The post -90s woman was 34 weeks of pregnancy, and once stubbornly caused premature birth, but now I regret it: I hurt him

"If I did not stubbornly to work hard to wash the quilt, my child would not have premature birth, and he would not get sick because of premature birth. Now I can only watch him lying on the sick bed.My child has grown up in the hospital since childhood. Many people persuade me to say that the child will go to the family to treat the family., So even if I keep running like this for a lifetime, I have to save my children. "In the ward, the thin body of Tang Fang would definitely look at my son’s play.The picture shows Tang Fang designing his son Tang Tong in the ward.

Tang Fangding is 28 years old. He is a post -90s generation and lives in the rural areas of Dongchuan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.In 2013, Tang Fangding met with her husband Hu Xingyun. It didn’t take long to enter the marriage hall.At the end of 2014, Tang Fangding was pregnant. A small family is about to become a family of three. The couple are very happy to look forward to the child’s arrival.On July 24, 2015, Tang Fang was washed at home for 34 weeks of pregnancy. When the quilt was cleaned, she thought that the quilt should not be heavy, so she took the quilt alone to dry.At this time, she failed to notice that her belly was strange, which also laid the root of the tragedy in the future.The picture shows Tang Fangding, who accompanies his son in the hospital.

In the early morning of the next day, Tang Fangding, who was still in his sleep, was suddenly awakened by a burst of pain in his stomach, and she found that her amniotic fluid was broken.Hu Xingyun hurriedly sent Tang Fang to the Dongchuan District People’s Hospital, but still failed to protect the fetus, and had to have a son Tang Tong earlier.Xiao Tong, who was just born, was only slapped, and he weighed only 2.1 pounds. Even before Tang Fang had to look at it, he was sent to rescue.Tang Fang was sure to pray for his son outside the rescue room regardless of his weak body. After spending the longest 15 days in her life, she finally hoped to be discharged by her son.The picture shows Xiao Tong, a rehabilitation training on the wall of the wall.

Because his son suffered a lot as soon as he was born, Tang Fang had always been careful when taking care of him, as if he was compensating for the suffering of his son when he was born, but he did not want to be diagnosed when Xiao Tong was 1 year old and 2 months old and 2 months old.For the slowdown.When I heard the doctor said that her son was slow, Tang Fangding’s brain was suddenly blank, and the tears rushed out in an instant. She thought that Xiao Tong was a premature birth that was caused by her washing the quilt.I regret it, "I don’t know that I will have such a result. I have hurt my son for a lifetime." The picture shows Xiaotong sitting in a wheelchair to touch Tang Fang’s hair.

Looking at Tang Fang’s tears and blame, the doctor quickly told her: "Children are not developing well, they can recover through long -term rehabilitation treatment, but they cannot guarantee completely recovery."In desperate, she regained the light of hope in her eyes and told herself to win this tough battle.In order to give his son better treatment, Tang Fangding took his son to Kunming’s hospital.The picture shows Xiao Tong playing in the bed.

After the treatment starts, Xiaotong has to do acupuncture and massage every morning, and to do PT, handmade, cognitive and other projects in the afternoon.Every time, Tang Fangding watched the doctor how to treat his son, and when she was at night, she would practice more for her son.However, after the treatment, he met the epidemic. Tang Fang had to take his son home and began to treat his son at home.The picture shows Xiao Tong’s correction protective gear.

After all, Tang Fangding only learned some fur. The effect of exercising for Xiao Tong was obviously not as good as the hospital. She thought that she had the opportunity to take her son back to the hospital.At this time, Tang Fang had a concern. Because the child’s treatment was too high, the family was already in debt, and would her husband reluctant to treat his son again?Husband Hu Xingyun goes out early and returns every day. In addition to planting zero work sites at home, he can’t earn much money every month. As the only labor force at home, he has a great burden.Excessive exhaustion will let her husband give up hope.The picture shows Tang Fang set up in Xiao Tong to learn to stand.

Hu Xingyun heard Tang Fangding’s concerns. He has always been silent and comforted his wife: "Isn’t it sick? When you are not sick, don’t always think about your fault. Let’s treat your child."This simple crop man, even if he is hard to suffer, has never thought about giving up his son’s rehabilitation treatment.After listening to her husband’s words, Tang Fangding even strengthened his determination to take his son’s treatment, so he took Xiao Tong back to Kunming’s rehabilitation hospital.The picture shows the painful expression of Xiaotong who is rehabilitation training.

Perhaps heaven was moved by Tang Fang’s dedication. From Xiao Tong’s restarted treatment to the present, his condition has improved significantly. He can eat and subtract the addition and subtraction of less than ten.Seeing that his son improved day by day, Tang Fangding believed that as long as he insisted, he would be able to take his son home healthy. "The doctor said that if you slowly recover, Xiao Tong’s legs may still be recovered. I want to accompany him as long as you accompany himWalking together, one day the son can stand up again. "The picture shows that Xiaotong’s head is inserted with a silver needle in rehabilitation.

Although his son’s progress made Tang Fang’s joy, Xiao Tong’s legs still couldn’t walk."In addition to cerebral palsy, Xiao Tong also stared and astigmatized. There was no money at home. He could only come and let him walk tightly. The doctor said that the sooner the treatment, the more likely to stand up."The family has exhausted all the efforts and owed huge debts. "The son is now a critical period of treatment. If you give up halfway, you will do everything you can. I don’t know what to do to save the son."Xiao Tong feeds water.The original works of the local rivers were prohibited from reprinting without authorization.

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