomfortable.

What Gao Mou didn’t notice was that Cheng’s eyes had changed, and he began to stood up intentionally or unintentionally to steal her sensitive parts.

Cheng Mou was lonely and unbearable. Watching such a fat prey was sitting opposite him, or a teacher, he couldn’t help but start.He has gradually couldn’t hear what Gao Mou was talking about, and his heart was all desire.

Cheng and his wife often quarreled on weekdays. His wife sells cosmetics and often deal with various people with a social atmosphere.

Talking straight, often pulling a throat like a vixen.You can see Gao Mou’s warm voice, revealing the atmosphere of cultural people.He couldn’t help but want to go further with Gao.

After the home visit, Gao was going to put on his jacket to leave, but suddenly Cheng called her, and she stopped her.

"Teacher, come on, I still have something, just a little embarrassed to say."

"Xiao Cheng, go back to the upstairs first and close the room. Dad and the teacher have something."

Speaking, I pulled Gao aside, "Teacher Gao, I like you very much like this. It is better to be my lover. I give you money every month."

Gao Moudon felt that his pupils shocked. Is this just that person? I didn’t expect to do it when I was old.He felt bad under his heart. The position he brought her was exactly the basement!

I was thinking about it at the moment. I didn’t expect Cheng to change her face immediately, dragged her into the basement, and then began to invade her.

According to his understanding, the relationship between the fetus is stable in the month, and it will not cause life to danger.And Gao Mou was a teacher afterwards, and she would definitely not send it out for her reputation.

In the process, he ignored Gao’s hard begging, regardless of Gao’s resistance, and even put the camera to shoot the whole process. He wanted to threaten Gao Mou not to expose the matter.

Gao Mou kept asking for herself and children. She struggled in pain, but she could make it more satisfied in the eyes of the beasts.After a while, I heard that Gao had no movement, and Cheng Mou thought it was really weak.

While checking Gao’s situation, what he didn’t expect was that Gao had no breath!

The woman and the child of her belly were killed by herself, and Cheng had a cold sweat.So hurriedly covered the body, and then called his wife, saying that he would go abroad to travel.Quickly book the air ticket to clean up his luggage, but when he was at the airport, the police called.The matter was still revealed.

Gao’s husband couldn’t call his wife. He contacted the school and said that he hadn’t seen him for two days. He could find a place to find all the time. Maybe something happened when his wife visited at home.

So he immediately reported the case and cooperated with the police to find it home.When he found Cheng, the family was not there. Only the neighbors reported that the basement had a bloody taste.

After that, Gao’s body was discovered. Gao’s husband was painful, and his child was about to come to this world now but he was born.

I have always persuaded his wife to rest in maternity leave and put down the work on hand. After all, my body is the most important.But the wife dragged and dragged, and wanted to make a home visit when she left, that is, she had to come back again!

Husband and Gao Mou are very good, and the work of his wife is also booming, but everything about the son is reduced to a bubble …

However, the criminals did not know how to repent and had no guilt.The evidence is conclusive, and the slander is to seduce him.However, the obvious traces of struggle at the scene and the video of the incident showed that he had violated Gao.

It ’s really a beast. For my own selfish desire, I started to have an eight -month -old pregnant woman, and finally killed a dead body.

—— 【· Judgment ·】 – »

On September 9, 2007, Cheng was sentenced to life imprisonment.This beast was finally punished.But the poor Gao left her husband forever, and a small family who became a happy family immediately broke.

Gao’s parents also lost their daughter and nephew.Xiao Cheng, who was young, lost his father. How can he live in the face of the outside world?

Everything comes from the evil thoughts in Cheng’s heart, and it hurts how many people are. People in the hearts in their hearts are dirty. I hope that such things will not happen.

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